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The Fight to Live

Evreninin parçası The Universe of Anime Simple, it's a book! :D From the creators of Into the Future and Battle of the Slayer
11.1k görüntüleme 70 15 Hikaye tamamlandı

Adventures in the Amazon

A young girl embarks on an Adventure in the Amazon's jungle
Kısa Hikaye 17.7k görüntüleme 27 56 Hikaye tamamlandı


Sometimes your worst nightmare can become your best dream! What began as a tragic event later became a promising escapade. It is said that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", well, in this case, a place that caused fear and uncertainty for my future also gave me hope for a new beginning. #3 in the Inkspired Challenge Island Survivor
Kısa Hikaye 17.7k görüntüleme 21 28 Hikaye tamamlandı

Into the Future

Evreninin parçası The Universe of Space & Time Kid goes to future
13.3k görüntüleme 26 23 Hikaye tamamlandı


The Legend of Azhar

In a future devastated by catastrophes, Eli, driven by his grandfather's optimistic legacy, embarks on a quest for the mythical oasis of Azhar, a promise of renewal amidst the desolation of the Great Desert. Upon meeting Maya, a traveler with deep knowledge of the desert, his solitary journey gains a new dimension. Together, they face sandstorms, …
Kısa Hikaye 6.0k görüntüleme 3 9 Hikaye tamamlandı

The GrimJack

Case Sanders has been a hunter for as long as he can remember. Haunted by the guilt of his master's death, he fights whatever evil he encounters and saves the lives of those who can't fight for themselves. But how long can he keep it up? Find out in this series called the Grim Jack.
12.2k görüntüleme 13 10 Hikaye tamamlandı


When a prophecy heralds the arrival of a great evil, a young prosecutor unravels his past while trying to prevent what is to come.
15.5k görüntüleme 17 32 Yeni bölüm Her 30 günde bir

The Castle In The Clouds

Samara was special and borne with a gift most wished for. She could hear and see things beyond the normal realm and was taught the ways of a healer. However, she never suspected her ability would be put to a test so soon, and in the worst way possible. She had to journey through the forest to the infamous mountain of the gods to seek help that wou…
Kısa Hikaye 6.1k görüntüleme 4 6 Hikaye tamamlandı

The Titan Attack

Evreninin parçası Eartha Replicia The titans appear and attempt to destroy the world, while a small group of people try to stop them. They go through a lot of challenges, but also meet new people, and find things they never thought existed! Shape-shifters humans titans and all!
16.6k görüntüleme 36 7 Yeni bölüm Hiçbiri

Dragon Tales

Ruby has always wondered if there was more to life than hers. She is trying to bring her brother back in time to save their home. Will she do it? Or will she be trapped in sorrow forever? Be prepared to step into a world of fantasy and magic. If you like dragons this book is for you.
18.8k görüntüleme 39 8 Yeni bölüm Her 30 günde bir

The CIty of Echoes – fighting back

Dion, a citizen of a small country (suriname) in South America, was sick and tired of the ruins his city had fallen into, the bondage his people seemed complacent with. He was tired of the aggressive ruling of BDS; a government that was brutal and worse than leeches in their greed and thirst for everything his city had to offer. He had no true mea…
Kısa Hikaye 5.4k görüntüleme 5 7 Hikaye tamamlandı

Hero to Hercules

A reincarnation of Hercules, named Hero awakes at his Father's kingdom barely arriving alive, after one of his long voyages to prove him self to the people of the world and to achieve his place as this age's True Hero. Please like, follow, subscribe, for more literature like this one. By- Heath Legend Lemond
Kısa Hikaye 8.8k görüntüleme 8 22 Devam etmekte

Fox’s Life

Watch the life a little fox cub Original idea by me! !! UNFINISHED !! Updates ———— Chapter 2 updated 21/1/24
27.7k görüntüleme 8 15 Yeni bölüm Her 30 günde bir