The Mystery of Greenwood Manor (adventure)

This story is about a group of people who embark on a journey to uncover the forgotten secrets and hidden treasures of Greenwood Manor. As they explore the manor, they encounter mysterious whispers and strange occurrences, leading them to dig deeper into the past. Along the way, they unravel the forgotten history and the role of a haunted protecto…
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Into the Future

Evreninin parçası The Universe of Space & Time Kid goes to future
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Check out the podcast where we read more stories like this. (If the link does not work then just search in Spotify “Reading Absurd Stories” and then it should pop up with a brown cover.) Colby swims underwater casually one day until something extraordinary happens. T…
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Can't be a fox without the long ears [English]

Let's just say it's a story about a fox and a sparrow having a good time together. Except the fox is actually a girl with a fluffy tail and the sparrow is smarter than her, and all they do is run away from their own mistakes.
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