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37 days

Millie is caught in between her old life and new. She stayed in an apartment to be nearby her drug addict father until he passed. Although she is devastated by her father’s passing, she has a new found freedom. She’s leaving her old life behind in San Diego and now getting a do over in L.A where she’ll have a fresh start, career and a new apartmen…
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Yasmin's life story

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Hi this is a funny book and I love it like for part 2
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Fallen for a superstar: New Edition

In a world where love is complicated, Olivia Harrison, a teenage girl is a victim of such circumstances, She is loved by three different boys who would do anything to be with her. Each of them has a heart of gold and Olivia has to pick between them, Tristan: Her ex bestie ex boyfriend Marcus: A boy who she stood up for against his brother Ethan:…
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The path of the north

The Dorin's adventure and his own evolution
4 BÖLÜMLER 10.0k görüntüleme 5 9 Yeni bölüm Her 30 günde bir


Within the Hearthlands, and from the tale of Elderlore, comes this short poem describing a mysterious and murderous scene; which takes place in the main storyline. Who is this havoc bringer and what else will unfold?
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Nightmares and Miseries

A short story.
Kısa Hikaye 4.3k görüntüleme 2 5 Hikaye tamamlandı


Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Book tells the story of the Vyyckos Mafia family and how they came along building businesses making Network moves the family just alternatively became a big power move family for communities the book describes the stories of some of the members have encountered and how the founder started the family which is known as a legacy family
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Cosmonel V

An IdeasFul and mysterious storys Cosmonel is interested in food with delicate aromas and exquisite taste, and meets unusual stories written in chalk on the dashboard of a local pizzeria Poetic, bright, charismatic, delicate, sensual lines - for the most beloved readers! Best wishes - Lapina Margarita Удивительные и загадочные истории Загадочный к…
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The Battle Of The Slayers Next Gen

Evreninin parçası The Universe of Anime Doğrulanmamış Hikaye The next generation
9 BÖLÜMLER 4.1k görüntüleme 19 5 Hikaye tamamlandı

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Eartha Replica News & Feedback Blog

Evreninin parçası Eartha Replicia Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Here we talk about the Eartha Replicia Universe
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Hired To Love

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Kim Tae-Hyung, A Cold Fish, Yes, He's a complete Cold-Fish, He's such A-Lone-Wolf. He's very Cold, doesn't like to talk. Very Decent. Jeon Jung-Kook, his best friend thinks that he needs love after too much struggle. Well, He's a Billionaire that any girl can love him, He's handsome too. But, Jung-Kook, Hires a girl to love him. She's really pret…
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Frequent Bond.

A tale of half-brothers that embark on a journey through the boxing world, encountering two different types of people, a pair that will help them to better themselves and another pair that want their bond to break. Which pair will win? Who will have the last laugh? I guess you will have to see for yourself.
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The theory of origin

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Read to hit your thinking ability
1 bölümler 3.0k görüntüleme 3 3 Hikaye tamamlandı

U.S. Military Fighter Planes

Evreninin parçası The Universe of History Doğrulanmamış Hikaye History of the American fighter jets
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Evreninin parçası My Fictional Stories Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Electra tells an electric tale of a young girl named April. After encountering a strange rainstorm in a terribly realistic dream, April wakes up to new changes around herself. She is suddenly transformed and has electrifying power beyond her, that causes disasters around her when out of control. Although it gets her to places others could neve…
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The Krystl Princess

Evreninin parçası The SARTAM Universe Planet Aquidis. Home to a race of sentient water formations that have taken on the human shape, both inwardly and outwardly. Broken up into two tribes, the Korohcee tribe indians reside on the right side of the planet while their enemies, the Chepaa tribe indians, occupy the left. For decades, the two tribes battled viciously for territory but onl…
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Suddenly, life made sense when you arrived. You've changed me, given me a reason to live. *This book contains graphic violence.*
6 BÖLÜMLER 8.7k görüntüleme 38 35 Yeni bölüm Her 15 günde bir

The Star-Child

By Oscar Wilde
4 BÖLÜMLER 8.2k görüntüleme 5 3 Hikaye tamamlandı

Death By Cumming

Ama Palmer decided to find greener pasture outside Nigeria, she had been a 'small girl, big god' red-light escort in Nigeria since her first year in the university. She had walked the res-lighy District and had earned next to nothing in the new country, and just when she was about to give up, a seemingly nice offer surfaced. But what she didn't k…
3 BÖLÜMLER 8.3k görüntüleme 2 4 Yeni bölüm Her 2 günde bir

Crimson Rose Nightmare

In a desolate, old house, where the wind wails mournfully, Mary and John's Valentine's Day takes a chilling turn. As they sit down for a special dinner, shadows dance ominously, revealing a mysterious locket that awakens long-buried nightmares. The haunting melody of a forgotten music box resurfaces, accompanied by a ghostly figure from John's pas…
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Dead unfaithful

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye The affects of what cheating can cause and aftermath of deceit.... Who's to blame???
Kısa Hikaye 7.6k görüntüleme 2 3 Devam etmekte


Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Dracula se enamora de su peor enemigo y hace zing algo que es inquebrantable pero las cosas se pondran más candentes porque el vampiro es de los que cuando quiere algo,lo obtiene aunque el otro no quiera
22 BÖLÜMLER 11.1k görüntüleme 41 6 Hikaye tamamlandı

The World That Calls

When the Haynes twins are tasked to go on an adventure with a mysterious stranger, they are thrown into a world filled with betrayal, magic and monarchs. Will they have the skill and willpower to survive? Who is keeping secrets? Who won't make it? Who will?
25 BÖLÜMLER 18.8k görüntüleme 122 38 Hikaye tamamlandı

Devil of temptation

Fueled by a night of bad decisions and good wine, Aella, in a completely out-of-character move, sends a witty, self-deprecating message to Devil of temptation, a popular porn voice actor, about his sexy voice. To her surprise, he's intrigued by her rebellious and unapologetic attitude and responds. How can a virtual meeting, sparked by a drunken …
2 BÖLÜMLER 1.2k görüntüleme 3 1 Yeni bölüm Her 10 günde bir

Fading Magic Chronicles

In the heart of the Enchanted Forest, where moonlight weaves through ancient trees and fairies dance on the delicate balance of magic, a looming mystery threatens to plunge their world into darkness. As the mystical Heartstone fades, alliances fracture, and secrets surface, the fairies embark on a quest to save their realm. In a tale woven with in…
Kısa Hikaye 5.9k görüntüleme 28 29 Hikaye tamamlandı

The Starcrossed

In a world ruled by astrology, Nova is determined to break free from the constraints of the stars. Love is forbidden, and every aspect of life is dictated by the stars. But when Nova falls for a forbidden partner, she finds herself embroiled in a dangerous plot to overthrow the ruling council of astrologers. As Nova fights for her freedom and for …
10 BÖLÜMLER 5.4k görüntüleme 2 4 Hikaye tamamlandı

Enchantyon: Welcome Home

Following the events of the story, "Enchantyon: Knight of the Holy Faun", both Lalauri Imafenduwell and Keridwen of Khar Vell began making their way back through the Greater Wilderness to the realm that Lalauri called home: the Free Border Dominion known as, Aureate: The Gilded State. Several hundred lifetimes ago, there was a phrase that history …
24 BÖLÜMLER 78.8k görüntüleme 117 96 Hikaye tamamlandı

Meeting the Lembas

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye In 2013 I had the privilege of meeting Professor Tudor Parfitt who gave me a book that inspired me to make the trip to Zimbabwe and live with the Lemba tribe for a month, an experience that brought many lessons to my life. copyright
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