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Dead to the World 3 - Immortals

Book three of Dead to the World saga
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The Dream Girl Paradox — The 1999 Paradox: 1

'Dreams are wish Fulfillment.' (Sigmund Freud) Paradoxes, a complex and thought-provoking topic that has always aroused our curiosity and promises to knot our brains ... Using as a premise the apparently inevitable paradoxical effects of a hypothetical human interference in the temporal flow, the series 'The 1999 Paradox' will unfold through the e…
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Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Naturly
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Down Together

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Kitty and Paige fall in love.
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Marianne and the Forbidden Codex: A Fire Emblem Three Houses story

Marianne von Edmund, a student at the Officers' Academy, has had to flee with all her classmates, after the invasion of the Garrech Mach Officers' Academy by the Adrestian Empire, led by its new Empress, Edelgard von Hresvelg. On her way home, and after separating from her companions, Marianne is attacked by some bandits. It is there when she is r…
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The Change. Louis A. Keeper

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye The story of a young man who was born different... At twelve years old he lost someone very important... His father who died helping him, but also died due to the magic of his own son... Six years later the boy decides to leave the past behind and move forward... With a tragic past he enters the kingdom of Ystir where his next blow from reality aw…
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MenSaku, Crimson Blood Blossom

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Sakura is an 18-year-old woman now. She is head of the Anbu to her Hokage as well as her being the best medic-nin in the world. Little did she know that was gonna change.
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Laissons nous emporter sur les plume de la poésie
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Passion Sparks

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye A forbidden attraction grows even more complicated when Brooklyn Emerson's high school boyfriend, Sterling McGregory becomes her boss and moves into her house, things are bound to get complicated. With only a thin wall separating their bedrooms, the two try to ignore the undeniable chemistry between them, which is made all the more complicated by …
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The Queen of Quok

No one envied the child, who had scarcely been thought of until he became king himself. Then he was recognized as a personage of some importance, and the politicians and hangers-on, headed by the chief counselor of the kingdom, held a meeting to determine what could be done for him. These folk had helped the old king to live riotously while his …
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The mysterious rose

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Two young teenagers venture into the woods. What will happen?
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The Matrix

"The Matrix" is a thought-provoking and evocative series of poems that delves into the theme of education and the societal constructs that confine individuals within a system. The poems portray education as a complex matrix, a web of rules and degrees that often restricts the true potential of young minds. It highlights the conformity expected fro…
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Dedicated to Adriana.
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Dear brother

My life was amazing, with my brother with me, but things changed the way and twisted the wrist of our happiness.
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Baxton's Portals

The universe of loving hearts and good events enriches everyone with bright emotions and love. You are the diamonds in my heart, the wind in my wings, the creators of good events, the most beloved readers! This story is about miracles, magic portals and bright minds of mankind. It’s good to be enthusiastic, in demand and important, it is important…
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After receiving a cursed object, Dante's life is changed... FOREVER!!!.
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Sunset Bay

es una historia en Ingles de drama hare mas capitulos más adelante
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The Enfranchisement

Evreninin parçası Telepathic World of Witchcraft and Mentalism Synopsis: This little novel is an example of a fiction that develops from a fantasy to a science fiction. Much of the adventure is psychological. The story is told in two acts in an autobiographical tone so that the reader identifies with the hero and immerses himself in the middle of the events. The syntax used is very easy, and the language regi…
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Whispers of Love and Silence

In the heart of a bustling city, Vanessa and Justin collide in a chance encounter that sparks a love story filled with laughter, dreams, and shared silence. As their connection deepens, unforeseen shadows cast a veil over their once vibrant relationship. In this poignant tale of love and loss, follow their journey through the winding streets of a …
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World War Zero

Evreninin parçası The Uniserve of Fiction Doğrulanmamış Hikaye World War Zero
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A Mafia Family Versus The Innocent Boy

Title: A Mafia Family Versus The Innocent Boy Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Gang World of Mafia Summary: In a business world of Mafia. They were called "A Ruthless Empire of BTS" aka "Barter Trade Soul" If you ever encounter the BTS in the street be sure to run off to the opposite side as fast as you can. Because if you ever have a business wi…
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Your Ten Letters

"Have you ever wondered how chance can change the course of your entire life?" In the realm of everyday life and boundless aspirations, Lily's world took a dramatic turn when she crossed paths with Marcus. He was a catalyst who flipped her world upside down, painting it with shades of both light and dark. Like a tempestuous force of nature, he …
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Last Chance

Looking at the list of candidates my dad had established for me I got even more depressed, I couldn't just marry somebody who was only interested in my money and body. Looking up I saw him, he has always been there for me since he started working for my dad. We used to play together since we were kids, becoming a teenager was easier by his side a…
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The Old Bull

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye A short tale of an old tyrant Bull ceratasaur and his reckoning
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The hit

A hitman agrees to unusual hit
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Marriage of Convenience

Dylan Dexter Ltd CEO Theo Dylan stood in front of his office window overlooking at the most beautiful site in London. When he suddenly turned around to see his assistant looking at him gently. You came too early, Freya I wanted to talk to you Mr. Dylan, there is something I would like to tell you. He looked at her then said I'm listening. Frey…
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Enchantyon: Welcome Home

Following the events of the story, "Enchantyon: Knight of the Holy Faun", both Lalauri Imafenduwell and Keridwen of Khar Vell began making their way back through the Greater Wilderness to the realm that Lalauri called home: the Free Border Dominion known as, Aureate. The Gilded State. Several hundred lifetimes ago, there was a phrase that history …
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Kavin Parimel

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye A story about my friend Kavin
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