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living with the 3 jerks

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye yes love is cruel, but life its self is a monster... if the beautiful fairy tale love story is mix toxic family culture, can be your greatest nightmare
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Possessed By A Psycho

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye She is unfortunate. He's lucky. How fools work is beyond imagination to grasp what's there to finish.
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Impeccable Figures

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Note: Story is also available in Wattpad under the same pen name. Behind the lens are two different people. Super different, but the heat of the moment and playful destiny will make them reach each other's life. They will share a steamy night that will leave them craving for more, longing for more. In a hot and lustful ride, they're bound to be...
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Journey to his Heart

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Keya developed her feelings to someone he met at her cousin's wedding. She did everything to let him know her feelings towards him but it seems like it's never enough when Jayjay announces that he has a girlfriend.
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Meus pensamentos confusos

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Meu pensamentos
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Jackie the Reaper

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Jackie Velvet, a reaper that lives in the world to reap souls and she always do her job perfectly, but meeting Stain West, a soul who doesn't want to leave the world yet will give a different flavor to her almost endless lifetime.
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Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Onde jovens adolescentes tem como missão de sobreviver ao fim. romance, conflitos e superação e reviravolta. Leia já "Escape" Uma história oficial. Inspiração do jogo "espécime zero" (Eu não sou muito boa escrevendo mas espero que goste)
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Take me to the sky, Captain

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Her life is not like him. They're very different. But only thing that they're the same is, they love each other. They prove that everyone can love someone even you have opposite state in life. They believe that everyone can do anything what they want even the world don't want them to. They'll going to do some ways just to save their relationship.
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Taming His Desire

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Oriax is the next king of hell but he needs to escape from the fire to save himself from the grudge of his brother Gremory. Earth will be his escape destination and he will meet a gay named Mackie. Their lives will change. But, are they going to stay alive?
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im just your fangirl

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye being is fun not until you fall inlove with you're idol and ended into broken heart... and ended crying...
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Met Him Last Night (BakuDeku)

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Midoriya e Ochaco, dois sobrenomes extremamente conhecidos e respeitados no Japão, dois dos maiores impérios econômicos que o mundo já viu, com mais coisas em comum além do poder: o casamento arranjado de seus herdeiros. Izuku e Uraraka, noivos contra sua vontade desde que tinham 5 anos, quando o contrato foi assinado, quando nenhum deles era re...
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The Power Of Love

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Siya si Xatana, isang matalino, mayaman, maganda at lahat ng gusto nito nakukuha nya. Nakuha nito ang mga gusto nya pero may kulang. Yun ay ang pagmamahal, ngunit ang pag-asa nito na sumaya ay kabaliktaran pala. Sa kanilang magkakaibigan, hindi na ito naniniwala sa true love? Forever? Happy ending? Destiny or destruction? Ayaw na nitong magmah...
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Minha Doce Tempestade

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye #OneShot Para muitos a chuva pode ser um problema mas para Baekhyun por mais que ele não lembre, foi sua salvação. (Contém gatilho, tá avisado) Não preciso lembrar que plágio é crime. Crime de Violação aos Direitos Autorais no Art. 184 - Código Penal, que diz: Art. 184. Violar direitos de autor e os que lhe são conexos: Pena - detençã...
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The Battle Of The Head and Heart

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Havryl has always been optimistic, passionate and fun-loving, though if you asked her friends, they'd say she's a playgirl and harsh instead. Well, for a heart breaker, at least. She focused on her business. Some thing here, and more of the same there. And then came kocyfer... Mysterious yet at the same time unpredictable and arrogant son of a d...
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Doğrulanmamış Hikaye PAANO KUNG YUNG LALAKENG KINAKAINISAN MO AY ANG LALAKENG NANGAKO SAYO NA PAPAKASALAN KA SIMULA PAGKABATA -authors note- Hi please support my first ever story salamat and godbless mwah! _stupidgrav
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Still You

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye This story if for |R18+ only. The content may contains violence, languages, theme, assult and etc, that is not allowed for the young readers
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Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Kathalia Cei is a simple woman, her family owns a bakeshoppe, coffee shop and restaurants. But, she's the one who's managing it now. Kathalia is a busy person, not until her bestfriend, Lauryn Lorelle. Invited her to go to the bar to relax and who is she to declined her bestfriend? She loves lauryn so much. So, as they arrived to the bar, kathal...
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When A Badboy Met A Boyish Girl

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye ...
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There Unexpected Love Stories

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Sa panahong na ito,did love still exists? Kung halos lahat ng tao ay nauubos na Anong gagawin mo?
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Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Polian City faced a great disaster as they were freaked out by an unexpected wave of zombies who are all oddly smiling. Joas, soon to be a doctor that cures by killing... compare himself as nothing different from these zombies... was not eaten but captured by a strange human-like zombie who only aims to protect him at any cost, along with a vei...
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Garoto Estranho

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Doğrulanmamış Hikaye "You love two people at the same time, choose the second one. Because if you really loved the first one, you would not fallen for the second one."
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Doğrulanmamış Hikaye in a world where dark magic are hated, how will you prove that they are wrong?
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Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Sexy. Hard. Dangerous.
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I Never Expect My Self To Fall To A Poor Girl

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Sabi nila hindi naman masama ang mag-mahal lalo na sa taong matagal na sa larangan ng pag-ibig, pagmamahalan at kung minsan pa nga'y kahit kapahamakan ang iyong abutin basta ba'y maipaglaban ang iyong kasintahan Maari rin kaya mangyare ang eksenang lagi mong naririnig at nakikita sa iba kung estado na ang pinag-uusapan? Kaya mo kayang labanan a...
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I never except that I fall inlove to a poor girl {G,B,B,L}

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Hindi Ko alam kung papaano ko ito naramdaman, Sa kung papanong dahilan dahil ang alam ko lang kusa ko nalang siyang hinahanap hanap Pag-ibig ba itong matuturing o isang bolang apoy na unti-unti na naman akong tutupukin. at sa pinakadulo nito'y ako ay matutupok rin gaya ng pagmamahal ko sa kaniya noon na ako'y kaniyang binago ngunit siya'y lumis...
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História de terror

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Espero que vcs gostem
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Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Guwapo [✔] Matangkad [✔] Matipuno [✔] Mayaman [✔] Makalaglag Undies [✔] Lahat na yata ng magagandang katangian ay nasa kanya na dahilan upang maging sikat siya sa mga kababahihan. Mapa - Lola, Tita, Ate, Kolehiyala at mga Binabae ay hinahangaan siya at pinapangarap na masungkit ang matamis niyang OO. Subalit may napakalupet siyang sikreto. No...
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