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Florenvelle's lost honor is finally completed!!! but don't be sad, there will be a new second book!!! Here's a sneak peak 😜😜😜😜😜!!!! 😀😀

In this new book we'll go two years after the events of the first one,and we'll learn more secrets and finally have our questions answered.

-Who's Norrie's father?

-The origin of the world and magic

-The Dawson family

-More story of the prince

-The elders way

-Agatha's parents and what happened to them

-And more!!!🙊🙊🙊🙊

🤘🤘🤘🤳🤳🤳🤳So pls follow me or the book if you want to know more.

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New chapters

I have been writing a lot! but there are new chapters at Florenvelle's lost honor so go read them!!!📕📕📕📕😸😸😸😸⭐🌟🌟🌟🌟🤰🤰🤰🤱🤱🤱👩‍👧👩‍👧👩‍👧👩‍👧👩‍👧👩‍👦👩‍👦👩‍👦👩‍👦👩‍👦👩‍👦🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊

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New book!!!

So I have been talking about Florenvelle lost honor, Odette Eliston ECT ECT but I have news.THERE WILL BE A NEW BOOK COMING! It will be called

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Thank you for the 300 visits,I don't know if this actually working.I just wanted to make publicity in a fun way💯💯💯💯🤳🤳🤳🤳

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