AA Paylaş

Finding the Meaning

Back Story - Part One

In the spring of 2023, I was invited to take a trip to the Valley of Guthrie Oklahoma with breathern from the Valley of Springfield Illinois for their reunion. I remember waiting for months to get out of Illinois to experience another jurisdictions degrees and meeting new brethren from other states.

The trip started by a long ten hour drive with three other brethren from our Valley. Traveling, lodging and spending time with three men of great character was beyond my most greatest experiences. Without two of these men, I don’t know where my journey with God and Masonry would be, if any. If you ever get a chance to take a weekend trip with brethren, jump on it.

As we arrived to our lodging destination, we meet up with two other brethren from our Valley for dinner and a plan for the weekend. As I sat there and listened to everyone, I knew as a group, I was in good company.

First day at the Valley of Guthrie was spent by me exploring the beautiful architecture of the building and getting prepared to watch degrees and take in the experience, education and understanding of each degree presented. As each day progressed, I was able to make my way around this gorgeous building, I was able to enjoy the fruits of their labor from past and current brethren who take great care and pride in their Valley.

Finding the Meaning - Part Two

Touring this building in full would probably take the whole weekend just in itself. But if you tour it to fast, you really miss seeing meanings throughout. One being called the Blue Room. Set up as a Blue Lodge room, it is equipped with all the nicest furnishings from the chandelier, to the chairs and Altar.

During the reunion, they used this room for candidates education study and discussions. Probably sitting there without noticing the whole scope of the room. Yes, they where there for their Valley degrees, but it's hard to overlook what's there in plain site other than the Worshipful's chair in the East, the Senior Warden and Junior Wardens chairs properly set the West and South and the gorgeous Altar with Square and Compass.

As you look around, you finally see it. Three distinct stained glass windows. All three representing each degree in Blue Lodge.

The first window represents Youth,

Entered Apprentice Degree

As a candidate’s first experience with the ceremonies of the fraternity, this degree is intended to be an introduction to Masonry. It is, like all Masonic ceremonies, a solemn and meaningful event. The Entered Apprentice is entrusted with secrets of the Masonic Order, which are all moral and ethical in nature, and is expected to honor them in accordance with Masonic law.

The second window representing Manhood,