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victoriamith Victoria Smith Night Thoughts. Let's just say some short poems about someone and something that i consider my thoughts every night and i can't get it out of my head.

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In shadows deep where fears abide,

A heart entwined, yet never guide.

Attachments woven, fragile, thin,

In webs of doubt, where do they spin?

To cling too tight, or let them soar,

A constant battle, evermore.

Bound by past, by wounds concealed,

In tender grip, or wounds unhealed.

A fear of loss, a fear of crave,

In every breath, in every wave.

Yet yearning deep, for love's embrace,

A fragile soul, a fragile chase.

To break the chains, to find release,

In solitude, a fleeting lease.

But still the yearn, the beating part,

Craves for connection, torn apart.

So dance the dance, with hesitant beats,

In tangled webs, where shadows fleet.

For in the struggle, in the night,

A glimmer of hope, a flicker of light.

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Distance from Mother's Love

In shadows cast, I stand alone,

No mother's hug to call my own.

Venting thoughts into the air,

But loneliness is all I bear.

Her love, a distant memory,

A longing ache that won't set free.

Yearning for her tender touch,

But distance proves to be too much.

In dreams, I hold her close at night,

But morning breaks, and she's out of sight.

No solace found in her embrace,

Just empty arms, a barren space.

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The Fear Of Time

As the years go by, with each day a new surprise,

The fear of growing older slowly starts to arise,

For with each passing year, I see the cruelty of the world,

And how it tries to break down all that I hold dear.

I know that time is fleeting, and youth is but a dream,

But the idea of growing older fills me with a chilling scream,

For I fear the pain and heartbreak that lie ahead,

And wondering if I'm ready for all that life has to be said.

So here I stand, caught between a rock and a hard place,

With the fear of growing older weighing heavily on my face,

But I refuse to give up, I won't hide in fear,

And I'll face each day with hope and courage, until the end is near.

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The Enchanted Garden

In the land of magic and dreams,

A garden fair and beautiful gleams,

There flowers bloom and fragrance fill the air,

Sunlight dances on the blooms with love and care.

As the day draws to a close,

The moon makes her enchanted pose,

Transforming the flowers into a show,

And casting her magic glow, where time stand slow.

Through the night, the garden rests,

Dreams and magic at play, at their best,

Until the sun rises again, bringing light,

And the cycle continues in the Enchanted Garden, all bright.

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