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Inkspired Writers Readers Get Ready

Dear Inkspired writers and readers, last week we announced that will be interviewing authors about what they love about our Inkspired platform.

Well, here is our project progress. We have identified questions that we would love to hear our authors’ thoughts on, and we are in the process of creating a web form that will enable interested authors to fill it out, and book an interview recording session with us.

The goal of the interview is not just to let people know how great our publishing and reading community platform is, but also, the chance to let people in the community get to know you, and giving the exposure you need for writing success.

You will be asked how to highlight a fun factor about you, as well as the book you want us to promote at the end of the interview episode.

You will have a chance to shine on our YouTube channel, how exciting!

If you are interested in being interviewed by us, please stay tuned for more information!

Don't forget to like, follow this post, and comment below with your thoughts and ideas

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Upcoming YouTube Interview & Other Cross-Team Projects

Our marketing team is working on a YouTube Interview project where we will be asking our guest authors what they love about inkspired - an interview that will not only promote the inkspired platform but a chance for the author to gain exposure. So, stay tuned, for more details.

We are also doing cross-team and cross-language collaboration in promoting books, blogs, features, contests, and events. Last but not least promote the ambassador program.

The collaboration started at discord and then we quickly drafted a spreadsheet to intake people interested in a number of social media tasks. We have also devised a spreadsheet that will make it very easy for us to promote the books, blogs, contests, and events that our Inkspired writers and readers all love.

We are all volunteers from different teams, and different ethnic backgrounds, all around the world.

If you want to learn more about our future updates, please follow the story, but until then, we sign off.

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