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Second Edition

This is the second edition of TSR News. Today we're going to look at the next two chapters. A Foggy Field and Winter Palace Tsarina's Chambers. In A Foggy Field, you find out what must happen in order to set history right. Well in the story's sense as this book is a Historical Fiction book. Now I am aware that the Romanovs were after Queen Elizabeth I, but for this story in order to create a new identity for Anne Boylen why not add the Romanovs onto the story. But for Anne and her second chance at life can she deny her feelings for the King.

In Winter Palace Anne is reborn into Caterina. Somehow without question, she easily speaks Russian. But then she is told that she is going to England, to meet the person that hated her in her past life yet is her friend in this life.

Sneek Peak

A Page boy opens the door to the throne room "Her Imperial Majesty Caterina Romanov, Tsarina of Russia!" Everyone was astounded by her beauty. Her flawless skin, her blond hair that flowed like a river down her back. A dress that looked like new-fallen snow; falling gracefully from her shoulders and pooled at her feet. A silver circlet designed to look like it was created in a fantasy world was atop her head. On the dress were blue moon diamonds shaped like teardrops and glistened in the light.

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Welcome to the first issue of TSR NEWS. So happy you stopped by. TSR NEWS was created to let you know about new content and even sneak peeks! TSR has slowly been gain popularity, with currently 120 views. It might not seem like a lot but to me the author it's important.

Anyways, today we will be talking about the first two chapters, Classroom and The Tower of London/The Executionary Block. These two chapters are the piolets of the story. Classroom gives you a brief history lesson on King Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Catherine of Aragon, and Jane Seymour. Those four people are the basis of TSR. While in the chapter The Tower of London/The Executionary Block Anne Boleyn is on her death day. After accepting the fact that her life would be better after death, the time came for her to be executed. After speaking to the crowd she submits to death and was then killed.

Those were the first two chapters of The Seductress Reborn. As the story progresses these articles will become longer. But for now, only two chapter summaries will be in every issue. If you could take the time and ask any questions you may have, or if you want to suggest an event, please comment on the story.

Sneak Peek!

To the members of court,

Caterina Romanov Tsarina of Russia will be visiting England in 2 months. Her Imperial Majesty deeply misses Princess Mary Duchess of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel and adviser to Her Imperial Majesty, and Charles Brandon duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp. Both of whom are like family to Her Imperial Majesty. Be ready for her arrival, for if she is pleased England shall have a new ally....

A new issue will be released every 15 days.

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