System requirements

In order for Inkspired Writer to work with your Operative System, the following system requirements need to be met:

Minimum version required for MacOS X: OS X 10.08+ Mavericks or higher.
Minimum version required for Windows: Windows 7+ or higher. Needs to be a 64-bit version.

Сторонние инсталляторы

Some features in the Inkspired Writer app for Mac and Windows, may require third-party software to be installed to work.
As of today, in version 1.0.0, Inkspired Writer app requires 2 extra third-party programs to be installed in your computer in order to:
- "Export" Stories and Chapters in the formats of Microsoft Word .DOCX, PDF, and ePUB.

The required software for the mentioned feature are:
1) LATEX (посетите вебсайт).
......Загрузить для Mac (72 mb).
......Загрузить для Windows (MiKtex, 191.3mb).

2) PANdoc (посетите вебсайт).
......Загрузить для Mac (16.2mb).
......Загрузить для Windows (23.9mb).

Steps to install and activate Inkspired Writer's app export features:
- Download both installers by clicking the link of 'Download for Mac or Windows' depending on the computer you are using.
- Install the downloaded file
- Restart Inkspired Writer
- Это все!

We are working hard to avoid requiring additional third-party software in future versions.
Спасибо за понимание,

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Обновлено Jan 15th, 2018