What are Universes and what is worldbuilding?

Universes are a new way to showcase your stories. Instead of a story type, Universes are an immersive way to aggregate your existing stories, microfictions, and other media into one single common space. It's especially useful if you are writing full-length novels, books or starting a wider creative project based on fictional worlds. It will help you to remember names, places, dates, and everything you create and write along the way.

Even though it's widely integrated with everything Inkspired as a platform offers, you can also use it with your content elsewhere or even internally in your own group creative projects.

Universes will greatly help you to organize and connect your ideas and your Characters, Places, Events, Cultures, Societies (and more) through our Smart Glossaries.

An Inkspired Initiative

Universes are the first full-scale private project using the Inkspired technology, resources, and community. It's a free feature of Inkspired aiming to support storytellers and creators on the design of their own unique fantasy worlds.

Universes has been designed by Galo A. Vargas, under the Inkspired Initiative Program. If you wish to start and launch your own storytelling project within our platform, do not hesitate to let us know.

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Why you should use Universes?

Smart Glossaries

Помните, кем являются Ваши персонажи, где они, что происходит, и не забывайте подробности событий, которые разворачиваются в Вашем рассказе. Читать далее.

Interactive Maps

Create maps of your world, cities, places, and add pins to explain where is what. Используйте Визуальные карты хронологии и генеалогии героев, чтобы иметь представление, на каком моменте находится Ваша история. Coming soon.



By linking your stories to your Universe, you are connecting all its information with the Smart Glossaries. This will bring to your reader a richer experience when reading. And also quick access to read more about your characters, events, places, etc... as quick references.

Contribute ideas

Ask for help and decide if you let your readers submit ideas to you. You can make your Universe as open as a wiki. Open a discussion channel so everyone can collaborate.

Crowdfund your project

Once your Universe is published and running, you can activate the ability to start a crowdfunding campaign to help you keep developing it alongside your audience and readership.

Как это работает?


Although is not a requirement, Universes work better if you already have stories created on Inkspired. You can start creating stories and Universes from the 'Create story' button on the upper right corner of your screen.


Set up the theme setting of your Universe and its name. Access the Universe's profile and start filling in the information you can, including a nice cover picture.


Start linking your existing stories, microfictions, or other media you may have. The more content you link, the more options Universes can offer you to connect all the information. For instance, a great example is the ability to mention your Smart Glossaries in your chapters later on.


Create your Smart Glossaries: one of the most powerful and important features of Universes. Create a Glossary on each category and start adding up all the information to create richer content. Additionally, you can start mentioning them on the chapters of your linked stories.


Personalize your Universe's page. If you are a Premium member, you will have many options and flexibilities to customize how your Universe's page looks.


Click on 'Publish Universe', and then visit your public profile page. That's it! Your Universe is ready to be discovered and explored on Inkspired and beyond :-)

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