In the Universe G - 2 all men and animals are concerned with Internet. A team of the wisest men lead the G-2 with the help of technology. Only one rule for all - " Everyone is relative", that means respect all and no hate, no harm. There is no enmity among them so there is no chaos in the community. The world after the connection between human brain and Internet is considered - "G - 2" that means - Globe - 2 or, Generation - 2. In this fantasy I will show my dream as well as imagination to create a different world for peace and development of all the people of the world. "G-2" is a world that is completely different from the previous world. There are not billions of computers, laptops, tabs, smartphones, CCTV cameras, lawyers, courts, judges, prisons, police stations, police, court clerks, hospitals, hats-bazars, markets, kidnappers, rapists, murderers, militants. , Unjust oppression torture injustice, exploitation deprivation insult. Are you smiling? How is this possible? Yes, not only that but also many things are easily possible in this world. "Every man will Infinitely powerful If with the internet Is the connection. " Because every human being is connected to the internet, even if someone remembers someone in their mind, they can still be connected to it. It is possible to keep in touch with everyone in the world, not just the people of the mind, but also the family without the help of any electronic device. As a result, you can keep in touch with anyone wherever you are in the bathroom, toilet or river, sea or ocean. G- 2's world is a strange world. Here, after the fetus is seven months old, its brain is connected to the Internet. As soon as it is attached, the child gets a unique code. The first eight digits of this code are the date of attachment. Then Twelve Digits - 1st Digit Continent 3rd and 4th Digit Country 5th and 6th Digit State or Division, 8th Digit District 9th Digit Upazila, 10th Digit City Corporation / Municipality / Union, 11th and 12th Digit Ward Number. It is possible to keep a constant watch through the software. The parents are immediately informed of the necessary instructions to identify the problem of the child and take action to solve it. Non Verified Universe Imagined, Future Age Поделиться

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The world after the connection between human brain and Internet is considered - "G - 2" that means - Globe - 2 or, Ge...

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