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I have three trilogies planned already. It takes place in a world similar to our but with magical beings, extinct animals from the Miocene Era, gods, goddesses, demigods, and a plethora of other creatures and beings. The first Trilogy is the Guardian Series, with the first novel already up. Most of the time I am a pretty fast writer and can write around 6 to 10k words on the weekend but only a few thousand on weekdays. While Ive written one or more chapters a day, I am also editing them as I go to publish them as I go. [all images made with Dall-E] Non Verified Universe Воображаемый, мифологический век Поделиться

#lesbian #magicians #epicfantasy #myths #lgbt #goddesses #magic #gay #bisexual #elves #dwarves #giants #humans #gods #demigods #fantasy #extinctcreatures #magicalcreatures #souls #apes

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Death of a Guardian (First Draft) Canon Main Story
This is the first draft. It is complete as the first draft but I will begin editing it soon. Once i begin, I will edit …

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Dragonstone Winter Dragonstone Winter
Wow , your Universe is Amazing 🤩, so may beautiful creatures and characters !

Dragonstone Winter Dragonstone Winter
thank you for sharing it !! Just checked all 9 characters , it’s very interesting to know more about each of them ! And wow Vitalis and Mortius are married , life and deat what a powerful matching !!

MG Max Giannis
I will be adding much more details over the coming days. I just found this site an hour ago. I will leave some character information out so as not to spoil plot details but will eventually add them once the first book is done. Even then I might not have everything so not to spoil it for people going through this first to see if they want to read the books.