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The Elevators of Time

Не проверенная история What would you do if you had the power to go back in time? You can ask Alisteir as many times as you want, he still wouldn't be able to answer. His world was flipped upside down when his grandmother passed away. His family has always been associa…
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Heirs of Lunar and Solar

Не проверенная история Seven kingdoms, Eight chosen, seven new starts. Seven teen have a chance of a new life after a sudden and tragic ending. Why? Simply because another world needs desperate saving. Where people act and behave differently. Their values differ and the e…
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Edward and Me

Amelia is an 8 year old girl, who lost his parents in the war. Or so she thought. She accidentally found out that her father, might be in the barracks somewhere and not actually dead. However the issue is that the orphanage is closing. If she is tak…
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Me and My Vampire 2

Не проверенная история Kendra, Kage and Calum are best friends. Or are they? A major issue came between the trio that set them apart. Love. When two of your best friends are in love, you will have less time with them. Calum felt the exact same way. They had most of the ad…
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Code Name: I Love You

Не проверенная история Being inside a game and having your own experiences as the main character is a dream come true and surely does sound cool. Especially when you can feel the grass on your skin or flying on a dragon with your friends going on wondrous quests making me…
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The Fear of The Mind

This is a story written for a competition. It’s a short fiction story about a schizophrenic patient living his days in a mental asylum constantly being trapped in his hallucinations and delusions. (Please subscribe to the story!!)
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The Unpolished Diamonds

Не проверенная история Emilia is a country girl who grew up around animals, especially horses. After her accident that caused the death of her horse which was caused by a black mustang. She gave up on hope that she will be able to save her grandfather's farm. Especially t…
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Me and My Vampire

Не проверенная история Kendra is the only one who understands and can use dragon magic, however she is also a loner. When she gets into the Axtion Magical Academy she meets two boys, Kage and Calum who became her best friends. However she finds out that Kage isn't just a …
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