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fantasy action/ sci-fi writer United States.
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The Infinite Tower

Не проверенная история A Tower known only as the infinite Tower is said to grant the one who reaches the top one wish. Many struggle to make their way up as one after another they fall...
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Dark Exorcist

Не проверенная история Demons have manifested all around the world and must be destroyed by any means necessary. An organization known as exosagins have appeared in hopes to combat the growing population of demonic entities.
1.1k просмотры Новая глава Каждые 30 дней

The Swordsmen's Demon Blood

Не проверенная история A swordsman has a near death experience has demon blood injected in o his body.
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Zomperic Evolution

Не проверенная история An undead man realizes he can evolve.
1.8k просмотры Новая глава Каждые 30 дней


Не проверенная история The supernatural ability awakens Within humans until it grows out of control.
4.2k просмотры Новая глава Everyday

Powerful Elements

A young man hoping to make it as an officer at the academy in a world where each person controls one element.
8.0k просмотры 2 3 Новая глава Каждые 30 дней

Lord Of Shiro

Не проверенная история Reborn as A lord with near infinite Power, what will he do with such power once he's controled it?
2.3k просмотры Новая глава Каждые 30 дней

Void Of Power

Не проверенная история An OP player gets what he deserves as he loses a duel against a mage elf.
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Tower Of Divinity

Не проверенная история The seemingly endless tower created by a God calls many Warriors for whoever reaches the top will be given a prize.
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A rising fantasy card game With epic battles.
9.9k просмотры 1 Новая глава Каждые 30 дней

Darkest Of Us

Не проверенная история Your inner demon, It may strengthen you or overwhelm you
2.3k просмотры Новая глава Каждые 30 дней

Tournament Of Naioko

An epic tournament for the strongest warrior.
9.3k просмотры 2 3 Новая глава Каждые 10 дней

Magic Of Mioda

Не проверенная история Waking up as a level one wizard hoping to rank up.
2.3k просмотры Новая глава Every week

Magic Imperium

Не проверенная история A world of magic
2.3k просмотры 1 Новая глава Everyday

Spiritual Blade

A sword with supernatural powers.
10.0k просмотры 1 Новая глава Каждые 30 дней

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