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My name is Arvind, a person who is willing to explore the concepts of writing. I like writing and publishing historical stories. I also like posting stories related to games I play, such as Rolling Sky, and unleash my imagination. Melbourne, Australia.
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Inspired by Rolling Sky level Candy, a man finds out about a magical place called CandyLand, better than any amusement park ever. Full of rides and and full of foods, nothing can beat it. After being the spotlight, a thief arrives. It steals the foo…
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Resurrection of Sun and Moon

An adventure in Egypt. It all started with a trip to the most famous Egyptian bazaar and before you know it, gods arrive. They can be good or bad and nothing else but why not be both? Read this to find out.
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Death and Warships

The first of two parts where a teen named Jake Marcendo participates in the First World War. His family wants money and being a soldier pays well, except if he dies. Will he, though? PS: This is my first story on the platform so if it isn’t that goo…
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