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An established mildly autistic eBook author partnered with a beautiful female artist. Leanore brings the paint, and I bring the words. Creators of the SARTAM universe and the SARTAM Anime campaign. Our dream: Raise $50,000 to cover the costs of turning SARTAM into an anime via 🙂 Cypress, Texas, United States.
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Мои истории

The SARTAM Universe

This is the SARTAM universe, a completely original creation from my vivid imagination. Here will be where all main and side stories, character information, and main narrative plot lines will be available. Looking to turn this into an animated series…
29 истории 14 microfictions 2 other media 28.8k просмотры 2

Fan-Fik Verse

This universe is the home of alternate and deviating stories of existing properties. Fan fiction stories, whether action packed, erotic, or otherwise can be found here!
12 истории 677 просмотры 1

The Horniverse

This universe is where original erotic short stories with entirely fictional characters and scenarios will be posted. Each story varies in intensity but will never become grotesque in nature. Every story of mine will attempt to draw out arousal.
6 истории 1.6k просмотры 2

SARTAM: Life On Cinthyatar

Planet Cinthyatar, the world of inclusion. The Cinthyans, a race of half human/cyborg beings live in relative harmony while the world's young leaders keep the planet's true condition hidden from the unsuspecting cybernetic people: It was in big tro…
18.8k просмотры 1 7 Новая глава Нет

Included in: Bane of the Architeks ($5/месяц)

Little Lost Boy: The Upsetting Story Of Gareth Pokitaru

The Pokitaru family, famed for their pristine knowledge of marine life as well as their ability to turn them into delicious seafood. Robert Pokitaru, once a lowly fry cook at 'The Rusted Sub', had become the restaurant owner while his beloved wife, …
3.5k просмотры 1 2 Story completed

The Act That Stays Forever On: The Odd Story Of Fanm Mouri

Planet Sirk, a planet full of acrobatic experts and Duovo Witch casters known as the 'Nahati Race'. Being the aerial professionals and spell binders that they are, though, it would come as a shock to the world when Emily Benoit, famous daughter of t…
9.2k просмотры 2 6 Story completed

Cruel & Unusual Punishment

Karen Cox, better known as Sergeant Officer Cox by not only her pals in blue but also every male inmate in the maximum security prison in the United States of America. While she is sexy to all, the 32 year old blonde woman has a mean streak and a ve…
1.6k просмотры 1 2 Story completed

Pleasurable Violations

Не проверенная история All it took was the wrong day for the sexy Isabelle Sanders, to pleasure her boyfriend to orgasm in college class when a long-time acquaintance, Izumi Nakagawa, blackmailed her into submission with a video of it and made her experience the wonders o…
6.0k просмотры 6 4 Story completed

Your Sexy Reality: A Doki Doki Literature Club Fan Fiction

You love Monika, and she loves you back. It's just you and Monika now. Just Monika. But it doesn't have to be, right? Since she has control over the game of 'Doki Doki Literature Club', Monika has the power to bring back Sayori, Yuri, and Natsu…
748 просмотры 1 4 Новая глава Каждые 30 дней
Интерактивная книга

SARTAM: Death By Architeks

Не проверенная история By means unknown, Seth Aranos somehow survives the catastrophic event that was the explosion of the Aranos Household. Upon waking up on a totally different planet, He pleads desperately to a tech salvaging family for help with getting back to Cinthy…
4.5k просмотры 1 Новая глава Каждые 30 дней

Included in: Bane of the Architeks ($5/месяц)

Free Sample

Grace let the man look, and it led to more... Part of the Horniverse
3.6k просмотры 1 1 Story completed

An Unorthodox Hook-up

Meet Leondra Phillips, an American exchange student living and going to college in Tokyo, Japan. While she is beautiful, only a select few of people know that she is a transvestite and is heavily attracted to biological males. And even though she wa…
4.1k просмотры 1 4 Story completed

Easy As Panty Pie

Izumi Nakagawa. Friend of the rich snob Aneko Ito, the yoga nut Sara Suzuki, the party girl Eizan Odori, as well as to her secret lesbian Goth mistress, Koroko Meguro. Being the shy and reserved bookworm of the group, her standing with the other fou…
9.1k просмотры 4 11 Новая глава Нет

The Mystery Below: A Scooby-Doo Fan Fiction

An honest mistake can lead to some sexy encounters, with Velma experiencing that first hand... Part of the Fan-Fik Verse.
1.4k просмотры 8 13 Новая глава Нет

Tales From The Empty Earth

It was 2025 and Richtofen's Grand Scheme that led to the earth's zombie apocalypse. In an attempt to hinder his newfound control of the undead, Maxis launched 3 rocket explosives into the planet. It only made things so much worse. Nevada's Nuketown …
1.3k просмотры 16 3 Story completed

The Day They Came: The Horrible Story Of Planet Leep

It was sudden and without warning when the Architek units arrived on Planet Leep, the home world to the anthropomorphic rabbit beings known as the 'Wrabunni race'. Unbeknownst to them, they had apparently overpopulated their world to the point of th…
8.2k просмотры 4 4 Новая глава Нет

Life Without Her: The Mysterious Story of Arabella Zoe

On an unnamed planet, a plastic toy world named after the lone woman who created the sentient porcelain doll race known as the 'Lodl', all by hand alongside her living toy pal, Arabella. Upon finishing their project of making a toy replica of her ol…
7.6k просмотры 5 4 Story completed

The Juicy Dare

Izumi Nakagawa's sex life gets altered dramatically, all because of a pen... This story is the prequel story to 'Easy As Pie' and part of the 'Horniverse'.
3.0k просмотры 2 4 Story completed

The Last Three: The Sad Story Of The Kubo Sisters

Не проверенная история It was the time of their 18-year-old lives as Hana, Awa, and Batākappu, three super powered sisters of the city of Taunzubiru, got home to their single father's home from their homecoming dance party at their high-school. Delicious food was eaten, n…
4.2k просмотры 3 1 Story completed

What Is Deserved: The Tale Of Beth Draco

Having been living a relatively sound and stable life as a female Cinthyan for four long weeks, Beth's calm, heterosexual life gets turned upside down upon meeting Rana Snivelak once again. Part of the SARTAM universe. For more context about this c…
6.0k просмотры 2 7 Story completed

On The Receiving End: The Tale Of Rana Snivelak

His reign of terror against women comes to an end as Ron is forced to transition from a male Cinthyan body into a female one after brutally torturing Corusso's most popular sexworker, 'M'. Now known as Rana, he has no choice but to live this other s…
3.6k просмотры 3 Story completed

It Was Meant 2B: A NieR: Automata Fan Fiction

Не проверенная история The sexy adventures of 2B and the last surviving human on earth. This 5 part short story has a version for those who enjoy heterosexual relations between a man and a woman as well as a lesbian version, just in case two women kissing is a turn on for…
1.0k просмотры 1 1 Story completed

SARTAM: The Tale Of Apolline Andrè

Apolline Andrè, avid go-getter of the Genevieve Allard's factory palace and her right hand woman. Her strength goes unchallenged amongst the matriarch, even though her loyal code is questionable... Part of the SARTAM universe. For more context abou…
6.2k просмотры 3 Story completed

Feministic Savagery: The Awful Story of Genevieve Allard

Genevieve Allard, the sexy but savage Tech-Queen of Black Water City on the planet of Rijilar. Her sadism is as potent and raw as her beauty, the woman having turned a patriarchal factory distribution plant into a matriarch seemingly overnight. Wit…
7.8k просмотры 1 3 Story completed

Fratelli Ladri

On Planet Rijilar, the race of tech junkies live relatively peacefully with one another... most of the time. Since there is tons of crime, poverty, and pollution around every neon lit corner of every city of the planet, any man, woman, or child luck…
9.0k просмотры 4 Story completed

SARTAM: The Tale Of Anntiko

She survived her fight with the psychotic Chepaa Tribe Indian and now has something to look forward to upon returning to Korohcee Village... Part of the SARTAM universe. For more context about this character, please read 'The Krystl Princess' first.
5.8k просмотры 3 Story completed

The Krystl Princess

Planet Aquidis. Home to a race of sentient water formations that have taken on the human shape, both inwardly and outwardly. Broken up into two tribes, the Korohcee tribe indians reside on the right side of the planet while their enemies, the Chepaa…
#3 in Short Story 8.8k просмотры 6 13 Story completed

Like Father, Like Daughter: The Screwed Up Story Of Abygale Hou

The desert can be a scary place. Blistering heat during the day and crippling cold temperatures at night. Planet Nye-El is no exception, only difference being sand spiders the size of full grown hound dogs and various cactus plants that function lik…
7.6k просмотры 2 Story completed

Our Time Together: The Tale Of Larsen

Larsen Phillips can no longer bear to see Futora Romanaro like this anymore... Part of the SARTAM universe. For the best experience, please read the first chapter of my original novel, 'SARTAM: Life On Cinthyatar', first and then my original short…
5.5k просмотры 2 8 Story completed

SARTAM: The Tale of Futora

Futora Romanaro's trip to the video implant store gets strange when Larsen Phillips starts acting strange to her... Part of the SARTAM Universe. For better context about this character, please read the first chapter of my original novel, 'SARTAM: L…
5.7k просмотры 3 7 Story completed

SARTAM: The Tale Of Melina Aranos

Ah yes, Melina Aranos. When she isn't spending her Relevancy Points on shopping sprees, this 28 year old woman sleeps with any male stranger with a dominant personality. Her lifestyle choice was made worse given the fact that her father, Arnva Arano…
6.0k просмотры 3 10 Story completed

SARTAM: The Tale Of Kevin

Meet Kevin Daxx, Cytorae City's pretty boy and master botanist. His love for plants matches his knowledge of them...
5.8k просмотры 2 5 Story completed

SARTAM: The Tale Of Kayla

Kayla Hoven, aspiring nurse and expert in Cinthyan Anatomy. While her heart is pure, her social skills are not...
6.2k просмотры 2 10 Story completed

SARTAM: The Tale Of Caleb

Meet Caleb Dobo. Wealthy upper-class Cinthyan who loves his music. Lacking in motivation, read the tale of how this young man takes his great leap forward when it comes to his social life...
6.1k просмотры 6 Story completed

SARTAM: The Tale Of Kaliope

Enter Kaliope Eudoruh. Super optimistic workout nut with a love for animals and nature. While a beautiful young lady with a heart of gold, she has a disability that makes communicating with other Cinthyans difficult...
5.7k просмотры 8 Story completed

SARTAM: The Tale Of 'M'

Meet 'M', 24 year old prostitute famed for her services at the sex complex known as the 'Amazon'. This is the tale of the woman dubbed by her clients as 'The Electric Girl' of her escapades and daily routine... Part of the SARTAM universe. For mor…
6.0k просмотры 1 7 Story completed

SARTAM: The Tale Of Jeivon

Не проверенная история Meet Jeivon Yeedil, MMA-loving Cinthyan with an explosive temper. Listen to his tale as things in his life do not go his way... To gain more context about this character, please read, "Striking Confidence: The Story Of Rodrey Mitchells" first.
3.0k просмотры 1 Story completed

Where It Led

Karma is a humbling force...
5.5k просмотры 2 Story completed

Striking Confidence! The Story Of Rodrey Mitchells

The planet of Cinthyatar adores physical activity, mainly sports! Soccer, basketball, and baseball are some of the low popularity ones. The most popular sport on the planet is MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Since the Cinthyan race is naturally pacifistic…
6.9k просмотры 5 2 Story completed

The Transition In Life: The Story Of Corusso Notak

In the technological world of Cinthyatar, society is, for the most part, peaceful. Crimes such as murder and rape are nonexistent, physical currency has been replaced with a social credit system known as 'Relevancy', and the cybernetic humans called…
6.4k просмотры 10 4 Story completed

Sweets & Smiles: The Bitter-Tasting Story Of Paulena Pollux

In the technological world of Cinthyatar and lower class area of Cytorae City, a lovely young woman famed for her expert culinary skills in her neighborhood lands a spot as a pastries vendor in the city's upper and elite area and attempts to bedazzl…
11.1k просмотры 10 2 Story completed

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