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Не проверенная история Just A Short Haiku
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You Broke Me

Не проверенная история Murder Mystery
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4 Powerful Elements

Не проверенная история The story of a 11 year old girl and her brother venture into the world above to talk with their uncle, the king of elements, and need to defeat their father who is trying to gain all the elements for himself and overthrow his brother. If you like fa…
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Dragon Series: Book one: The Water Realm

Не проверенная история The Realm of Water has always been Misty's home. but on the day of her coronation to become the Queen in the future her stepfather King River takes over the kingdom and misty has to do something. When her father died it was the proficy to kill King …
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A girl of water: Book one

Не проверенная история This is the story of a woman who was to worried about work and takeing care of family. After finding a abandon library and picks a book that tells if you can do magic and 2 days later discovers that she is the fairy of water.
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Не проверенная история The old city of orderly is at its darckist times and only one girl named object and her brother can save the City. She and her brother have to stop and kill the king Blare before he destroy the planet and do it without getting caught in the act
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Не проверенная история The story Alice and her sister Snow who find themselves on a thrilling adventure through the dark secrets of their past.
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Colors of Maine

Не проверенная история Colors of Maine
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