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Supercow - A Diary

Не проверенная история Supercow helps save the farm and stop Professor Duriati's clones from destroying the Earth. She ventrues through various landscapes to battle mutant enemies such as giant snails and eventually defeat the mad scientist who has taken over the farm! --…
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Princess In Mess : Princess' Play

She is loving, intelligent and the best ruler Cert ever had. But when every guy wants to rule her heart, it becomes a mess.
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Royal Covers

The royal children have to hide their identity at the High School. It becomes difficult when lovers and haters come in the way. You, Annabella, go to school with your brother and sister against your will. Something is going on that Queen Nawal is …
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Life In School

You cannot not relate to this. A normal daily life of every student middle school and high school. Every line is nostalgic. And fun. It will bring back all the laughing moments in school with freinds and teachers. PS: Love The Teachers
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Talented Family

The queen of fashion and the melodic prince are on the go. It took a road accident and talent for Alisha to change Amery's life from what he had thought his life was going to be as lame as he remembered it to be hurtful, to a different life. Alis…
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Against The Last Murder

Who is the villain and who is the savior? Who wants to be saved? What matters is revenge. Check out these siblings. Harken loves sports, his family and his friends, like every teenage boy. Once he is led to his family secrets, he faces the murderer …
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The Defeat

Checked out an empty synopsis. Awe! Think of it, how many people have been through... defeat?
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