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My Joy A poem about my daughter By Sean Elliot 3 2 В процессе
Urges Sometimes, the only solution to kill the urge to kiss someone's mouth is to let the impulse speak louder By Krishna Grandi 14 26 В процессе
DragonFyre A work in progress, feel free to comment! A story I've been meaning to start for awhile now. Hope anyone who reads it w… By Sean Elliot 6 5 Новая глава Every week
Watch over me Living in this new normal is strange. Life is short and gives us so many reasons to chase our dreams. Dreaming big come… By Lies xx 33 5 В процессе
Waving Away A late captain decided to ship his dreams away... By C Clark Carbonera 18 21 В процессе
Insomnia Let me touch the sky, have a sleepover with the stars and a deep conversation with the moon. Because feelings need to b… By Anonymous Writer 96 50 Новая глава Нет