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My dream is to write, and to show the world what I can do. https://None. Artesia, United States.
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Since 1983
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Battle Bridge (D.X) era *DWM*

This tale tells of the strange going-ons at Battle Bridge.
2.2k просмотры 3 2 Новая глава Каждые 30 дней

'RESURGENCE' a novel *(B.D) era *DWM*

Не проверенная история A story of a hero brought back unto the living into a world that cries out for a hero.
7.2k просмотры 18 7 Новая глава Каждые 30 дней

'Dragonslayer' (D.X) era *DWM*

Не проверенная история Short tale of how Rone Blackpool won the right to marry Bradamantay.
1.8k просмотры Story completed

'Blade vs. Blade' *(D.X) era *DWM*

Не проверенная история When the Weaponmaster and the Blademaster battle.
2.6k просмотры 3 Story completed

A hole

Не проверенная история A hole in your own mind could seriously lead to unforeseeable events occurring, that would have one believe one is crazy.
146 просмотры Новая глава Каждые 30 дней

*Dreaming of Indigo Blue

Не проверенная история When I dream...
1.2k просмотры 8 3 Story completed

*Nobody's House of Pain

Welcome to my House of Pain.
3.6k просмотры 24 7 Новая глава Каждые 30 дней

Madness Reigns!! (The demon within... )

Не проверенная история Descent into madness, where only your inner demons lie. This journey scared me.
209 просмотры 2 Новая глава Каждые 30 дней

*Ecstasy with Indigo Blue

Не проверенная история Finding ecstasy...
1.0k просмотры 7 1 Story completed

The Paradox Prophecies of Neveryll *DWM*

Не проверенная история These are the Paradox Prophecies concerning Neveryll and the scion that will save this world from an ever encroaching doom.
917 просмотры 1 Новая глава Каждые 30 дней

Neveryll *DWM*

Не проверенная история This is relevant information concerning the world of Neveryll. This info pertains to the novels and short stories I am writing under *DWM*.
2.0k просмотры 1 Новая глава Каждые 30 дней

*Whisper Kisses

Не проверенная история Yeah
895 просмотры 1 1 Story completed

(3) Into the Basement

The attic and closet are nothing when in the Basement.
2.9k просмотры 2 5 Story completed

*Forever My Everything

Не проверенная история These will be forever.
4.2k просмотры 13 1 Story completed

'The creation of Un-Rest' *(D.A) era *DWM*

Не проверенная история Story of the creation of the unholy relic, Un-Rest. Part of the Dream Wysh Madness.
1.6k просмотры 1 Story completed

(2) In the Closet

Не проверенная история In the Closet, Do not go. In to Hell, Food to go.
1.7k просмотры 1 Story completed

*Love that is... Indigo Blue

Не проверенная история The ups and downs of Love
2.9k просмотры 24 1 Story completed

(1) In the Attic

Something is in the attic. Come up and see, won't you please.
2.8k просмотры 3 4 Story completed

*True Colors of the Past.

Poetry of darkness and wickedness, from a state of being forlorn and full of fear
#9 in Poetry 3.1k просмотры 3 5 Story completed

*Indigo Blue

This is the story of the day Nobody fell in love with Indigo Blue
3.7k просмотры 20 5 Story completed

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