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Multiverse I

The future is made of an infinite amount of possibilities each world containing their own story. While none of the stories aren't perfect it's the life the people live that make them special. For in the it's not the end that matters it's the journe…
40 истории 2.4k просмотры

Multiverse II

This Multiverse is a powerful conversion of choices that infinite people create. They strive to live the lives that will shape them into journeys that they wish to walk.
2 истории 108 просмотры

Phantom:The Black (MI/Plane 6)

Не проверенная история After two years a new threat has arisen in New York and it once again falls on Kirk Lansaw and his team to face them. However in order to do so they will need help from someone of Kirk's past.
569 просмотры Story completed

The Park (MII/Plane 1)

Не проверенная история Within a single day a young woman's life comes crushing down. In order to find peace within herself she must now walk through a local park as she gain the guidance and peace that can help her
540 просмотры Story completed

Creation (MII)

Не проверенная история A new Multiverse is about to be born in order for this one to have a guardian must be born. This new guardian must now travel out into the multiverse and live a life in order to know it's value.
489 просмотры Story completed

Creation (MI)

Не проверенная история A flashback to the dawn of time shows how a godlike being created the first living being. This godlike being charged the first living with the responsibility to watch over the multiverse in order to help those who live in rise to become they're best…
676 просмотры Story completed

Immortality (MI/Plane 28)

Не проверенная история Pain is a powerful a thing that can force a person to become completely cut off from the world. However it could also be used to bring people together as two girls who have suffered from their painful pasts come together to help eachother heal.
1.0k просмотры Story completed

The Phantom Returns (MI/Plane 6)

Не проверенная история Kirk Lansaw has finally return home from across the world. Unfortunately the same force that chased him around the world has followed him. In order to take him down he must rekindle the connection he has with his team and family. Only then will he f…
1.1k просмотры 1 Story completed

The Rise Of A New Enemy (MI/Plane 6)

Не проверенная история With Azazel ruling the underworld many demons has arisen to usurp him. In order to that this demon will need an instrument of destruction . However one has to ask is this the ultimate goal or is it the first step in a bigger plan?
960 просмотры Story completed

Return of The Beast (MI/Plane 6)

Не проверенная история With his strength depleting Ryan Shindown has unfortunately taken a journey into darkness. Through this act of forbidden magic he has betrayed his friends,but with the rise of a new threat he must find his way back to the light.
1.1k просмотры Story completed

Return Of The Waves (MI/Plane 6)

Не проверенная история With the resurrection of an old enemy Siege must truly learn to master the power given to her centuries ago. The life of the one she loves depends on it.
1.1k просмотры Story completed

The Temple (MI/Plane 6)

Не проверенная история Kirk Lansaw continues on with his journey into the mountains where he finds a temple. However in order to receive enlightenment he and many others must complete the trials in order to gain an audience with the great masters of the Temple.
1.2k просмотры Новая глава Нет

Amon-Re (MI/Plane 6)

Не проверенная история Lost in the sands of his own tragedies Ethan now finds himself caught in a war with god. And with the world as the prize can he truly overcome his past in order to become the guardian that this world needs?
1.1k просмотры Story completed

Rise of the Geronki (MI/Plane 6)

Не проверенная история Kirk Lansaw has returned as he traveled across the world with his first stop in Japan. However with his journey beginning he has realized that he's being chased by a mysterious warrior. In order to combat this new threat he must join a clan to help …
1.0k просмотры Story completed

The Puppet Master (MI/Plane 27)

Не проверенная история With her past returning Ember must now find a way to heal from her wounds. In order to heal from her pain she must learn to resist the temptations of the enemy.
1.8k просмотры Story completed

Saphire: Introduction of Monster (MI/Plane 27)

After leaving her team Ember Torch returns to her home plane and becomes part of something that makes her even stronger than she ever thought possible.
3.6k просмотры 1 Story completed

The War of The Storm (MI/Plane 30)

Не проверенная история In the wake of the death of his master Jake struggles to fight the new arising threat that attacks his world. In order to defeat them he must travel within the depths of Final Light in to find new strength.
2.1k просмотры Новая глава Нет

Advocate:The Coming War (MI /Plane 48)

Не проверенная история The Advocate has returned once again protecting his city from the evil of corruption. While under his protection the shadows of his past return filling the void Jason left behind. In order to stop this coming threat he must make an impossible choice…
1.8k просмотры Story completed

The Advocate (MI/Plane 48)

Не проверенная история In the year 3022 Sharline City is under the control of a ruthless police force who wielded highly futuristic weapons. For decades they started a campaign of robbing the people of their freedom. In time the people became too afraid to do anything as …
1.9k просмотры Story completed

S.W.A.T (MI/Plane 25)

Не проверенная история In the multiverse there lives a world where five samurais known as the Kurigana who defended their world from the Gorrens. However, on another world their lives five officers of an elite police defense force who must now come together as their time …
2.1k просмотры Story completed

The Magnificent Turner (MI/Plane 52)

Не проверенная история In this world a man who has lost all that he holds dear walks the world with the scars of his past. In order to find a way to heal his scars he hunts down the man who took everything from. The decision of his fate is completely in his hands the ques…
1.7k просмотры Story completed

Skylord (MI/Plane 97)

Не проверенная история In a world at war a miracle falls from the sky allowing people to come together. However the world still remains divided. Only one man can unite them all. Will the world come together or will it be burned away by the flames of his rival.
2.0k просмотры Story completed

The Sinking Love (MI/Plane 50)

Не проверенная история Seperated by the war of their famlies two lovers find love in this life. In order to keep it they must find a way to live together within this world or die together.
1.8k просмотры Story completed

Sparose (MI/Plane 24)

Не проверенная история The world has become invaded by many vampires with the craving of human flesh. In order to destroy them the Hellwatch Organization has despatched it's greatest weapon a man with the powers of a vampire. In order to face this threat this warrior must…
2.0k просмотры Story completed

The Rebel (MI/Plane 47)

Не проверенная история An evil crime family rules over all it seems as if nothing could possibly stop them. However it only seems that way from the outside, for within the inside a boy who refuses to walk down this path of crime. He makes the decision to stand against his…
2.0k просмотры Story completed

The Final Testement (MI/Plane 95)

Не проверенная история In the aftermath of a powerful war an old man lays on his death writing his final testement. He does this that in the hopes of that if new life arises they can learn from the mistake that he made.
2.1k просмотры Story completed

Smash-Man (MI/Plane 100)

Не проверенная история In this world there are many superheroes all who are ready to protect people and give them hope while giving their lives to protect others. Upon this world lives a hero, one who isn't concerned with saving lives or giving people hope. The only thin…
2.0k просмотры Story completed

Heroes of The Universe (MI/Plane 80)

Magic and Science two great aspects of the universe in order to keep it balanced. Both are so different from each other yet so alike in many ways. However the two meet at one point in the universe a planet known as Zarina. It is on this world that a…
3.5k просмотры 2 1 Story completed

The War Begins (MI/Plane 30)

Не проверенная история Upon Plane 30 Jake continues to serve as this world's symbol of unity. Through his actions he improved the actions of everyone that lived there. However even with his efforts there are still dark forces bringing about an age of war. Jake and his tea…
2.9k просмотры Story completed

The Great Art (MI/Plane 70)

Не проверенная история A young who has always had everything chosen for her must now embrace her dreams and forge her own path
3.6k просмотры Новая глава Нет

Flashrunner: A Fight For All (MI/Plane 30)

Не проверенная история Now on his own in a whole new world Jake must now become the symbol of life in order to save this new world from destroying itself.
4.3k просмотры Story completed

Before The Veil (MI/Plane 71)

Love, it is the most purest of all emotions, for centuries people have contemplated what exactly it was. The story contained in this book is the story of two people who found love for each other. It was not just the love they had it was the challeng…
6.4k просмотры Story completed

The Life That is Many (MI/Plane 60)

What is the meaning of life? This question has been asked for several centuries, we wonder what happens in our lives. We live and we die, but happens after we die where does our soul go? Do we reincarnate and live an entirely different life that is …
5.8k просмотры 2 Story completed

Kurigana (MI/Plane 19)

In very world we know many generations of a great samurai clans has protected our world from the evil Gorrens. On their own each of the clans were powerful, but together their union could create a power far greater than their individual powers. Now…
6.3k просмотры 2 3 Story completed

Squadron (MI/Plane 6)

Не проверенная история In the vastness of space an alien warship approaches earth with the ability to annihilate the entire human race. However, there is only one true hope, the Squadron. A team of special people with abilities far beyond our own. Separately their powerfu…
3.7k просмотры Story completed

Siege (MI/Plane 6)

Не проверенная история A woman must stand up to everything she was taught as a child in order to save the lives of millions.
3.5k просмотры Story completed

Phantom (MI/Plane 6)

Kirk Lansaw has finally returned to his home plain, but has he returned to. In this new world he has returned to he me must face many challenges in order to bring back to the world he left behind. Will he be able to accomplish such a task or will he…
4.9k просмотры 2 1 Story completed

Android (MI/Plane 6)

A boy dies however he is reborn as a robot and must now find a place in the world as what he is. No longer a human now he's something else he's someone else.
5.8k просмотры 20 8 Story completed

The Masked Caper (MI/Plane 6)

Не проверенная история A man of war has to find peace with what he's done in order to move forward into the future will he achieve redemption or will his sins never be forgiven.
3.6k просмотры 11 1 Story completed

Shadowstorm (MI/Plane 6)

Не проверенная история A man who was killed for standing up to a ruthless man. He becomes chosen by an ancient entity for a second chance at life, however it comes at a grave price.
3.6k просмотры 11 1 Story completed

Fallen Angel Darkest Legion (MI/Astral Plane)

Не проверенная история After the fight with the Murder Corp, losing his brother, and sending away his team he now travels the many regions of the Astral Plain. After becoming lost for many years he is given a chance to join something greater than himself.
3.9k просмотры Story completed

Arc Blazers Final Year (MI/Astral Plane)

Не проверенная история The Arc Blazers now must now face their biggest threat. For if they are to succeed it will come at a great price.
4.1k просмотры Story completed

Arc Blazers Year Two (MI/Astral Plane)

After the war Arc Blazers maintain peace throughout the Astral Plane. However, because of the damage caused by the war. Some people believe that the warriors of destiny are not worthy of protecting them. In order to know why the warriors must explor…
5.0k просмотры 4 4 Story completed

Arc Blazers Year One (MI/Astral Plane)

Four kids inherit talismans from their parents. They must band together to end the war. Up against a common threat they work together to over come there many challenges. Together they can create a power greater than any other. For if they fail it wi…
4.9k просмотры 6 4 Story completed

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