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I'm from Nigeria as you can see in the profile, pls don't be racist toward me. I like writing, and I wish to be one of the best to represent my country. Pls don't be scared to review my book, like, and comment, but NO hate comments! Nigeria.
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The fire princess

Thousands of years ago, there was a war between the Elemental gods, namely, Taurus, the god of Earth; Aquarius, the god of Water; Hurricane, the god of Air; Raiden, the god of Thunder and Lightning and Drago, the god of Fire. Drago was the most powe…
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The not-so amazing life of Tyler

Tyler son of a multi-millionaire had just been accepted into the Zodiac High school. His first day went pretty smoothly, but when Kyle son of the principal confesses his love to him, he tries to evade him so as not to fall for any tricks.
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Battle between demons and gods

"Seize her!" A few guards yell as a girl in black clothes squeezes through the crowd in the city market. "Be careful, she's a demon!" As soon as this was heard, the innocent people, who were focused on the goods they were buying, suddenly went wi…
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Quest of a vampire

Zander, an eighteen-year-old has been who has been rigged of his normal teenage life, must find a way to save his village, when werewolves attack his people and kill his family. Through his journey to seek revenge, he meets Drake, a mysterious fello…
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