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Не проверенная история Josephine, a 13 year old Hispanic Female from queens New York lost her bestfriend addlynn age fourteen due to some problems….. Grief is hard for her she feels alone suddenly. She just wants to see her one last time but she’s knows that’s not possibl…
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Не проверенная история A 13 year old attends a party but ends up at an abandoned house. She gets kidnapped and try’s to escape alive. Can she do it… ?
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Не проверенная история You love someone so much, and one day they leave.. You have no one left but then he leaves too. Your true love, your soulmate. But there was something with the last look you shared Eye to Eye.
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Не проверенная история Xiomada. A 13 year old girl finds her self in a dream. She feels quite stuck. What if I told you she would never forget this day. She wouldn’t. Maybe she won’t even be here much longer But then again I’m getting ahead of myself Read to find o…
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The Lovely truth

Не проверенная история This story is about a girl that was murdered we take you back to 3 years ago when it all started. The truth is horrifying and let’s just say revenge is around the corner. But then again I’m getting ahead of myself. Read to find out what the future h…
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One more time

Не проверенная история This story starts with two people who were in the deep words in love. Until a accident happened. and all the lies come back to haunt us all. Read to find out what happens and what this lie/lies could be?
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A Ripped Up Page

Не проверенная история This story is about a regular 16 teen year old struggling with the grief of her mother and it’s even worse her dad is dating and cheating. She try’s to live a normal life but still is traumatized. Her death was so tragic she was sick but toward the …
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Lucid Dreams

Не проверенная история This story is about a girl who gets lucid dreams often. But only if she knew these lucid dreams would become real. Read to find out how she handles this and survives.
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