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Detective Hicks and Detective Wu are the best detectives there is, no one can outrun them, outsmart them, outnumber them! When a case comes along, which leaves them clueless by the door, both detectives strive hard to solve this case, but what they don't know... is the secrets, the surprises, the alluring dare of truth kicking them behinds and leads them towards the answer.

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Detective Edward Hicks

The landscape before him flowed out a few feet as he studies at the deceased couple before him, assassinated in their living area “What I see here is higher than an assassination, they drove a successful-known fundraiser, they were rich communities, someone needed them exhausted,”

“But who would want to murder two lovely people, Detective Hicks? I spoke to them last week,” He examines the quivering woman next to him “Who are you? Are you connected to them?”

Her wobbling head clears up a fresh lead for him “I am the woman’s sister,” He touched his chin “Ah, did they have any competitors? Anyone who might demand their careers,”

He can catch her eyes scanning them but she still looks suspicious “Not that I know of, they helped many people, they didn’t deal in any dangerous activities,”

He bends towards her return every relative looks skeptical, all of them terrified and there were incidents where the relatives performed the acts, but Detective Hicks have been in this industry for many successful years and his reading towards characters, are magnificent.

“Well then, any offspring? Any special acquaintances,” She stumbles, to Detective Hicks hesitation is the initial sign to identifying a resourceful clue “They have one daughter who lives in New York and I don’t know their personal friends,”

He bends towards her once again “Am I in danger Detective Hicks?” He recognizes particularly well the respond to her query but provoking an alarm now would move the killer running.

“No, go home and remain there,”

Detective Kristen Wu

She concentrates on yet another murder related to Detective Hick’s “it relates to them and this killer knows what she is doing…”

Yet another couple, a part of the same Fundraiser murdered in their bedroom “I see a money killer, someone who wants this all to herself, someone who is smart but leaves clues behind”

She bends down and scan the floor covered in bloody foot prints “Size 5-6, a sneaker” She flips her camera forward and snap a picture “Another clue…”

She lifts herself up and walks over to the bathroom, “Signs of struggle…? Bullet holes…? One in bedroom and another in bathroom perhaps…?” She snaps pictures of the bloody bath bullet hole

“Aha” Signs of struggle fits into her theory “Woman was bathing, husband heads struggle in bathroom, woman misses shot, husband rushes towards bathroom door…”

She takes a few steps back into the bedroom, “And misses shots…? Another set of bullet holes, but husband murdered or rather strangled to death by killer…”

She walks towards the man and examines him “Purple marks, a new clue, stab wounds in the stomach…?”

She hugs her hands over her hips

“Killer must have struggled with husband and couldn’t strangle him so she stabbed him on the side of the bed… wife crawled from bathroom to bed and stabbed again… mm”

Detective Edward Hicks

He examines the victims spread over the lounge, “This killer didn’t concern herself over hiding anything…”

Traces of only knives use “What is this?” A detailed note…” Discover the cue and you discover the next sufferer… “Fascinating,”

He explores every crevice for all connected to a trace which the killer printed about, nothing but blood and 2 individuals

“Wait, a second…” A paint shelters underneath the woman’s arm; he lugs it out

“A couple…? Could they connect to the Fundraiser?”

“Wu, I discovered an envisioning of the next casualties, I’ll send you a photograph,”

“I am at another murder scene, a couple also murdered” He studies at the paint repeatedly.

“This woman is killing off the Fundraiser owners,” She clears her throat “So you also think it is a woman?”

“Yes Wu, I’ll meet you at the station,” “Right on Hicks,”

Zēng Ling (Medical examination)

“I examined the bodies, and a knife strangled and wound all 4,” They look at each other and at him again “Interesting,” “How come Hicks?” He fold his hands behind his back

“This woman couldn’t strangle any of the victims and she doesn’t know her way around a gun, so she turns to what she knows best…” “Knives,” He nods at her “And where would we go if we want training is that district…”

Her eyes stretch at him, “Are you saying…”

“Yes Wu, our killer is Chinese with possibly a black belt behind her name and knives training,” “But what could hear relations be towards them? Why steal money from a fundraiser and murder the owners?” He taps his narrow chin “Revenge is a nasty little bug,”

“Boyfriend revenge? Friend revenge, jealousy revenge,” “I would say money jealousy…” Their eyes snap at each other in agreement “Killer seeks help, the killer gets a job, killer steals money, get caught and kill off suspects,”

“Exactly Wu, nothing but a local criminal…” “I wouldn’t say so guys, she is more than a local criminal, see the wounds? The knife she used? A small hand dagger, a local assassin dagger,”

“So you are saying we are dealing with assassins Zēng,” He nods at Kirsten “We follow the daggers, we find the killer,” Edward explains but they both know assassins are difficult to find.

“You might need help on this one,” Zēng states “This is not the first time Zēng,” Edward claims “Yes but it surely won’t be the last one Hicks,” Kirsten adds “We should go to the office,”

Detective Kristen Wu

Kirsten pins the last picture with a string and takes a few steps back

“So we know that we relate the four murders, we know they ran a Fundraiser helping homeless people and so forth, we also know that it involved them in a secret society that involves money…”

Kristen explains, “We know they sent the killer to eliminate targets/suspects and steal the money to repay their dept,” Edward adds, “You know what this means Wu?”

She nods at him “We search for any communication between them and we search places Hicks, we should split up,”

He nods at her planning “You search the communication and I’ll search out more of the Fundraiser colleges Wu,”

Detective Edward Hicks

“Ivy Flynn? Mind if I request you a few questions?” Her wobbling head shows traces of liquor and injury “Yea…”

He continues his beam on her “they executed your parents yesterday,” Her watering pedals focus on him “What…?” “I am Detective Hicks working on this incident, I am here to seek an interview,” She responds at him, he can see Frightened “When was the last day you visited your parents?”

She changes herself uneasily on the lounge “Last week Sir, we talked about building branches for the Fundraiser and exploring our options…” “Fascinating,” She bends at him calmly.

“What happened to them Detective Hicks,” He glances at her while caressing his chin “someone shot them Ivy…”

Her gasping shocks him, no means how many stages this takes place, every heart break shocks him from the start, and that is the reason Detective Hicks don’t bond himself into a household “What…? By who…?” “It’s confidential… did your parents get themselves involved in any private activities?”

She comforts herself forward and clean her distressed face “I don’t really know… I know my father gambled, but as for my mother, she spends most of her time at the fundraiser” “Fascinating and did your father perhaps own anyone check?” Her head jerks up at him.

“Look Detective, I want to help, I really do but as far as their financial business doesn’t concern me, I am also an outsider like you, they shared nothing with me,”

Her eyes grow in remembrance of him “There was this one time I overheard them talking about money going missing from the fundraiser, I know my father had a gambling problem but owning money? Stealing money? That is so unlike him” He acknowledges at her.

“Fascinating, so money went missing and your mother didn’t have a trace, she pokes her nose too hard and they bring themselves murdered but who is this mysterious thief…? Who is this mysterious killer…? Do you recognize anybody else from their fundraiser that might have taken part with your parent?”

She responds at him once again in remembrance.

“He had one friend, Rods Mailer, he scares me endlessly each he visited my father when I was a child,” Another lead opens up in his skull.

“Thank you for your time Ivy, I will be in reach,”

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