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This is the Bird's Isle Royalty section, the last section of the Bird's Isle series.

Chapter 20

King Bobby, Not Your Ordinary King

King Bobby was with Queen Starling, Warbler and Allie.

" Now, you know what this means " said King Bobby.

" That us, the king and queen must fight " said Queen Starling.

" Challenger is strong " said Warbler. " Even my brother Blackburnian lost to him "

" Warbler, I love you " said Allie. " The king will avenge him "

" But, you are talking about the two strongest people in the universe " said King Bobby. " Challenger will be begging for mercy which he has not shown me he deserves "

" After what he tried to do, we are going to fight to eliminate him forever " said Queen Starling.

" I wonder if Colour King has returned " said King Bobby. " We should call back in Colourland "

After that, King Bobby called and he heard a man named Colour Dictator on the other end.

" This is Colour Dictator " said Colour Dictator.

" So, the mighty Colour Dictator has returned, have you seen Colour King ? " asked King Bobby.

" He has returned from his disappearance but he will need a few days " said Colour Dictator.

" Well, he's back so this is great " said King Bobby. " We are going to stop Challenger "

" Challenger is a disgrace to the meaning of Colourland " said Colour Dictator. " Colour King will be the new leader soon, luckily Challenger is not here in Colourland "

" Colour King will be great for Colourland just like me for Bird's Isle " said King Bobby.

" Anyways, I have to go but it was great to see that you do not like Challenger " said Colour Dictator.

Time passed and then everyone went to bed. The king slept with the queen before that.

Morning came and then everyone had their breakfast. They enjoyed eating and then the king put out a statement.

I slept with the queen, which is what Bird's Isle wants right now. They want to be ruled by a king, Bird's Isle needs King Bobby more than ever now. We will still continue to take Warbler's sex life seriously, we are doing this for Blackburnian. Right now we need to eliminate Challenger, he has gotten in the way between Warbler and Allie. We miss Diana a lot as well, we will arrest anyone that influences Warbler to not be with Allie, it is very disrespectful. We encourage people to not hang out with Crayon and his friends, they are not a good example for Bird's Isle. They have mistreated Warbler and we do not need that to happen to other people.

Thank you for your understanding,

King Bobby Blackbird

King Bobby sent it to Royalnews and they aired it all over Bird's Isle.

Time passed, Warbler continued training and being with Allie. QuackQ were talking.

" Crayon and his friends have treated Warbler like he is Numerian " said Jack.

" It is not acceptable " said Bryant. " Numerians are known to not be good friends "

" It is true " said Amanda. "

" No wonder the king is sick of it " said Jack. " King Bobby shows that he cares about Warbler, Numerians do not "

" We must prevent Numerians from being around Warbler " said Bryant.

" We must encourage people to not hang out with Numerians " said Amanda.

Time continued to pass and eventually Crayon and his friends were able to check out of the hospital and they headed back to the hotel.

After that, they went to a bakery.

" Feels great to be a customer again " said Artby. " Bakers need me right now "

" Well you do buy a lot of bread " said Grackle.

" I will keep being a great customer, great customers inspire bakers to keep baking " said Artby.

" Inspire ? " asked Dove.

" By appreciating them, bakers need to be truly appreciated " said Artby. " By having these dreams about them baking, they know they are more appreciated "

" Maybe they will dream about me being a customer " said Artby.

" Well, I'm not so sure about that " said Colouruke. " It would depend on the baker but I would think probably not "

" I don't think a lot of bakers would dream about the customer unless it was sexual " said Crayon.

" Who knows though " said Colourea.

They went inside the bakery where Artby thanked every baker.

Artby then started talking to a baker.

" Have you ever dreamed about a customer ? " asked Artby.

" No " said the baker. " Why ? "

" Just wondering, I have dreamed about bakers baking " said Artby. " These dreams are to keep bakers appreciated "

" Appreciated ? " asked the baker.

" Yes " said Artby.

They got their bread and left. They went back and ate their breakfast. After that Crayon kissed Colourea.

They then headed to train after that.

Crayon then started charging for his Sky Implosion while Grackle and Dove used their Wind Implosions, Artby, Challenger and Colourea used their Light Implosions. Colouruke used his Sea Implosion. The attacks hit with lots of power.

Challenger used his Thunderstorm Implosion which had more power. He then used his Ultimate Thunderstorm Blast and his Ultimate Thunderstorm Bomb.

" Glad to see our attacks be this strong " said Challenger.

" Bakers have helped us " said Artby. " I feel stronger thanks to their baking "

Crayon used his Ultimate Sky Blast while Grackle and Dove used their Ultimate Wind Blasts. Colouruke used his Ultimate Sea Blast.

Challenger was showing off his Tenfold Thunderstorm Strike and it had tons of power.

" Wow " said Colouruke.

" Glad to be able to use this new technique " said Challenger.

Colourea and Artby then used their Ultimate Light Blasts. After that, Crayon used his Times Seven Sky Strike.

Grackle and Dove used their Times Six Wind Strikes while Colourea and Artby used their Times Six Light Strikes.

After all of that, they finished their training for the day.

Meanwhile King Bobby was with Warbler.

" Warbler, Challenger must be stopped " said King Bobby.

" I saw the statement, what do you want me and Allie to do ? " asked Warbler.

" You two will stay here, while the queen and me end Challenger " said King Bobby. " We will decide a time for this fight "

" We want you to watch us end him "

" Do not worry, we have special meals set up for you and Royalnews will air the fight "

" Meals ? " asked Warbler. " What do you have in mind ? "

" We will tell you the meal when we make the decision " said King Bobby.

King Bobby released another statement.

I have challenged Challenger to this ultimate battle. He has threatened to destroy the sex life of Warbler, His friends will fight as well, the queen will be fighting with me. I have continued sleeping with the queen. It is good for Bird's Isle for people to know that, the people respect that type of thing. We will let everyone know when the battle will be, everyone in Bird's Isle will witness it for themselves. We will have meals made for people as well, warriors will get to eat, drink and watch the fight.

Thank you for your understanding,

King Bobby Blackbird

The statement was sent to Royalnews.

Crayon and his friends heard the statements.

" Bird's Isle needs him fucking the queen ? " asked Crayon confused.

" Apparently so " said Colouruke.

" We must be ready for this ultimate battle " said Challenger.

" That is for sure, he seems very sure of himself " said Colourea.

" King Bobby must be stopped " said Grackle. " We just need to stop him and the queen "

" He has no advisors left " said Dove.

" We have gotten so much stronger " said Challenger.

" That is true, hopefully we will be able to use some new techniques " said Crayon.

" We should " said Colourea.

Meanwhile Warbler was with Allie.

" Warbler, you are amazing " said Allie.

" Thanks " said Warbler.

" I will always think this as long as you support Bird's Isle " said Allie. " The king says it is good for Bird's Isle when we are together "

" Uh, thanks " said Warbler.

Allie kissed Warbler.

QuackQ were with King Bobby.

" This battle will happen when we find them, we have this great arena set up " said King Bobby.

" Numerians never have great arenas " said Jack.

" Numerians do not respect the honourable way to fight " said Bryant.

" Honour is not Numerian " said Amanda.

" That is for sure, people from here and Colourland have a lot of honour " said Jack.

" Our warriors have a lot of honour, they will be there to support the king and queen " said King Bobby.

" We have meals planned, a lot "

" Great to see " said Bryant.

" There will be drinks served also " said King Bobby. " When we win, there will be a huge celebration "

" Warbler and Allie will be here as well "

" They are perfect for each other, Challenger never cared about Warbler this way " said Amanda.

" That is true, I have made Warbler have more money than he would ever have with Crayon and his friends "

Meanwhile in Colourland, Colour King had recovered.

" Glad to be back " said Colour King.

" Your reign of Colourlandish glory will happen again " said Colour Dictator. " The rest of us are here to make sure it happens "

" I must contact King Bobby at once " said Colour King. " He must hear this wonderful news "

Colour King contacted King Bobby.

" I have returned " said Colour King.

" Brilliant " said King Bobby. " Colourland needs Colour King "

" You will stop Challenger, I just know it " said Colour King.

" We are the two leaders that both our countries need, the people of Bird's Isle love being ruled by me and the people of Colourland have tons of respect for you " said King Bobby. " Challenger has not treated Warbler in the right way "

" Challenger is a weak leader, he is not a good representation of Colourland " said Colour King. " Under my rule, we invaded places and executed people against us "

" Challenger has not allowed Warbler to fight Numerians which is not his business since he is not from Bird's Isle "

" Colourlandish people want to forget him when they can " said King Bobby. " Royalnews will be showing the fight and it will be broadcast all over Bird's Isle, there will be food and drink at the castle "

" Challenger is in Bird's Isle so I can now take over as the new leader " said Colour King. " Hahahaha "

" Colourland will be back to the way that it used to be " said King Bobby. " Anyways, I have to got to get going "

After that, Crayon and his friends ate their supper which they enjoyed.

" Bakers will save us " said Artby. " As a customer, I will always fight for them "

" As a customer ? " asked Colouruke.

" I will attempt to be the best customer for bakers ever " said Artby. " Bakers deserve great appreciation keeping them to feel welcome "

" Feel welcome ? asked Grackle.

" I keep bakers welcome, bread keeps me welcome as well " said Artby.

" How does bread keep someone welcome ? " asked Crayon.

" The flour makes me more welcoming " said Artby. " Bakers want people to be good people so they add a special flour that makes us better people, Crayon "

" What else does this flour do ? " asked Challenger.

" It makes us braver, sexier, stronger at fights " said Artby. " It depends on the bread "

" Challenger, has bread helped you out ? "

" Well the bread tastes great but I don't see much of a connection " said Challenger.

" We should all dream about bakers baking bread tonight " said Artby.

" Well if you want to dream about that, that's fine but I don't think that we are all going to do that " said Dove.

Crayon was kissing Colourea again and then headed to the bed together.

Meanwhile Artby was talking to Colouruke.

" Colouruke " said Artby.

" Yes, Artby " said Colouruke.

" Colouruke have you noticed how happy Crayon and Colourea are " said Artby.

" Yes, I have " said Colouruke.

" Bread has helped " said Artby. " Bread makes us kiss better "

" What ? " asked Colouruke.

" I will tell the bakers about it tomorrow " said Artby. " They deserve to be thanked for it "

" Well, I'm not sure what the bakers will think but it is up to you " said Colouruke.

Crayon then started to have sex with Colourea, everyone else went to their respective rooms. Everyone went to bed.

King Bobby got up and then him, Queen Starling, Warbler, Allie, Jack, Bryant and Amanda had their breakfast which they enjoyed.

" Warbler, we need to keep training " said Queen Starling. " We need you stronger "

" Understood " said Warbler.

" Warbler amazes me " said Allie.

" We will always care about him " said Queen Starling.

" Caring is not a Numerian trait " said Jack. " That is something we must remember "

" That is for sure, no Numerian would ever treat Warbler properly " said Bryant.

" Warbler is always welcome here " said Amanda.

Warbler went for his daily training. Crayon and his friends got up and they went to the bakery.

Artby thanked every baker and he then thanked them for helping Crayon kiss so good.

" Uh, what " said the baker.

" Bread has made Crayon a better kisser " said Artby.

" I have no words " said Grackle.

" Grackle, I understand " said Artby. " Flour has helped the kissing a lot "

" Uh, thanks " said the baker confused.

They got their bread and left, then they headed back to eat their breakfast and they enjoyed it.

After that, Crayon and his friends started to train.

Challenger now was able to use the Sun Implosion and he showed the attack and it hit with tons of power.

" Woah " said Crayon.

" We will need this against the royalty " said Colourea.

Crayon then used his Sky Implosion while Colourea and Artby used their Light Implosions. Challenger then used his Ultimate Sun Bomb.

" Challenger has gotten a lot better " said Colouruke.

" We will need all the power we can " said Dove.

Dove and Grackle used their Wind Implosions while Colouruke used the Sea Implosion and Challenger used the Ultimate Sun Blast.

After that, Challenger used the Tenfold Sun Strike while Crayon used the Ultimate Sky Blast and Colouruke used the Ultimate Sea Blast.

Colouruke then practiced his Ultimate Sea Blast and his Ultimate Sea Bomb, Crayon then used his Ultimate Sky Bomb and his Times Seven Sky Strike.

After that, Grackle and Dove used their Ultimate Wind Blasts, their Ultimate Wind Bombs and their Times Six Wind Strikes.

" Great training " said Challenger.

" Hopefully I can use that Sun Implosion " said Crayon.

" You will one day, Crayon " said Challenger. " Anyways we have to be ready for the royalty "

King Bobby sent out a statement.

I have given Warbler money, he needs to feel that he is welcome in the castle. Right now, we need Crayon and his friends to be found. We have sent people to look for them, they must go to the battle arena that we have set out. We have set viewing parties all over Bird's Isle for this special event, Challenger will be taken down. The two strongest fighters in Bird's Isle will have no problem doing this, Warbler is always in our thoughts.

Thank you for your understanding,

King Bobby Blackbird

King Bobby sent out the statement to Royalnews and they aired it.

Crayon and his friends learned about the statement.

" We must be on the lookout " said Challenger.

" We will " said Colouruke.

" We will win if we give our all " said Colourea.

" For sure, but it will be very challenging " said Crayon.

" I have faith " said Grackle.

Chapter 21

The Preparations

Warbler was able to use the Bird Flock technique and he reported to King Bobby.

" Great to see, Warbler " said King Bobby.

" Thanks " said Warbler.

" Warbler, we have set up these viewing parties for the fight " said King Bobby. " You are going to be in the castle with Allie and QuackQ "

" Understood " said Warbler.

Anyways I have to meet up with Queen Starling.

King Bobby was with Queen Starling.

" I am glad that you are the queen in Bird's Isle " said King Bobby. " People just don't love being ruled by a king, they love seeing a queen there too "

" That is so true " said Queen Starling.

" Bird's Isle needs us more than ever after what has happened " said King Bobby.

" Warbler knows what we have done " said Queen Starling. " He has more money in his pocket now "

" I have made his sex life better than anyone ever did outside of Blackburnian " said King Bobby. " Bird's Isle will never forget this "

" Bird's Isle wanted him to get laid with Allie, the country loves seeing that "

" For Bird's Isle " they both said.

Meanwhile Crayon and his friends were talking.

" Bakers will help us " said Artby.

" How so ? " asked Crayon.

" We need to show bakeries around Bird's Isle about the type of customer I am " said Artby.

" What type of customer are you to them ? " asked Colourea.

" A great customer, the type of customer that keeps bakers welcome " said Artby. " We must keep all bakers welcome here "

" Why all bakers ? " asked Colouruke.

" Keeping a baker more welcome makes the bread tastier and keeps them appreciated " said Artby.

" Well, we could go to other bakeries " said Challenger.

" They need me as a customer, I will tell them about the dreams about them baking bread " said Artby.

" Hopefully the bakers will not be creeped out " said Dove.

" Bakers will not find me a creep, I trust in bakers " said Artby.

They had their supper which they enjoyed. Crayon then kissed Colourea and they all went to bed.

Morning came and King Bobby then told his warriors to be on the lookout for Crayon and his friends.

They enjoyed their breakfast, King Bobby sent Allie and Warbler to continue their training.

" You have gotten so strong, Warbler " said Allie.

" You too " said Warbler. " Maybe one day I will be able to use the Bird Implosion.

" You will " said Allie. " I feel so special being around you "

" Thanks " said Warbler.

Warbler then used his Sky Implosion which hit with tons of power.

King Bobby sent out another statement.

Our warriors are looking for Crayon and his friends now, they will succeed. Queen Starling is great, people of Bird's Isle love being ruled by a queen not just a king like me. When I sleep with the queen, I always think of how the people of Bird's Isle as well not just the queen. I will be giving Warbler more money, he needs more of it. Challenger never did anything like that for him, he has failed him. Warbler knows how much Bird's Isle loves and cares about him. We will start the fight between us and Crayon's group as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding,

King Bobby Blackbird

King Bobby sent the statement to Royalnews which started to broadcast it.

Crayon and his friends got up.

" Now, let's get ready " said Challenger.

" Sounds good to me, I cannot wait for these different bakers " said Artby. " I cannot wait to see them and make them feel welcome "

They got ready and then headed to a different bakery.

Artby then started to thank every baker and started talking about dreaming them baking bread.

" Uh, thanks " said the baker.

" I will never stop dreaming about a baker baking bread, very inspiring " said Artby. " Customers know to keep bakers more welcome and appreciated "

" Uh, yeah " said Crayon.

" Crayon is very appreciated by the bread he puts in his mouth " said Artby.

" His mouth ? " asked Colourea. " I love Crayon but I have never heard about that "

" Bakers have helped his mouth close better " said Artby.

" My mouth " said Crayon confused.

" Apparently " said Colouruke who was confused as well.

" Crayon has the taste buds for this " said Artby.

" Taste buds ? " asked Grackle. " I am very stunned by all of this "

" Crayon's taste buds ? " asked Colouruke.

" Bakers have helped him enjoy taste more, it has done wonders there " said Artby.

They got their bread and left.

" Colouruke, have you noticed anything with Crayon's taste buds " said Artby.

" No, Artby " said Colouruke.

" Nothing out of the ordinary " said Crayon.

Meanwhile warriors were searching for Crayon and his friends and they eventually saw them after they ate their breakfast and went outside.

" You seven must come to the castle " said a warrior.

" The castle ? " asked Dove.

" What is going on there " said Grackle.

" The king has something planned " said the second warrior.

" Now, you must come with us " said the third warrior.

" We will go " said Challenger. " I am curious what the king has in store "

Crayon and his friends were outside of the castle and then they were greeted by Warbler and Allie.

" So you are the group that Warbler has mentioned " said Allie.

" Yes " said Colouruke.

" The king will be here with the queen soon " said Warbler.

" Warbler, how have things been ? " asked Grackle.

" I have been training a lot " said Warbler.

" He is with me, I love Warbler " said Allie.

" Warbler means a lot to me, the king has given him more money "

" Money ? " asked Challenger. " So he plans to buy his friendship ? "

" No, he just cares about Warbler " said Allie. " Warbler has been able to treat me out great "

" That is true " said a warrior.

" Warbler knows that this castle is great for him " said Allie. " Warbler knows that he will always be welcome "

" There are viewing parties for the coming up event " said Warbler. " The king and queen have set this up "

" So we are just to entertain him ? " asked Artby.

" You will see soon " said Allie.

The king and queen arrived.

" So Challenger, we meet again " said King Bobby.

" We will show you this giant arena " said Queen Starling.

" Warbler and Allie, join QuackQ in the castle " said King Bobby. " There is something special for all of you "

" Yes, King Bobby " they both said.

Warbler and Allie headed into the castle and met with QuackQ.

" There is so much for us to eat and drink " said Warbler.

" Tons of beer and wine " said Jack.

" I am glad that there are no Numerian drugs " said Bryant.

" The king is a great man, he would never do that " said Amanda.

" True " said Jack.

" People of Bird's Isle are going to see Challenger's downfall " said Bryant.

" True " said Allie.

" King Bobby is super strong, Challenger has no chance at all " said Jack.

Crayon and his friends arrived at the arena that King Bobby and Queen Starling were at.

" This place is gigantic " said Colourea.

" It sure is " said King Bobby. " Our advisors are all gone now so you know that Warbler and Allie will be working with us "

" I have wanted to help the sex life of Warbler and we do not need your interference anymore " said Queen Starling.

" But he was with us in Colourland " said Colouruke.

" He was for a bit but he knows us for longer, he does not want to be lonely sexually " said King Bobby. " We took action "

" If he needed someone so much, we could have talked to him about it " said Challenger.

" Allie is perfect for him " said King Bobby. " She does not want him having friends who oppose the war "

" We gave you a chance to fight in the war which you refused and another to leave him alone " said Queen Starling.

" You did not succeed in doing that "

" But Warbler enjoyed talking to us, so why would Allie not want us hanging out with him ? " asked Dove.

" It is not good for his sex life, we take Warbler's sex life very seriously " said King Bobby. " The news has talked about that several times "

" Your personal news does " said Crayon.

" Having our news is great " said Queen Starling. " They report what is good for Bird's Isle "

" Good for Bird's Isle? " asked Colourea. " You think the people care what you or Warbler are doing sexually ? "

" Yes, people in Bird's Isle love knowing how what I am doing with the queen" said King Bobby. The queen is happy "

" He is not wrong " said Queen Starling.

" Since you are not willing to understand then you must fall " said King Bobby.

" We are ready " said Dove.

" We are doing this for Warbler, we will not fail " said Queen Starling.

" Bread will save us, it has helped Crayon's taste buds " said Artby.

" He was able to enjoy his meals that were made for him here so I don't think so " said Queen Starling.

" Warbler, Allie and QuackQ will see your demise " said King Bobby.

" QuackQ ? " asked Challenger.

" They are not happy with your group right now " said King Bobby.

" Warbler once found them racist " said Challenger.

" Warbler has changed, he does not find them racist anymore " said King Bobby. " We have great viewing parties "

" Warbler will be eating great and drinking to your end " said Queen Starling.

" That's my queen " said King Bobby. " We will fight all seven of you at once "

Meanwhile in Colourland, Colour King had taken rule.

" Now it is time for me to take over " said Colour King.

" We will start making some new laws " said Colour Dictator.

" We are going to cut down on music criticizing the king " said Colour King. " Musicians must respect Colourland "

" Bands that have no respect for us are never welcome " said Colour Dictator.

" We will arrest promoters that put them on, we will block all music videos of songs against me " said Colour King.

" We have made it illegal to say " Fuck Colour King " said Colour Dictator.

" We have also blocked all websites critical of me in Colourland for Colourlandish viewing " said Colour King.

New laws in Colourland:

Music criticizing Colour King cannot be played and videos will be blocked. Promoters who are caught allowing it will be arrested. Musicians who refuse will be arrested as well. Musical instruments will be taken away from musicians who fail to obey this law.

Saying Fuck Colour King, Colour King is shit is not allowed in public. Calling Colour King an asshole, prick or a jerk is not either.

Websites that are critical of Colour King only and have no other purposes cannot be viewed in Colourland.

Websites claiming that Colourland is racist cannot be viewed as well in Colourland. Calling Colour King a racist in public is not allowed.

Protests against Colour King or anyone involved with the Colourlandish government are forbidden.

Burning Colourlandish flags or doing anything that is disrespectful to them is not allowed.

Saying " Fuck Colourland " is not allowed and will lead to arrests.

Executions will be open to the public.

Disrespect of any warriors or the armed forces will result in being arrested.

Refusal to support wars that Colourland is involved in is prohibited.

Chapter 22

The Fight Against Royalty, Part One

The fight began, King Bobby then started charging up his Ultimate Bird Bomb while Grackle and Dove used their Ultimate Wind Bombs but the king's attack was way too strong.

Queen Starling then rushed for Colouruke and kicked him. After that, King Bobby then charged his Ultimate Bird Flock and he hit down Dove directly with the attack.

King Bobby then grabbed Dove, Queen Starling kept firing blasts to prevent the others from being able to get through. They were able to jump and dodge most of them but then King Bobby blasted Dove with his Ultimate Bird Blast creating severe blast.

" Dove " they screamed.

" You can go on as much as you like " said King Bobby. " Dove has went to close to Warbler, I just care about Warbler too much "

" What proof do you have ? " asked Colouruke.

" Colouruke, Blackburnian confirmed it " said Queen Starling.

" I have shown that I care about Warbler, ending Dove proves just that " said King Bobby. " I would trust the brother of Warbler over Colouruke anyday "

" Let's continue the fight " said Crayon.

Crayon then fired up his Light Implosion while Colouruke used his Sea Implosion and they aimed for King Bobby. Queen Starling used the Ultimate Bird Bomb while King Bobby used the Tenfold Bird Strike.

The attacks hit and they all took damage. Dove then was punched by King Bobby. King Bobby and Queen Starling surrounded Dove again. Queen Starling kicked her in the air while King Bobby then punched her down to the ground.

Dove was starting to slightly struggle but she was able to get up and then used the Wind Implosion while Grackle used his own which combined into the Sky Implosion and the attack hit King Bobby.

King Bobby then used his Ultimate Bird Blast directly against Grackle. Then King Bobby then punched Artby.

Artby got up and he started to charge for his Light Implosion and he aimed for Queen Starling but King Bobby used the Bird Implosion.

" Now face the Bird Implosion, one of the most dangerous techniques in history " said King Bobby.

The attack hit Artby directly head on but Artby's attack damaged the king.

" I have done so much as a customer " said Artby.

" Bakers cannot have me die, they will have the bread bought less "

" Bakeries need me a lot, I will keep fighting on "

Artby then got up and he then started to use the Ultimate Light Blast while Colourea used her own. King Bobby and Queen Starling launched their Ultimate Bird Bombs which combined to create an insane attack called the Ultimate Bird's Isle Bomb.

The bomb went off and everyone was damaged a lot but the king and queen took a lot of damage.

Dove was seriously struggling.

" I am not going to give up " said Dove. " I will give it my all "

Dove charged for the Wind Implosion while Crayon used his Sky Implosion, the attacks combined into a stronger Sky Implosion and it went for King Bobby but Queen Starling then used the Bird Implosion which had slightly more power. Dove looked to be defeated, King Bobby took damage.

" One down " said Queen Starling.

" Bird's Isle loves being ruled by a queen, women think very highly of Queen Starling " said King Bobby.

" They do not think highly of you Challenger "

" Oh, really ? " asked Challenger.

" They do not, they are not impressed with what you have failed to do " said King Bobby. " They prefer to be ruled by a great queen instead "

" But how does that help women in Bird's Isle ? " asked Colourea.

" They love the queen " said King Bobby.

" They love me " said Queen Starling. " They love being ruled by a queen not a guy like Challenger "

" Well, we should continue fighting " said Colouruke.

Grackle then went for Queen Starling but the king tripped him into Artby's hand and Artby caught him but the queen then kicked them.

Queen Starling then charged for the Bird Implosion while King Bobby used the Ultimate Bird Flock. The attack then hit with tons of power and hit directly on Grackle.

Grackle was starting to slightly struggle.

" I have a lot more " said Grackle. " I wonder how Warbler feels "

" He knows who cares about him " said Queen Starling. " Allie loves him so much "

" This must be hard for Warbler " said Grackle.

" It isn't " said King Bobby. " He knows a woman like Allie loves him, takes care of him and craves him "

" Even then, I wonder how he thinks about us fighting to almost death " said Grackle.

" Allie is getting him through it all " said King Bobby. " He doesn't need you as a friend "

" Don't be so sure about that " said Challenger.

" I am right, Grackle is wrong " said King Bobby. " I have the best interests for Warbler, Grackle is not able to understand "

" Able to understand ? " asked Colouruke.

" He is not " said Queen Starling. " We will resume "

Grackle then charged up his Wind Implosion while Colourea used the Light Implosion. The attacks combined together and they aimed for Queen Starling who used her Bird Implosion to counter the attack.

King Bobby grabbed Grackle.

" Take this " he yelled. He threw him down to the ground.

" Grackle, I will have to end it all " said King Bobby.

" Grackle, Warbler is better off like this " said Queen Starling.

" For Bird's Isle " yelled King Bobby.

King Bobby then charged the Bird Implosion while Queen Starling then used the Ultimate Bird Blast. Challenger used the Thunderstorm Implosion while Colouruke used the Ultimate Sea Blast. The attacks collided, but the attacks from the royalty were stronger.

Colouruke then got up but he was slightly struggling while Grackle was barely able to move.

Colouruke then used his Sea Implosion while Artby used the Ultimate Light Bomb. King Bobby used his Bird Implosion to counter. The attacks collided with each other.

Colouruke was seriously struggling while Artby was slightly struggling.

" Bakers know that I am doing a lot for them " said Artby.

" Hahahaha " said King Bobby. " They are making good money off you "

" I want to show bakers about the type of customer I am, Warbler knows it " said Artby.

" You think he cares about your purchases ? " asked Queen Starling.

" Yes " said Artby.

" He cares about having more money, being with Allie and getting stronger " said King Bobby. " I will keep giving him money, he needs more money or he will not be as happy as we want him "

" While that is a nice thing to do for him, he can make more purchases at the bakeries " said Artby.

" With the money he has, he would be buying jewellery for Allie not going to bakeries " said King Bobby.

" Warbler will go to them, bakers want it " said Artby.

" Warbler is not you, Artby " said Queen Starling. " You sound like the attacks have hit you very hard "

" They have not, bakeries want me to live " said Artby.

" It matters not what they want " said King Bobby. " We are the strongest two in Bird's Isle and you are not strong enough to win "

" Crayon's tongue has gotten better thanks to bakers, his tongue will help " said Artby.

" His tongue ? " asked Queen Starling. " Well, we are going to continue this battle regardless of his tongue "

" What the fuck " said Crayon.

" You have got a great tongue, thanks to bakers " said Artby.

" I don't seem to understand " said Colouruke.

" Colouruke, the flour has made his tongue such a great tongue " said Artby. " His tongue's great "

" I am so lost " said Crayon.

" Same here " said Colourea.

The fight continued, Artby then used his Light Implosion on King Bobby while Queen Starling then used her Ultimate Bird Blast and hit down Grackle which defeated him.

Artby and Colouruke then both kicked King Bobby but King Bobby got up and he used his Bird Implosion and he directly hit both of them.

Colouruke was seriously struggling while Artby was struggling.

" I will not give up, I will use my last bit of energy " said Colouruke.

" We can never give up on bakers " said Artby. " Bakers cannot be quit on "

Artby then used his Ultimate Light Bomb while Colouruke used his Sea Implosion. The attacks then hit down Queen Starling but King Bobby used his Tenfold Bird Strike and hit them down which defeated Colouruke while Artby was getting near the end.

" You are all going to fall " said King Bobby. " This is the destiny for Warbler "

" Warbler's destiny is to have more money and for you all to not see him again "

" He is destined to have money ? " asked Colourea.

" Warbler sure is, Allie loves him that way " said Queen Starling.

" The queen understands why Warbler needs more in his pocket " said King Bobby. " Warbler's destiny has been decided "

" Well if you are so sure about it, then let us see " said Challenger.

" Challenger, he needs money not people who do not support the interests of Bird's Isle " said King Bobby.

King Bobby then rushed for Artby with his Ultimate Bird Bomb while Artby then used his Light Implosion. The attacks collided and Artby was defeated which left them with three.

Challenger then used the Sun Implosion and directly hit Queen Starling. King Bobby got up and punched Colourea. Colourea then got up and she kicked Queen Starling.

Queen Starling got up and then used her Bird Implosion while Challenger used the Thunderstorm Implosion while Crayon used his Sky Implosion. The attacks collided with insane power and everyone took damage.

Crayon then got up and he then used the Light Implosion while Challenger used the Sun Implosion. A blast with insane light energy then knocked both of them down but they got up.

" I have to admit that was not terrible " said King Bobby. " In a war, that would be great for Bird's Isle "

" Great for Bird's Isle or great for the king ? " asked Challenger.

" Great for Bird's Isle of course, I am starting to know why Colour King is needed " said King Bobby.

" He understood the power of war " said Queen Starling.

" War can do a lot of bad if a bad war is started " said Challenger. " War with Numeria is not a good war for anyone "

" War's not racist " said King Bobby. " Is this what this is about ? "

" No " said Crayon. " Let's continue fighting "

Colourea then used her Light Implosion while King Bobby then rushed Colourea with his Ultimate Bird Bomb. The attacks collided, King Bobby then got up and he punched Colourea.

" Colourea " said Crayon.

" You will not make it through this " said King Bobby.

King Bobby then rushed for Colourea while Crayon rushed to defend with his Ultimate Sky Blast which knocked him down but Queen Starling punched him.

Queen Starling then kicked Colourea to the ground and she was struggling but got up and she then used the Light Implosion while King Bobby then used the Bird Implosion which did massive damage.

" I will not give up fighting " said Colourea.

" You really should " said King Bobby. " It is better for Warbler that way "

" It isn't " said Challenger.

Meanwhile Warbler, Allie and QuackQ were eating.

" This food is great " said Allie.

" King Bobby and Queen Starling are too strong for those traitors " said Jack.

" They have not shown to be the heroes they were at the beginning " said Bryant.

" They will go down " said Amanda.

" I wonder how much longer this will go on " said Warbler.

" Warbler, the royalty of Bird's Isle will win soon " said Allie. " They care about you just like me "

Colourea got up and she then used her Light Implosion while Queen Starling then used her Ultimate Bird Blast.

" Say goodnight, Colourea " said Queen Starling.

" Hahahaha " said King Bobby. " This is just what Warbler will enjoy seeing "

" He doesn't, this is tough for him " said Crayon.

" Crayon, you are wrong and I am right " said King Bobby. " Warbler is closer to his destiny with less bad friends around him "

The attacks collided, Crayon rushed to help but King Bobby tripped him.

" I won't let you be the hero " said King Bobby. " Less bad friends for Warbler, his destiny is coming closer to fruition "

Colourea was defeated.

Chapter 23

The Fight Against Royalty, Part Two

Meanwhile Colour King was adding a few new laws.

Now, we will ban sex between prisoners and prison staff, we will be extending the sentence of any who fail, we need to punish prisoners" said Colour King. " Any prison guard who is having sex with the prisoners is not someone that is willing to punish "

" We will put guards in solitary "

" How long, Colour King ? " asked Colour Dictator.

" 7 years " said Colour King. " Any prisoner that has a sentence with over 25 years will be executed "

" Good, we do not need that in Colourland " said Colour Dictator.

Meanwhile King Bobby started to talk.

" Now, you know what will happen " said King Bobby.

" Warbler will love it " said Queen Starling.

" Will he ? " asked Challenger.

" He will, his destiny is to have bad friends like you disappear " said King Bobby. " I've given him money unlike you "

" So, it is just about money " said Crayon.

" Money makes him happier, that's what we need for him " said King Bobby.

" His life in the castle has been better " said Queen Starling.

" It has been great, unlike the life that Challenger gave to him " said King Bobby.

" Well, Warbler still wants to be friends with us" said Crayon.

" His destiny is to have more money and you be gone forever " said Queen Starling.

" Warbler's got more money which is what is good for Bird's Isle " said King Bobby. " Anyways, we should continue the battle "

King Bobby then used his Bird Implosion while Challenger used his Thunderstorm Implosion, the attacks hit and they both took damage. Queen Starling then rushed for Crayon with the Ultimate Bird Blast and hit him down.

Queen Starling and King Bobby used their Ultimate Bird Flocks while Crayon used the Sky Implosion and Challenger used the Sun Implosion. The implosions were stronger, but they all took damage.

Crayon got up but was punched by King Bobby.

" Hahahaha " said King Bobby. " Now, your end will be soon "

King Bobby then rushed Crayon with his Bird Implosion while Queen Starling kicked him.

Crayon was slightly struggling. King Bobby then used his Ultimate Bird Bomb while Challenger used the Ultimate Thunderstorm Blast. The attacks collided with each other.

Queen Starling used the Bird Implosion directly on Crayon while he used the Sky Implosion. Challenger then started to use his Thunderstorm Implosion on Queen Starling while King Bobby punched Crayon.

Crayon was getting near the end.

" Crayon, Warbler will not miss you " said King Bobby. " It is not over " said Crayon.

" It is " said Queen Starling.

Crayon then used his last bit of energy to use his Sky Implosion while Challenger used his Thunderstorm Implosion. The attacks created the Disaster Implosion, King Bobby used the Bird Implosion while Queen Starling used the Ultimate Bird Bomb. The attacks collided and a giant explosion happened which made everyone take major damage.

Crayon was defeated, Queen Starling was slightly struggling.

" Challenger, you are the last one left now " said King Bobby. " Your end is near "

" The king is great " said Queen Starling.

" The queen is great " said King Bobby. " I know how much that Queen Starling has done for the women of Bird's Isle being ruled by a queen "

" Challenger never seemed to understand " said Queen Starling.

" Understand ? " asked Challenger.

" He did not respect the queen's wishes and when you do that you have insulted women in Bird's Isle " said King Bobby. " That is not something that is good for the country "

" You think all women support the queen ? " asked Challenger.

" Yes " said King Bobby. " I know they all do and they are not happy with you Challenger "

" Women love the queen "

" Well, I really don't think all of them do, but let's continue fighting " said Challenger.

Challenger then used his Ultimate Thunderstorm Bomb while King Bobby used his Ultimate Bird Bomb to counter. Challenger got up and then he kicked Queen Starling.

Queen Starling got up and she used the Ultimate Bird Blast while Challenger used the Ultimate Thunderstorm Blast. The attacks collided with each other and they both took damage. Queen Starling was seriously struggling.

" How could this be " said King Bobby.

" It is " said Challenger.

" Well, you are stronger than Crayon I will give you that " said King Bobby. " But it is not enough "

King Bobby then rushed for Challenger, they both punched each other down to the ground.

Queen Starling charged her Bird Implosion and she hit Challenger but Challenger then used the Thunderstorm Implosion and hit her directly.

Queen Starling was almost near the end, Challenger was slightly struggling. Challenger then started to use the Sun Implosion and he hit both of them directly which defeated Queen Starling.

" The queen is gone " said King Bobby stunned.

" Bird's Isle must have a queen, women in Bird's Isle will never forget "

" I don't believe that the queen is the answer for all their problems " said Challenger.

" The queen is, they need the queen " said King Bobby. " They must have a queen always, without a queen they will be very hurt "

" Hurt ? " asked Challenger.

Meanwhile Warbler, Allie and QuackQ were stunned.

" The queen lost ? " asked Jack.

" King Bobby is stronger " said Allie.

" Challenger is better than Crayon and his friends but the king is too strong " said Bryant.

" King Bobby will win, he must win " said Amanda. " With him gone, it will be Numerians in charge "

" Numerians ? " asked Warbler.

" Yes " said Jack. " You have Allie with you and we do not want you having sex with Numerians "

" The king would never accept that " said Bryant. " Even Crayon refrains from sex with them "

" Crayon is with Colourea " said Warbler.

" We do not think they have been good friends but they are not sleeping with Numerians " said Amanda. " That is the only thing that is good about them "

They enjoyed some food and drink.

Colour King and Colour Dictator were talking again.

" Now we will create another new law " said Colour King. " I will forbid Numerians from having sex with prisoners "

" Numerians who do not obey this law will be arrested and put in jail for 10 years "

" What about Colourlandish people ? " asked Colour Dictator.

" It will be illegal as well, we will give them five years " said Colour King.

" We will also forbid prisoners from having sex with each other and their sentences will be extended one year, the year will be in solitary "

" All murderers will be executed "

" These laws are great " said Colour Dictator.

" Yes " said Colour King. " We will exexute all Numerians who rape any Colourlandish person "

" Numerians who sexually assault Colourlandish people will face 20 years "

" Good to me " said Colour Dictator.

The fight continued. King Bobby then used his Ultimate Bird Flock while Challenger used the Ultimate Thunderstorm Bomb. The attacks collided with each other and they both took damage.

" Well even if the queen is gone, if I can end you forever I will be fine " said King Bobby.

" Despite all the news about you sleeping with the queen and how women need a queen ? " asked Challenger.

" Right now in Colourland, something is happening " said King Bobby.

" What is that ? " asked Challenger.

" Well you will see for yourself if you are alive at the end but that probably won't happen " said King Bobby. " Anyways we shall continue "

King Bobby then grabbed Challenger while Challenger grabbed him at the same time. There was a struggle and King Bobby then shoved him.

King Bobby then started charging for the Bird Implosion, Challenger started to use the Sun Implosion and both of them took severe damage.

King Bobby was struggling while Challenger was looking very weak.

" Challenger, you have been my strongest opponent ever but it is not enough " said King Bobby. " You will now face the end of seeing your friends "

" They are knocked out right now but I will kill them or arrest them forever "

" I thought you wanted them away from Warbler forever " said Challenger.

" Now, I will finish you " said King Bobby.

King Bobby then used his Bird Implosion while Challenger used his Thunderstorm Implosion and the attacks collided with each other and both of them appeared to be knocked out but King Bobby got up.

" Hahahahaha " said King Bobby. " Now it will be the end of Challenger "

" I saved Warbler, I fucking saved him "

" He now will love his life more than ever "

King Bobby then grabbed Artby, and then threw him down. He then went for Challenger.

" This is a moment that I have been waiting for " said King Bobby. " Allie will be thrilled, more time with Warbler for her "

Challenger then got up and he kicked King Bobby down. Challenger and King Bobby were aiming for each other with punches and eventually Challenger landed one and knocked down King Bobby.

" Nooooooo " said King Bobby. " Warbler has not been saved "

After a while, King Bobby did not get up and was defeated.

Challenger then got the six of them out of the area.

Meanwhile QuackQ were infuriated.

" How could King Bobby lose? " asked Jack.

" He was a great king, Colour King must return " said Bryant.

" He will " said Amanda. " He will not allow Challenger to rule anymore ".

" Colour King will bring order and put those Numerians in their place " said Jack.

Warbler was shocked and so was Allie.

" What is going to happen now " said Allie.

" I am not sure " said Warbler.

" This means that the war cannot happen " said Allie.

" It seems that way " said Warbler.

Allie and Warbler then kissed and they headed out of the castle where they saw Challenger.

" Challenger " said Warbler.

" The fight is over " said Challenger.

" I am not sure what to do now " said Allie. " The king wanted you gone "

" He did but now he is defeated " said Warbler. " So that means the possibility of the war is not likely "

" Well, I am going to get Crayon and his friends to the hospital " said Challenger.

They then all headed to the hospital.

Final Chapter

Back To Colourland

Meanwhile the current QuackQ members contacted Joshua.

" Joshua, we are coming back to Colourland " said Jack. " King Bobby is defeated now "

" I loved him but there is one good thing " said Joshua.

" What is that ? " asked Bryant.

" Colour King has returned " said Joshua. " He passed a law that said he cannot be called a racist "

" Brilliant law " said Amanda.

" He will execute all Numerian rapists " said Joshua.

" Well, that is good " said Jack. " Challenger never executed anyone hardly "

" Challenger was disappointing " said Joshua. " He never was able to live up to Colour King "

" Colour King is the greatest " said Bryant. " Colourlandish people must be thrilled "

" They are " said Joshua.

" We are going back as soon as possible " said Amanda.

" I wonder what other laws he will create ? " asked Jack. " I know he is not finished yet "

" He isn't, see you soon " said Joshua.

Colour King officially took over Colourland as the new leader with his group.

" Now, officially I am the new leader " said Colour King.

" Colourland deserves this " said Colour Queen.

" Challenger was terrible " said Colour Dictator.

" I cannot stand him " said Colourclever. " He had no respect for our country "

" He hated Colourland "

" I am glad to be back " said Colour Administrator.

" Colourland needed order and now we have it " said Colour Dictator.

Colour King banned all drugs and he then said that any Numerian using meth would be executed.

He also said that Colourlandish who use it would get 20 years. Other dangerous drugs he said would be 15 years for non Numerians and 20 for Numerians.

Colour King said that any Numerian who sexually assaults would get 25 years. Colour King said that he would give others 18 years. Colour King then said he would ban Numerians from heckling at comedy events and they would get two years.

They were happy to see the laws.

Crayon and his friends were at the hospital resting and recovering, time was passing.

QuackQ arrived in Colourland and they did their first broadcast.

" I am so happy with these laws " said Jack.

" Colour King is showing how Colourlandish he is " said Bryant. " It is great to have a leader that will give longer sentences to Numerians "

" Numerians tend to commit more crimes, so punishing them harsher is fair " said Amanda.

" It is very Colourlandish " said Jack. " This is what Colourland has needed for a while "

" Now Numerians can't just end up calling the king racist which is great " said Bryant.

" Colourlandish flags are safe now, Colour King respects the flags more than Challenger " said Amanda.

" Challenger let being afraid of being seen as racist by Numerians consume him " said Jack. " Colour King is too Colourlandish for anything like that "

" I wonder what next he will do " said Bryant.

" We will have to wait and see " said Amanda.

Crayon and his friends woke up.

" Glad to be back " said Colouruke.

" I sure am " said Artby. " The fact that King Bobby is defeated shows that Challenger is out of this world "

" The bakers saved us as well "

" Bakers wouldn't allow me to be dead due to the type of customer I am "

" Type of customer ? " asked Colourea.

" My purchases are purchases that the bakers want so I cannot die " said Artby.

" The bakers do love Artby, but bakers preventing him from dying ? " asked Grackle.

" It is hard to say " said Dove.

" I am happy that we are all okay " said Challenger. " We should return to Colourland since that the king is gone "

" We will stay to keep an eye on things " said Dove and Grackle.

" We will miss you " they all said.

" We will keep in contact " said Challenger.

" For sure " said Colourea.

They headed out the door where they saw Warbler and Allie.

" Now, what I am going to do ? " asked Allie.

" It is hard to say " said Warbler. " I was in Colourland before but Grackle and Dove are here so it is a tough decision "

" With the king gone, if you go I will also go " said Allie.

" Warbler, we understand if you want to stay but we would love it if you came back to Colourland " said Challenger.

" I will return to Colourland " said Warbler.

" I will come too, since that the king is gone " said Allie. " It will be awkward at first but hopefully all will be good "

" It should be good " said Colouruke.

" We will enjoy it " said Colourea.

They then left the hospital, Artby headed to a bakery to say his goodbyes and get bread.

" We will be heading back to Colourland, we will miss your baking " said Artby. " I will continue to thank bakers, love bakers and to always keep bakers welcome "

They got their bread and left.

They went back to the hotel and ate before they checked out and left with their belongings.

They then got their tickets and they headed to the airport.

Grackle and Dove said their goodbyes while Allie apologized for what happened with the king and they accepted them and they understood.

Grackle and Dove headed back to their old place.

" I enjoyed Bird's Isle but I am ready to head back " said Colouruke.

" Same here " said Crayon.

" I will be heading back to my own place there " said Challenger.

" We will continue training " said Colourea.

" I will continue being the customer I am and eating tons of bread " said Artby. " The bakers miss me a lot and my mouth misses their baking "

" I am looking forward to what awaits us " said Warbler.

" Me too " said Allie.

The seven of them eventually arrived in Colourland.

They then saw a man who then described himself as Electro.

" Hello " said Electro.

" Hello, Electro " said Challenger.

" I just want you to know something " said Electro.

" What is happening? " asked Crayon.

" Well there is this new leader " said Electro.

" Colour King is back " said Colouruke stunned.

" His new laws are about to come into place " said Electro. " You will hear about it soon "

" New laws ? " asked Colourea. " I wonder what he has in store for the country "

" Well he says that he will make a public appearance " said Electro. " I have to get going "

" Colour King's back " said Crayon. " That is really terrible "

" We have to be careful " said Colouruke. " He isn't particularly fond of Challenger "

" He probably doesn't like us that much more " said Warbler. " He probably doesn't know me that well "

Colour King then made his first appearance to the Colourlandish public.

" I am now the new leader of Colourland " said Colour King. " Under my leadership, the problems that happened with Challenger will not happen again "

" I executed more people than he did, I invaded more places than he did "

" Now, Colourlandish people will see a leader that loves Colourland which is what the country needs "

" QuackQ is the most Colourlandish news network in this country, I encourage people to watch QuackQ "

" We are Colourlandish not Numerian, we must always remember that "

Colour King's message was broadcast all over the country.

Challenger headed to his place and he waved goodbye.

" I think I am going to find a place with Allie " said Warbler.

" Before you were with us, you had a place didn't you ? " asked Colouruke.

" I did " said Warbler.

" Well, that sounds like a good idea " said Colourea.

" It sure does " said Artby. " We will keep in contact "

Warbler was able to get a place for him and Allie to be at.

Crayon and his friends were talking.

" Well that Colour King really is something else " said Crayon.

" We are going to have to be very careful " said Colourea.

" Maybe the bakers will know something about him " said Artby. " Bakers can be very wise "

" Wise ? " asked Colouruke.

" Bakers are very wise people, Colouruke " said Artby. " They have helped Crayon with his taste buds "

" To be fair I think that Crayon could taste well regardless of bakers " said Colourea.

Night passed and they went to bed. Crayon enjoyed having sex with Colourea.

This is the end of the Bird's Isle series, the next series is the Colour King series.

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