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Starting a new school is hard, trust me, I know... So, I'm starting a new school today, and I'm SO nervous, because mother as said that it will be "a school you'll never forget". That alone scares me! So welcome to my life!

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'It's time to start a new school' Melissa thought to herself, as she takes a deep breath in, slowly getting ready for school, she gets dressed. She wanted to look like she had at least she put some effort into her outfit, so in a hope to try to look normal, she opened her cupboard and looked, and when she looks it's no 'man look' like she normally does, she makes sure she does the best that she can, and that's when she found something. This was surely going to make her look decent, and not like her normal self. She was what you would call a lazy teen, but she likes to see it as is being emo. Even if she never wears the make-up that a emo would wear. She pulls out a pair of jeans, and a tight t-shirt that would hide the bit of a stomach that she was trying to lose. Putting her clothes on, she looks for some shoes, but she sicked with her normal runners of a brand that not many people knew yet. Now finally having an outfit put together she looks in the mirror to see if this was good enough for her first day of school.

Was she happy with the outfit?

To continue, make a decision among the following options:

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Galo Vargas Galo Vargas
Hi! Do not forget to publish the other chapters linked to the decisions. Otherwise, the decision will lead to an empty white page.


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