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This is an alternate ending for the very known movie, E.T.

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E.T is Back



Darkness and quietness around campus main buildings and dorms

Show Elliot walking through the campus

Sound of an ovni´s door opening

Some seconds later

Zoom in at Elliot´s face with tears in his eyes

Transition from Elliot to the ovni standing on his right side

Zoom in to ovni´s door opening, and ladder coming out

Zoom out while E.T walks slowly some steps down the ladder

Start melancholy sound by Tim Young

Zoom out shot to show the ovni´s light sucking Elliot inside of it

Stop sound


They are both standing inside of the ovni, there´s good lightning and no one else inside.

Zoom in to E.T with arms opened walking towards Elliot

Start the song ¨Waiting on a friend ¨ by The Rolling Stones

Transition from E.T to Elliot standing with tears in front of him

Zoom out shot of E.T and Elliot hugging

Remain on the same shot of E.T and Elliot hugging for some seconds

Music volume turns down


I knew this hadn´t been just a dream!

Remain on the same shot of E.T and Elliott hugging for some seconds

Music fades out completely

Zoom in to Elliott´s confused face while he looks at E.T

Transition from Elliott to E.T´s face ( he looks sick)

With a huge effort E.T tries to get some words out of his mouth (talks slowly and with pauses between the letters of each word.)


E.T not well little time left.

Short pause

Zoom out shot of Elliot looking at E.T, while his eyes start to get watery

Camera turns to E.T´s side

E.T keeps on making his best effort to get some words out of his mouth and to explain Elliott that his mother has been captured and needs his help.

E.T holds his finger up and points to the sky


My mom they have her need help.

Camera turns to Elliot´s side, Zoom out shot

Elliot starts crying while he looks at E.T with pitty


I´m not a little boy anymore! What happened ten years ago is part of my childhood, I need to grow up now and let go of my immaturity.

Zoom out shot of Elliott and E.T looking at each other

Camera stays still for a few seconds on that same shot

E.T lowers his head and looks at the floor

Zoom out shot of Elliott


Even if I were to say yes, I can´t, I don´t feel capable of helping you.

Zoom out shot of Elliott and E.T standing in front of each other

E.T walks a few steps towards Elliott ,gives him a hug, and whispers to

his ear while he holds his finger up.



Start sad sound effect ¨ Sad song¨ by ItzJustMarwinz


Elliott closes his eyes while he holds E.T tight against him, and as soon as he opens his eyes, he´s back on campus again ( right were the ovni was standing.) He starts walking all alone towards his dorm with tears running down his cheeks.

Stop sound


Zoom in to Elliott walking inside his room and tucking himself in to bed. He closes his eyes and starts having a lucid dream of E.T´s mother talking to him while they both stand inside a white empty room.

E.T´s Mother

Elliott please get in to this house and save us, I will give you super powers to do it, just say yes! We need you. E.T needs you.


Zoom out shot of Elliotts room

The sun comes out and light flashes through Elliot´s window and directly in to his face waking him up.

Elliot starts picturing E.T on his mind until he ( E.T) appears in front of him.

Zoom in to Elliott´s hand grabbing E.T´s hand.

Zoom out shot of Elliott and E.T holding hands one in front of the other.


E.T I´m so sorry that I refused to help you knowing how much you need this. And I want you to know that after so many years you are still my best friend. And I am here for you, I´m here for anything you need.

Elliott lets go of E.T´s hand and E.T smiles while slowly letting out a word.



Start sound effect of a thunder

Zoom out shot of E.T getting them both inside of the ovni through a flashing light against the room´s floor.


Stop sound effect

As they get in to the ovni, Elliott realizes that he now has super natural strength and can make himself invisible. He starts getting signals in his mind guiding him to where E.T´s mom is captured. They fly to outer space.


Zoom out shot of ovni moving through outer space.


I can sense her, we´re close to her! There (points through a window) , she´s in that planet!

They arrive to the planet and get out of the ovni. As they get out they see a small wooden house in the middle of nothing, and through the windows they see some scientists wearing white gowns and opening different living creatures.


Look E.T! Look what they´re doing! I think they have been studying all of your people for a long time now! Your mom must be in there, I´ll turn myself invisible and go find out, wait for me here, don´t move!

Start thriller sound effect

Elliott turns himself invisible, infiltrates inside the small house, and starts turning every scientist in to a plant just by looking in to their eyes.

Stop sound

Zoom out shot of the inside of the house showing all the plants on the floor, and seven cages with creatures ( all looking similar to E.T) inside.

Start the song ¨ You can do magic¨ by America

Zoom in to E.T running towards the house, getting inside, letting his mother out of the cage and giving her a big hug.

Transition from E.T to Elliott opening all the other cages and letting every creature free. All the creatures start hugging each other while jumping up and down of the excitement for long seconds.

Transition from Elliott to E.T and his mother still hugging , E.T´s mother leans her head closer to E.T´s ear and whispers some words to him really slowly.

Song´s volume turns down and then slowly fades away

E.T´s Mother

Hold on my boy, please don´t go away.

Zoom out to Elliott walking towards E.T and his mother with sweat running down his forehead and joining their hug.

Audio of all the creatures making sounds on the other side

Zoom in to E.T raising his red finger up in the sky.

Screen turns black for a few seconds


Zoom out to E.T, his mother and Elliott standing inside the ovni

E.T´s mother places her finger on the ovni´s wheel and they land on E.T´s and his mothers home (another planet.)

As soon as they land on the planet and walk out of the ovni, many others similar to E.T and his mother start walking towards them.

Transition to E.T and Elliott standing next to each other. E.T turns his face towards Elliott.



Zoom out to all the creatures walking towards E.T´s mother, E.T and Elliott repeating after him several times.


Brother, Brother , Brother…

Zoom in tp the creatures approaching Elliott and giving him a hug.

Zoom out to Elliott looking at E.T on his right side while the creatures keep hugging him.

Elliott gets out of the hug and approaches E.T on his right side, E.T holds his red finger up and then places it over Elliott´s heart.


I will always be there.

Zoom out shot of E.T disappearing like ashes flying through the wind

Audio of wind moving

Zoom in to Elliott looking at the floor with a sad face.

Elliott notices how his finger starts turning red and starts to cry while holding E.T´s mother tight in his arms.

Stop audio

Zoom out to Elliot and E.T´s mother ending their hug, and all the creatures staring at them.

Zoom in to Elliott getting ready to go back home by closing his eyes.

Audio of a spaceship landing

Zoom out to a spaceship arriving in front of them and two scientists they´ve never seen before wearing big austronaut suits get out.

Stop audio

Zoom out to the scientists grabbing all of the creatures with cages including Elliott.

Zoom in to the scientists talking to each other

Scientist 1

What is that? He looks like a human.

Zoom in to Elliott with his eyes closed (imagining E.T on his mind.) Until his finger starts turning red leaving all the scientists paralyzed. Elliott opens all the cages pointing with his finger.

Zoom out to Elliott holding his red finger up.

Screen turns balck

Elliott opens his eyes and he´s back in his room.

Zoom in to Elliott looking out the window.

Zoom out to Elliott looking out the window seeing how all the people on campus start smiling and laughing with each other.

Zoom in to Elliot looking at his finger and out the window again with a smile.



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