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Creature love

Creature you in breach on me

This being rocks all living things

She swings on vines and clings on trees;

amazing beast that wildly sings

On me she puts a witch's spell;

a dart frog poison liquid gel

My lyric-bathing cinematic,

one-bra wearing flung in havoc--

Oh, and she dances I might add,

this folly, live hamadryad

Her breath is strong but never reeks;

her voice is loud but never peaks

Though bold in chin and nose and cheeks

the creature's skin is fine and sleek

Oh, dancer queen that rubs off bright

A brilliant lunar satellite

with actions that I gyrate with,

and commands that I am at width

to consider, if to me it tells

because I'm under witches' spells

And lizard tongues with dragon wings

and blueish pools of youthful wells

sparkle, glitter shines on its shell

and above its hundred eyes

It makes a clear disguise because all clarity she brings

With a natural sense like vast backdrops

or cauliflower lollipops

She burns like fifty suns, the creature

An animal of circus fun

Her radiation fries my outside,

her hide is woven lead sulfide

And eyes too deep for rocket ships

to endlessly fleet the universes,

Too bright for super nebulae

Such dark and muddy fantasy!

A globe of points tied down in one

An ache I feel when she has gone

like parasitic symbiont;

an avant-garde cartoon savant

with animated movie smiles of exaggerated style

The scorching that I feel before surreal peace sets me clean;

my feet turn all the shades of blue and my face goes all green

Since the beast lent her neck and back to saddle me

Since the dawn of days until nighttime its fix holds on to saddle me

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