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17 years ago, there was a planet far from the solar system, Nidra, on that planet there were warriors who possessed the vital element of fire, the King of the planet, Flame, and his wife, Queen Frost, had given birth to a son, the son's name was Tadashi, he was going to be the next king after his father, times went by after he knew that Tadashi had a powerful element of fire inside ... the destroyer of worlds, Cranos, wanted that element, for that He had to invade the planet Nidra. The king had to put his son safe, sending him to the nearest planet, known as Earth. He had to put his son on a ship along with an intelligent dragon that would help him know everything about the Earth, since then nothing was known about the planet or the whereabouts of Tadashi, until, years passed, Tadashi is now a 16 year old boy, high school student. Cranos will be attentive, Tadashi will do his best to stop him. even if I have to go through difficult matters. but he will not do it alone, he will be accompanied by five boys with the same power as Tadashi, only that they have different elements each, together they will exceed the limits and achieve victory even if it is the last thing they do.

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Nidra, The Fallen Planet

This story goes back a long time ago, practically not so much, about 17 years ago. There was a planet called Nidra, a planet separated from the solar system. One where corruption does not affect the government of the planet, which is disposed of a unique leader, known as King Nidra who is the governor of the planet, is also Queen Nidra that would consist of the same, but this title is composed For a woman. The inhabitants of Nidra are peaceful people, they have the shape of a human being, in the image and likeness. They are known as Nidrius known as the creatures that inhabit the planet, they do not have a unique appearance so they consist of that of a human being.

The Nidrius inhabit small reconstructed caves as if they were an Earth house. They live as if they were human. Cultivate, express themselves, etc.
They currently had a kid that would be named king called "Flame" who was the most respected on the entire planet.
He was always the right person to lead the Nidra government. As a child I always dreamed of being the ruler. He obtained the throne to his youth, days after taking the throne of King, Flame toured a forest in search of strange fruits, suddenly came to a field of flowers, met a woman with straight blue hair like the sky that came up to your waist.

"Excuse me, are you lost?"
The woman looked at Flame's address and smiled.
"No, I'm just admiring the roses ..."
Flame stared at her for a long time.
- Why don't you come see them too? -
- O-Oh, sure ...! -
Flame hesitated a little, when he admired the beauty of the flowers he smiled along with his winged woman, he decided to go find one to give it to the woman.
- Ten, it's for you! -
Flame smiled happily when he handed it to her, the woman happily accepted the flower.
- Thank you very much, it's very kind of you! -
Both sat in front of an old abandoned shack.
"Hey, tell me, what's your name?"
Flame on hearing so he felt a little excited to tell her.
- My name is Flame !, what is yours? -
"My name is Frost, nice to meet you, Flame-kun!"
Flame smiled happily because he would never forget his first friend's name outside of Nidra's throne in life.
Each day, both met in the same field of flowers to talk about their lives or what they wanted to do in the future.
"I-I was thinking about it a little ..."
- Mhm? -

- And I think it's the right time to tell you, Frost-chan! -
Frost wanted to listen carefully to what Flame wanted to confess. Flame was willing to hear all kinds of answers coming from her best friend, she thought it too much that she had turned red and very nervous.
- Me, you, me, me, you me ...! -
- Flame-kun? You are getting red! Let me check your temperature—
Frost got up and tried to perceive if Flame had a type of fever. Flame got more nervous even if Frost got a few millimeters too close to him.
- Hey, at least try listening to what I want to tell you, Frost-chan! -
Flame said nervously.
- Oh my, I'm sorry Flame-kun! Hehe ... -
Frost let out a happy laugh and decided to listen to what Flame wanted to say.
- I like you!-
Frost flushed at what she just heard, she was speechless, but the least she could do was smile very happily in front of Flame.
They had become very close to each other, had committed days after Flame's confession, and Frost would be given the charge of Queen Nidra when they got married. Days after the marriage, they had a son who was going to be the future governor of Nidra, (note: one of Flame's most trusted companions had also had two children with his fiance years before Flame and Frost met, they were going to be destined protective gods like his mother.)
They named his son "Tadashi" which meant "Justice" on the planet Nidra, Frost had informed Flame that he could not stay so long on the planet because she needed to raise new children in an ice habitat, but since Nidra was barely winter They decided to send her to a nearby planet called “Earth” where she had diverse habitats, including ice, where she could raise her children comfortably and return to Nidra years later. But that never happened.
One of the sons of Flame's partner, "Cranos" invaded the planet, killed many inhabitants and wanted to obtain the power of the Tadashi who, according to him, witnessed an unimaginable power within him, which was the missing element so that Cranos could be the most powerful and govern the planet Earth, which was the most famous and with less protection.
Flame opposed Cranos's plans and decided to confront him, obviously, he did not want to put his son at risk, so he decided to send him to Earth with a warning letter for Frost that said not to go back to Nidra, because she would be in danger, she was also given a little dragon with enough knowledge to help her in her growth called "Drago."
- Why do you do this Cranos ...? -
"That is none of your business, Flame ..."
Flame decided to prepare the first blow and go to raze against Cranos, Cranos defended him and tried to hit him that even Flame could not stand.
- M-Damn, you dare to attack your home planet, you could be a protective god like your brother! -
- I prefer a million times to be a space mercenary that annihilates everything in its path than being next to that miserable SunMast! -
- M-Miserable! -
Flame decided to raze Cranos again, even if it was the last thing he would do. Cranos next to his fingers and use [Shadow Piercing] to pierce Flame's chest.
Flame spat a huge amount of blood, he did not wait for that attack from Cranos, Flame knelt and tried to cover his wound with his hand, inhaled and exhaled very nervous all the time.
- I'll kill you, Cranos ...! -
—It's pathetic, you will soon be dead along with your people… -
- Enough, Cranos! -
"SunMast" appeared, Cranos' twin brother, who was the opposite of him, Cranos wanted chaos, SunMast wanted peace, Cranos joined the shadows, SunMast grew up in the light.

-I was waiting for you, SunMast, today will be the day when I finally defeat you and kill you ...-
- I will not tolerate this behavior of yours, Cranos, if so, I will have to kill you! -
- You were always an annoying person, that's why I always hated you! -
- You'll pay for what you've done to Nidra! -
Both began to battle for a long time, but the longer the battle lasted, the more Nidra was destroyed, they were a god and a fallen god facing a planet about to die out.
Cranos had the advantage of leaving SunMast unconscious and took advantage and escaped to find Tadashi on Earth, SunMast upon awakening, was covered by his [light barrier]. When he deactivated it, he despaired when he saw Nidra shattered, there was not a single living being left on it, SunMast toured the planet and found the fallen king, Flame, about to die, he only had a few minutes to live.
- Flame-sama, neglect, it will be fine! -
"No, SunMast, I can't go on with this anymore, you must protect my son, on Earth, find Frost, tell him he's not safe here, she's in the coldest habitat on Earth, please, All this depends on you ... -
- Flame-sama, Flame-sama !!! -
SunMast swore to take revenge on his twin brother, decided to find Queen Frost first, traveling to Earth to give her the statement, that her home planet, and her family, were gone. But not everything had died in Nidra, the fortress where many are guarded in times of war, The Holy Orarc Church, and many of its bishops, priests had died, those who survived had been hidden in a trapdoor during the chaos of Cranos.
The little den they were in was covering itself with mold and cockroaches.
—Listen Furuta, we can't stay here, we must move—
"Easy, Erebos, we'll go out, but first ..."
One of the priest's most reliable brothers rose in front of the other brothers.
—Listen, my dear brothers and my priest, our home, is probably no longer with us, much less King Flame, that filthy king, who was our enemy, has fallen, but do not worry, our faith in Orarc-sama It will always be unbreakable, so my brothers, let's get up and move on, we will form a religious kingdom, one where sin against Orarc will not exist, and therefore, we will need our first altar boy, King Flame's son, Tadashi-san ... -
Furuta when he finished saying it let out a small laugh of emotion, the other brothers supported him and decided that he would lead them to victory.
- Amazing, Furuta-san! -
- I didn't expect more from the priest's favorite brother! -
- Long live Furuta-san! -
The priest had smiled proudly at Furuta, all the brothers decided to look for Tadashi on Earth, but looking for him was never an easy task for them.

—I finally got rid of that planet… -
Cranos said exhausted after returning from Nidra.
-He did a wonderful task, my lord, now, what is our goal ...?-
Said one of his servants.
-We'll find Flame's son, and I'll kill him ...-
-We will do our best to find it, sir ...-
-So be it-

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