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A thousand times our path cross... But a thousand times our Fate playing on us. Cassandra Young is a 17 years old Island girl with full of mysterious memories she cannot remember the important part of them. Losing everything, she wonders where to begin... Then a Master shows up and claimed everything she has, moreover, she was pampered like a Princess. Who is he? Could he help her unveil all the secret hidden in her life?

Драма 18+.

#comedy #drama #romance #action #mafia #hotel #brotherhood #island #adult
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The Hiryuu Island

Do you believe in Destiny? Do you believe in love? Do you believe in Fate?

How if, your fate is playing on you? How could you change your destiny and win against it?

Would you battle till the end? Or waited another life until you find her and finally, your path cross and be with her forevermore...

* * *

Cassie's POV

Bell clanging loudly and even been heard across that vastness forest on the foot of this inactive volcano on this small island name, Hiryuu.

The bell is reminding for the morning class has ended and the lunch break now began. The students excitedly coming out from their classroom to go home for lunch to those who live nearby and the rest stays at the school campus to have their lunch anywhere like on the benches nearby the cliff or in the garden viewing the beautiful volcano.

Cassie gathers her belongings and put them inside her bag. She has to go home right away, her aunt Lydia probably now waiting for her to make their lunch, besides she wants to wash her school uniform for tomorrow.

She quickly rides her bike and began pedaling then took the shortest road towards her home.

However, when she arrived at the Villa, she got to wonder why there are three black cars outside of their house?

Did something happen? She asked herself.

Not only that, but there are also three men in a black suit standing in front of their gate, in a line facing the road.

Every neighbor passing by were intimidated by these gentlemen, their eyes glued on them with open mouth. Amusing thing is, they also wear those Black Sunglasses like in Men in Black movies.

What's going on here? Is there a funeral? She asked herself again. Cassie stopped pedaling and wondering of whether to ask them to move away as they blocked the gate or ask them who they are...

"Welcome back, miss!" they greeted that surprised her. Then the least, they knew her living in that house.

"Oh, yes. Thank you," Still in dazed, she answered.

One of the 'men in black' open the gate. Still, in shocked, she entered the driveway and park her bike. Another man in a black suit standing in every corner of their house.

"What's going on here?" she murmurs.

She is very curious now if who is this very important person is visiting them? Isn't the president of this country? Why he'll interest to come on this island?


"Empire Dragon Hotel"

Shun's POV

"Mr. Crow, here are the documents you were requesting," Rudolf handed the black folder to his boss.

"Okay, thank you," Shun did not waste time and read the documents right away.

"So it was true," he expressed.

"Yes, boss. For a couple of years, the madam manages to sell the properties. She had a few people doing it so, to make it legalized," Rudolf explained. "What you gonna do now, boss?"

"Does the weather is fine?" asked Shun.

"Yes, boss."

"Good. Rudolf, prepare the yacht," he ordered.

"Don't tell me you will travel to the island personally?" Rudolf asked surprisingly.

"We-- will go personally," Shun corrected.

"Understood," Rudolf bowed then leaves the office immediately.

That island is the best location to build a new hotel he planned about, and before he will buy something, he wanted to know its full story first hand. After the thorough investigation, he found out that the nearby properties were for sale which is the real owner is a minor who's now an orphan.

A stepmother and a stepsister cannot call a family when secretly, they are stealing what's for that innocent girl.

Moreover, the whole island got his interest ever since. He wants to name the new hotel as 'Dragon Empire Solaris'. It was perfect for what he imagined already.

"Keir, prepare the agreement we needed to sign on."

"Yes, boss," Kier replied who standing beside his office table, he then left the office instantly without any word from his mouth.

Anyways, both Rudolf and Kier are his most trusted assistants. Shun had five personal assistants who take care of all his affairs; including Daichi, Blaire, and Meisha.

Blaire who the only woman among them all is married to Meisha and she is his long lost younger half-sister he able to locates and saved years ago.

After signing more documents, Shun pick up his phone and make a call, "Blaire, did Meisha arrive already?" he asked his sister.

"He was on his way back to the office but an accident happened in 4th Avenue, he can't get through to find a shortcut," Blaire answered.

"Okay, tell him to go to The Peninsula instead. I will meet him there."

The Peninsula is a sister Hotel that more offers a party hall like weddings, debut or any kinds of celebration as it has a covered Glass Garden Castle for a romantic ambiance venue, especially during night events.

"Copy," Blaire ended the call and dialed her husband's number to relay her brother's message.

Shun gets up from his chair and reach out of his coat. He walked towards his secret elevator while dialing his phone, "Daichi, am on my way to the parking lot."

He hung up the call after the other line answered.

After a couple of hours arranging his appointments, Shun now began sailing to the Hiryuu Island, he is with Daichi and Rudolf. Daichi stands as his personal driver and bodyguard even he has more men just scattered around, ready for the call if he needed them.

"Ah, it's been very long time… there's nothing best feeling than being home..." Shun murmurs between sighs. He was staring now at the silhouettes of the island.

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Cris Torrez Cris Torrez
interesante quiero saber como sigue
Cris Torrez Cris Torrez
interesante quiero saber como sigue
Cris Torrez Cris Torrez
interesante quiero saber como sigue
Cris Torrez Cris Torrez
interesante quiero saber como sigue
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