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The only place we can ever meet

Diana would call that stalking for certain. But he disagreed, since stalking usually involved walking and Superman could fly. He was floating by Bruce’s room window at that very second, while the billionaire dressed up to sleep.

“It’s still stalking. And he’ll think the same,” her voice ringed in his ears. Well, so be it. Bruce was to blame for being so angry at him. Not that Clark considered himself innocent in that situation; however, anyone—yes, Diana, anyone—would agree that such a response was uncalled for. Leaving the Justice League, honestly… As if Bruce didn’t love flirting with death all the time.

This thought made Clark sadder than he expected. Bruce would always choose work before him, the chance of dying over being with him. While he didn’t believe it was personal, it felt like it. The idea of them wasn’t enough to save Bruce from himself and he happened to be one of those people uncapable of doing so on their own, which led Clark to moments such as this. He contemplated his happiness from a distance, too scared to approach it.

He sighed, resigned.

“Good night, Bruce…”

Once he flew away, Bruce looked at the window.

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