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My husband Dave Seville been contaminated by unknown radioactive waste spill spreading in beach water and effective to reduce him getting smaller and smaller

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Dave's nightmare of being Smaller and smaller

Sunny arrival at the beach... Dionne Seville: "I put our beach towel and set up the umbrella on the sand," Dave. She talked to him. Dave Seville: "I have to go with my fellas," Dionne. He said.

Meanwhile in the beach water... Alvin Seville: "I toss a beach ball to you," Dave. He played with his adopt human CGI animated harried dad Dave Seville. "Oh. I get this," Alvin. Simon Seville: "Beware of radioactive waste spill on the sign," Alvin. His eldest brainy brother Simon noticed and reading on the warning sign. "Dave! Stay away from this and don't near that!?" his adopt red clad ten years old CGI animated troublemaker son chipmunk warned him. "What's wrong," Alvin? "Look at sign say beware of radioactive waste spill," Dave. He pointed out it. "Oh. I better get out of this," Alvin. His adopt human CGI animated harried dad Dave Seville swam out from radioactive waste spill been spreading in beach water. "Here's a towel," Dave. His adopt blue clad ten years old CGI animated brainy son chipmunk Simon Seville gave it over him. "I take and wipe all of goo off from my body and face," Simon. He picked it from him. Simon Seville: "I think our adopt mom Dionne calling us now," Dave. "Okay. Let's go now," Fellas. His adopt human CGI animated harried dad Dave Seville sighed.

Next morning outside of the front red door at 702 Liberty Lane of Seville house... Dave Seville: "Yawning! I pick a newspaper up now. Oh?" Jimmy: "Good morning the kid!" he rode his bicycle with route newspapers bag. Dave Seville: "He calls me the kid? I better go back in. Slam door!" He puzzled him. During in his master bedroom... Dave Seville: "Oh well? My shirt and pant is quite biggest than I am. I check on the weight scale now. That's odd!? I lose 34lbs. Dionne!" Meanwhile in the kitchen... Dionne Seville: "Here's your cereal," boys. "Sure," mom. They nodded her. Dionne Seville: "Sighs. Huh? I'm coming," Dave. His beloved wife heard and went to the upstairs now. Whatever funny happen in his master bedroom... Dave Seville: "Take a look at my shirt and pant," Dionne. He said. Dionne Seville: "Maybe you will use a suspender belt on your pant," Dave. His beloved wife noticed on this. Dave Seville: "I lose 34lbs," Dionne. Dionne Seville: "You will go to see the doctor," Dave? Dave Seville: "Okay. What's about our sons," Dionne? He asked her. Dionne Seville: "Don't worry. I will take them to the school. Kisses! I have go back to the downstairs and make some lunch for our sons," Dave. She kissed him.

Arrival at medical center... "Interesting. Your height chart is 5'0 feet," Mr. Seville. The doctor measures him. Dave Seville: "I thought I was 6'0 feet," the doctor. He seems confusing to the doctor. "Sometimes elders getting smaller and smaller," Mr. Seville. Dave Seville: "Wait minute... You think I am getting smaller and smaller," the doctor? My husand Dave Seville gets from the height chart measure. "Of course! I'm afraid so. Here's your next appointment card. Have a nice day," Mr. Seville. He repeatedly to him. Dave Seville: "Sigh. I take it," the doctor. My husband Dave Seville picked it from him. To be continued...

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