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Alicia (Camila Cabello) is finishing high school, which for her would be a relief for not being able to endure Bullying anymore in her class, and the popular boy in her class, Matthew (Shawn Mendes), 18, was the American football, the most coveted of the season and his former friend and love. But when she thinks she was about to get rid of him, there would be the winter ball at school, to her surprise the boy calls her to the ball, claiming that he wanted to redeem himself by the end of the year for the things he had done. Was Matthew really redeeming himself with Alicia and really falling in love with her by knowing more about the girl he teased? Or was it just another of her little games playing with her feelings and psychological? He has 37 Days to prove to her that he is no longer the same idiot she met.

Романтика Молодой взрослый романс Всех возростов.

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My name is Alicia Quenn I am now 22 years old and after a long time I decided to share my story with Matthew Summers as we met as everything had changed from one moment to the next, surprising even myself.

Soon I was not noticed by anyone being alone, isolated and in mine, also did not make a point of being noticed. After all, I had no confidence and confidence in myself. Given the circumstances in which I grew up and lived.

We will begin the story before the 37 Days. After all, I'll have to present each one that will appear in this story, because whether I wanted it or not, it was all necessary and kind of taken up here. "After I finished reading everything I had written in my diary five years ago, I can see how much of it is beaten up and with a bit of dust.

After all that happened and I lived there was no reason why I should continue writing and venting like a little girl, after all I now had children and a career to dedicate to me. I can not say I had all this, but I was very happy with my current life. Much more than I've ever been before.

I felt the warm wind that emptied my long black hair swing and thrash against my face, that warm breeze was accompanied by the sun that filled that beautiful sky in its light blue and clean tone, clear of the clouds. I was sitting on a small rug in the garden of my house, watching my two children play in the garden.

Yes, I became the mother of a couple. They were a couple of twins called Lilly and Jack, they are the most precious thing to me, seeing them made me feel the most important person in the world, my love for them overflowed and I knew that everything I lived and spent was necessary for the birth and existence of them. I had to go through everything I will tell you.

"Mother, why are you full of tears?" - Jack says after exiting the slide and coming running towards me if lying on my lap, he puts his hands on my face and lifting it and looking into my eyes with a sweet and fluffy expression on his face.

"Just a few memories, dear. I say giving a smile as I pass in my mind the happiest moments I've ever had. Embracing him as he passed with his hands in his black hair and with a sweet sweet smell.

"Are they tears of sadness, Mom?" Lilly now looking at me leaning with her little face to the right and looking confused and charitable, I pull her bringing her into my meeting as she was hugging her brother.

-No my love. They are tears of happiness my princess, not all the tears are necessarily of sorrows. Sometimes they come because we are very happy. "I say that after they drop them from my embrace.

They then sit next to me. That day we were making a nica picnic, I open the basket of straw, taking delicious natural chicken sandwiches, serving them, they grab the snack with will.

After all, five year olds have an energy and hunger that surprises me even today.

"I thought Mom was sad. - Hannah says looking at me while she asked me to open her lunch.

"No honey, you know when you're very happy and this much happiness does not fit inside you anymore, it comes out like tears my love. And this happiness my whole angel is because I am very, very happy to have you with me. - I say smiling warmly explaining briefly to them that leaving a tear slip sneaking out of my eyes.

"Mom does not have to be moved by people. We love you too, I just do not cry because I'm your gentleman and prince, and I have to take care of both of you as the pope told me. - Jack says closing his fist right and speaking with a beautiful pose of little prince.

I give a small laugh, running a hand over his hair and messing them up, he backs back complaining so I do not disturb his hairdo, my little one was very vain and a true gentleman.

-Mama, what's this old notebook? Lilly points to the notebook as she picks up her juice box.

Ah! This my love is a diary, one day you will have yours, it is for you to write everything you feel, everything that happens and happens in your day. One day mama will give you one and you, someday I will share with you everything I wrote here, but now is not the time because you are very young, my angel. - I say taking the same and hugging him while down my face breathing deep, feeling so many memories and feelings in each letter, line and paragraph I wrote on those pages that were now yellow.

"I hope to be so beautiful, cool, and a super mom like you one day." My little girl says with a warm smile on her face, her cheeks rosy and her hair tossed aside.

"Have I told you that I am your prince, and the royal gentleman is not a mother?" Jack says not wanting to be left behind.

"Yes, my son, I love you children. My princess and my prince, we must take care of the castle until the pope returns, right? A kingdom must be impeccable and protected until the return of the king. "I say it in their imagination, after all I did not know when Matthew would leave the hospital, he was there for three long, endless years of coma.

I was losing my strength and hopes, but I would fight and use them to the end and never give up on him, just as he did not give up on me in those 37 Days. After all, we do not accomplish half of our dreams and goals. I believe he is struggling to get out of it, just as I and our little ones will be there, waiting for the day when he opens his eyes and returns to our castle and enchanted kingdom.

I say to the boys that the pope is unconscious, he is our beautiful sleeper rs. But that helps a lot of them asking why my kiss does not wake him up. I said that the spell on their father was very strong, but the kiss of the breast was working slowly and when we least expect it he will be waking us by surprise one morning.

I cried every night to God asking him not to take Matthew not after everything we've been through together and I believe that everything in the end will work out.


Hello guys.

Yes, I launched the 37 Day prologue for not being able to contain myself and want to show you my first bet on a novel. I really hope you like it, post the idea that I have in mind is so good, do not stop to comment what they think, give me tips and I do not care about criticism, as long as they are constructive.

I will not define date for posting the chapters, after I am finishing another work, but I hope to start posting soon weekly. What do you think I should continue or shelve 37 Days?

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