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They say Angels protect people, but what's the cost of this protection? And what are they really protecting you from?

Фэнтези эпический 13+.

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The Beginning of the Journey

N “Turtle Port is located on a moving island named Akupera. Angels, demons and all sort of being come and go in huge ships, vehicles or beasts that plow the skies in search for adventures or priceless treasures. The merchants of the place are well known for their kindness with every customer that comes into their shop. Potions, drugs, weapons, spells, armors and more can be found here. Anyone would think that having beings from different factions in the same spot would cause trouble, but this was not the case.”

**** “(Sweeping the floor of a very old store with no more merchandise than some books and ornaments that were on shelves) Not a single cliente in weeks… (sigh) if this continues like this we will have to close.”

N “A girl bringing a big heavy box comes from the back of the store.”

???? “Let’s hope this can save the store, Marcus.”

Marcus “(Turns his head to see the girl and smiles) María, you came back! (Looks at the box with curiosity) What did you bring?”

Maria “It’s not that much. I got some Relics but i had to exchange them for food and material to renovate the store.”

Marcus “Did you fight?”

Maria “I had some encounters…”

Marcus “God! I would like to see you fight someday!”

Maria “(Smiles seeing the guy’s enthusiasm) When your powers be awaken, you’ll be able to come with me on excurtions. After all, that fortune-teller that came some days ago said that you’ll become an angel. (Puts the box on the counter)”

Marcus “It’s not fair! You just became 16 and your powers awoke. I’m already 16 and i haven’t had a single strange dream. Nothing!”

Maria “Don’t lose heart, i heard that there was an angel that awoke when he was 56. So you will eventually.”

Marcus “I don’t want to be an old angel. I want to go with you on missions and fight to your side, sis.”

Maria “(Looks with tender to his brother) Sometimes i wish it did’t happen…”

Marcus “Uh?”

María “I’ve fought enough to know that it is very dangerous. When i’m on the battlefied, the only thing that keeps me calm and focused, is to know that here you will never get hurt.”

Marcus “(Hearing that bothers him a bit) And what about me? When you leave on a mission i don’t know if you’ll come back safe. We only have each other in this world. I don’t know what i would do if i lose you forever. I want to be there to help you.”

María “That won’t happen because i’m really strong (Gingers up) We have to put everything in the shelves..”

Marcus “Yep! (Gets closer to the box and takes out a pair of golden theater binoculars) Wow! Where did you get these?”

María “They were in an abandoned palace. What are they? You’re the expert on the subject.”

Marcus “They are called Soul Revealers. They show you if someone comes to you with good or bad intentions. (Puts the glasses on and see a white aura around his sister, then he sighs in relief) at least i know that you don’t want to kill me in my sleep.”

María “Or maybe they’re broken…”

N “Both siblings stare each other for a moment and then laugh at the same time.”

María “The Boss has taught you a lot.”

Marcus “It’s more what i have read in his books (Stays quiet for a moment) I’d like to speak to him the way you do.”

María “It’s a tired mind and doesn’t speak that much. (Turns his head to the back of the store) I think he needs something. Wait here. (Walks to the back of the store)”

Marcus “-_-# I wish i could listen to what they say. Keeps looking inside the box.”

María “Marcus, could you come for a moment?

N “After Marcus came into the back of the store, he arrived to a bigger room; a hall decorated with swords and armors, which had another three doors.”

Marcus “(Enters to the right door and gets into a quiet simple bedroom. Here, Maria and a very old man wearing a black pirate hat, sat on rocking chair, awaited for him) You need my help?”

Maria “He says that this came before you woke up.”

N “The old man takes his hat off and grab a gun from it.”

Marcus “(Looks the gun and opens wide his eyes) It’s that...”

Maria “(Looks his brother’s expression) You’re right… thanks!”

Marcus “(Impatient) What? What is he saying?”

Maria “I think you can ask him now...”

Marcus “(Anxious, takes the gun in his hands and a flash blinds him)”

Marcus “[[I can feel it. It’s just as my sister said. Everything was always there… i’m an angel…]”

Old Man “[[You finally are…]”

Marcus “(Looks at the man on the rocking chair and smiles) …..”

Old Man “[[After so many years without being able to talk each other, it’s that all what you're going to say to this old man?]”

Marcus “(Leaves the gun on a table and hugs the man) [[I always dreamed about this moment. Thank you, thank you, thank you!]”

Old Man “[[You didn’t need to hear me to say that]”

Marcus “[[I wanted to make sure that you were listening to me] (Stops hugging the man and turns his look, totally excited, to his sister.)”

Maria “I wonder what kind of title shall you be known?”

Marcus “(The excitement in his voice was still going) I’m a Shooter Angel /”The Last Shot/” or /”God’s Shot/” don’t sound that bad.”

Maria “(Giggles) Not to say pretentious…”

Marcus “It’s easy to say that when you’re a Legendary Angel with a cool title such as the Host’s Annihilator.”

Maria “(Blushes) How did you know my title?”

Marcus “(Hits softly his head with the gun) Remember, now i know all that it’s important.”

Maria “........................”

Old Man “[[Now that you both can take care of each other, I would like to give you a mission.]”

Maria “(Complains when she hear this) [[Boss, he doesn’t have any combat experience, the knowledge that you get when you become an angel doesn’t work the same for everyone, not to mention that he has never summoned a field]”

Marcus “(Listens all what his sister had you just said and his excitement vanishes)”

Old Man “[[It won’t be dangerous. I’m aware of the situation.] (Takes his hat off and gives it to Marcus)”

N “Marcus and Maria watched this action totally amazed. All the Relics and the most important memories of the Old Man were inside that hat and now he was giving it in to the boy with no hesitation.”

Marcus “I can’t…”

Old Man “[[I’m an old man. My adventure days were over many years ago. But yours are just about to start. I don’t want any of you to get hurt, so will need all the help you can get. Use this and everything that is inside of it to keep yourselves alive.]

Marcus “(Takes the hat) ….”

Old Man “[[There is one more thing i would like to ask you]”

N “Marcus and Maria stare each other.”

N “On Turtle Port’s main harbor there was all sort of ships, Boats, Zeppelins, Planes and other ships with strange forms.”

Old Man “(Guiding Marcus and Maria on the Warf while going with a walking stick between the different kinds of ships) [[We arrived] (Stops in front of a big old mistreated wooden ship)”

Maria “(Surprised) Is this…”

Old Man “(Caresses the wooden with love as if it were a person) [[This is St. Helene. Please, take care of her...]”

Marcus “(With the hat put on) Be sure that we’ll do.”

Old Man “(Gets closer to Maria and touch her chest, right where the heart is located and then a light emanates from his hand) [[Now you’re the captain of this ship.]”

Maria “(Affirm filled with determination)”

Old Man “[[Let’s go back to the store. You have to rest before your departure.]”

Marcus and María “Yeah!”

N “When the night came, Marcus couldn’t sleep. Even if he tried different positions to get some rest, he only rolled over the whole bed.”

Marcus “(Takes the gun in his hand and watches it) I’m no longer that boy that needs to be protected. Why she doesn’t understand that? I’ll show her......”

N “The day after, Marcus was already in the ship when Maria got on. After she saw him, she greeted him cheerfully but he did respond with no emotion at all..”

Maria “Uh? What’s wrong?”

Marcus “It’s nothing… let’s go…”

Maria “You sure? I know you since forever and you never have acted like this with me.”

Marcus “... Yesterday you tried to dissuade the boss so he wouldn't allow me to come..”

María “(Stands right in front of him and takes both of his cheeks with his hands) You will understand eventually why i did it …”

???? “Good brother are not supposed to fight.”

Marcus “Did you hear that?”

N “Both sibling started to look for the origin of the voice.”

María “I heard it near the rudder…”

N “A being made of light appeared at that moment on the deck. At the beginning it was difficult to see their form because of the shine, but as the light became weaker, a female body was formed..”

???? “You must be Marcus and Maria. Jean has talked to me a lot about you two..”

Marcus “Jean…. you mean the Boss?!”

???? “Oh, so he never told you his name…”

Maria “You are….”

???? “My name’s Elena. I’m Jean’s wife and the Core of this ship.”

Marcus “I read on books that ships needs a soul that feeds it with Spirit Energy so they can flight. Normally… (Stops before continue and feels shame)”

Elena “Normally those souls are from important people for the captains… it was quite a long time. ”

Maria “I’m sorry…”

Elena “Don’t worry my child, at least i could stay enough to see Jean get older…”

Marcus “(Ashamed) .......”

María “(Ashamed) ........”

Elena “Don’t put those faces! We have a mission, isn’t it captain?”

María “(Blushes a bit) Ehm...”

Elena “Where should i take you?”

Marcus “(Looks to Maria with excitement)”

María “The Boss told us to take a package to a friend of him in Scarlet Island.”

Helena “Understood my captain.”

N “At that moment the ship started to shine, the sails unfurled themselves and on the top a flag with the Celestial Court’s symbol was raised.”

María and Marcus were completely amazed. They had seen many ships depart from Turtle Port, but this was the first time they were on one of them.”

María “(Gets closer to rudder with doubt) Let’s go… “(Takes the rudder and the ship starts to flight)”

N “The ship moved fast in the sky. Marcus and Maria observed the horizon with expectations, nonetheless Marcus was still upset about Maria’s words..”

María “(With a severe tone) I don’t regret about what i said. You are really important to me and i don’t….”

Marcus “Let’s fight…”

María “(Surprised) Ah?!”

Marcus “I’ll show you that i’m strong enough to take care of myself…”

María “Marcus…”

Marcus “Besides, i have to summon my field and understand how to use my abilities before any real encounter..”

María “(Sighs) Okey …”

N “Both siblings stood in front of each other. Both of them seemed decided to fight seriously. Maria wanted to show Marcus what a real fight meant while MArcus wanted to show Maria his real strength””

Marcus “Get ready, Sis…”

N “Ever since they were together, Marcus and Maria never had fought, not even for the little things that siblings usually do. Both of them took care of each other as if they were their most precious treasure.oro, both of them supported each other all the time and when something bothered one of them, the other gave in to avoid the fighting, this was the first time that they were about to solve the things in a new way.”

María “Summon your shield brother and let the best one to win…”

Marcus “(Shoots to the air and a field paints everything in gray)”

María “/”Holy Protection/” (Puts her hands together and three light-crosses appear from the ground which attack to Marcus)”

Marcus “(Dodge the crosses and these ones stick to the ground forming a line) It’s that it? (Starts shooting energy with his gun)”

María “(Dodge the bullets while moving through the ship) Don’t get cocky. This is your first battle and you will get tired soon.”

Marcus “(Starts to sweat after several shoots) Stop moving!”

María “Enemies are not fixed targets, some of them have incredible speeds.”

Marcus “/”Archer sight/” (His eyes shine in blue for a moment and keeps shoting, the only difference was that his precision was accurate)”

Maria “(Hit by some of the energy bullets)”

Marcus “(Watching this stops his attack) Maria!”

Maria “(Falls on her knees quite weak) I am too careless…”

Marcus “(Undecided about continue or stop the fighting) …”

Maria “(Stands with some difficulty) “1st Song: Opening” (Puts her hands together and a white aura surrounds her, then a lot of white energy spheres appear in a circle pattern around Marcus to attack him by clashing all together in the middle.”

Marcus “(Jump to avoid the attack, but as soon as he had dodged the first round a second wave appeared right where he had landed and when they clashed, he couldn’t avoid them.).”

N “A big explosion happened at the moment, Maria, on the contrary of Marcus, was prepared to what it might be next).”

Maria “(Splits her hands up and watch carefully the smoke)”

N “When the smoky clouds were dissipated, Marcu’s body could be seen unconscious on deck.”

Maria “Marcus! (Runs to help his brother)”

Marcus “(Opens his eyes and realizes that he was in his cabin ugh…”

Maria “(Knocks the door and then opens it) Seems like you got better…”

Marcus “(Turns his back on his sister)”

Maria “Don’t feel bad, Marcus. (Gets closer to him) When beginning, it is difficult to control our powers and get used to the Spirit Energy consumptionl.”

Marcus “I don’t want you to think that i’m weak.”

María “I’ve already discarded that idea. Your attacks can make a lot of damage. If you know how to use them, we won’t have to worry.. (Starts to caress his hair) We always been a team, don’t let this thing to split us. We’ll be fine if we are together.”

Marcus “(Turns around to see his sister) You’re right…”

Maria “I know. I’m the older”

N “Both siblings started to laugh after that and in a short moment they were on the deck again.”

Elena “(Appears on the deck) Captain, we are about to arrive to the Scarlet Island.”.

Maria “Good! Marcus, do you have the package?”

Marcus “(takes out a box from the hat)”

Maria “Let’s go!”

N “Crimson Port as the Scarlet Island are known because they are painted in red. Houses, rocks, wood and even the water that surrounds the island are tainted in this color. In this place beings from all over, even from other universes, converge the same as Turtle Port. The only difference is that here there´s not a antibattle policy. One of the common reasons for the battles that take place here. Something else that is different from Turtle Port is the kind of merchandise that is sold here. While in Turtle Port all sort of things can be found, Crimson Port is known for the war merchandise, armors and all sort of items for battles can be found here.”

Marcus “(Walking next to Maria on the harbor) Wow, even the water is red!”

Maria “(Giggles when seeing the excited face of her brother)”

Marcus “Why do you laugh?”

María “It’s only that you remind me when I started to explore. There are so many amazing places in the universe. This one is one of them and i had just the same expression than yours when i saw it for the first time.”

Marcus “(Shrugs)”

N “Marcus and María kept their way and from time to time they stopped to see the street stalls and watched the armors and relics that they showed until they came into a very big store where armors made of strange materials were shown)”

Marcus “This armors look different from the ones that are on the other stalls.”

???? “(Behind the counter) That’s because they were made in other places of the universe, they are armors from more advanced civilizations.”

N “Marcus and Maria turn their head to the bearded man behind the counter..”

???? “Welcome, Maria. I see that you brought company..”

María “Mr, Roderick, let me introduce you my brother, Marcus.”

Roderick “(Watch the boy for a second) Oh, she’s always telling me about you. Welcome to Nobelia, Marcus.”

Marcus “Thanks! We came to deliver a package from the boss (takes out a box from the hat and puts it on the counter)”

Roderick “(Watches the box) Uh? I didn’t expect a package (opens the box and his face shows surprise) Jean…”

N “Marcus y Maria try to look inside the box...”

Roderick “(Takes out from the box a black flag with the symbol of the Court all crossed) It’s just as i remember it.”

Marcus “That’s the Court’s sign, though I don’t know why that cross.”

Roderick “(Watch the kids and wakes up from his trances) I’ll tell you everything guys. (Moves his hand and the store closes itself) Follow me (Walks toward the back of the store)”

N “All the contrary to Jean’s hall, Roderick’s was filled with furniture, paints, relics and other luxury details, even a fountain with red water flowing from it was in the middle of the room. Marcus and Maria, who have always lived in the humble house of Jean, were amazed for the luxury of Roderick store.”

Marcus “[[You seem very surprised, I thought that you’ve been here before.]”

Maria “[[I never came into the backstage. This is new for me as well]”

Roderick “(Sits on a couch without taking his sight appart from the flag) Take a sit.”

N “Marcus y María obey and the Roderick starts to talk.”

Roderick “This is the actual flag that St. Helene waved during its best times. The R.A.U.’s flag”

Marcus y Maria “R.A.U.?”

Roderick “The Rebel Angels Union (giggles) We were so naive…”

Marcus “I’ve never heard of that group.”

Roderick “The RAU was a group of beings, not necessary angels, who had as target to defeat the Court.”

N “After hearing this, Marcus and Maria muted. Both of them seemed surprised. At that moment they were allies of the Court and all the information that they had acquired with the Spontaneous Knowledge was the opposite to what Roderick explained.”

Marcus “That’ can’t be… the current flag that St. Helene wears is Court’s one.”

Roderick “The Court it’s not necessary the fair faction that everyone believes in. It’s a long story and you’ll never understand it until you suffer with your own flesh the true nature of the Court. Jean, Elena and I were the only survivors of the R.A.U, but the cost was expensive. We had to quit to our believes, to our identities. We lost friends, family, everything… so we chose to use the Vow Renewer, a legendary relic that allowed us to become a member of the Court again, although...(caress the flag’s fabric) we never forgot what they did to us.”

N “Marcus y Maria were bewildered, they didn’t understand what Roderick meant with his words. All their life they had listen about the good actions of the Court and their mission to keep the peace in the universe. What they had just heard was completely the opposite to those stories.”

Maria “And why would Jean want us to hear all that?”

Roderick “(Smiles) Both are young. The path that awaits you is not easy, but if you are going to serve the Court, you must know whom do you work for.”

N “Marcus and Maria stare each other...”

After the visit to Roderick’s, Marcus and Maria were walking to their ship. Both siblings were still confused for the talk to Nobelia’s owner.”

Marcus “Shall we worry?”

Maria “Por qué el jefe didn’t tell us a thing? Why did he do this?”

Marcus “There’s only one way to know that.”

???? “Hey, you two! Gimme your relics!”

Marcus and Maria “(Look around for the origin of the voice)”

N “Suddenly a girl, not so tall, tanned and wearing a pink hat jump from St. Helene and stands in front of the siblings.”

???? “Your ship is empty, so you should have the relics with you.”

Marcus “A pirate!”

Maria “She doesn’t seem that strong…”

???? “óAò [[They figured it out] We will see! I’ll show you the strength of Ronnie White, the Defiant Breeze”

Marcus “(Tries not to laugh, but after hearing the girl’s title he laugh)”

Ronnie “You’ll see! (Rise her hand)”

Marcus “(Shoots to Ronnie’s hand and the bullet goes through her fingers, then everything is painted in gray)”

Ronnie “(Surprised and upset) Hey! I was supposed to summon the field!”

Marcus “Too slow”

Maria “[[Marcus, I don’t think you will need help but i’ll be watching]”

Marcus “[[Thanks, sis. I’ll take care of this] (starts to shoot energy bullets to the girl)”

Ronie “(Protects herself by spinning and creating a mini tornado that attracts the bullets and reflects them to Marcus)”

Marcus “(Dodge the bullets with agility, but one of them hits him on the stomach and puts him on his knees) aghh”

Maria “(Steps forward)”

Marcus “[[I can still fight] (stands up)”

Ronnie “(Stops the minitornado) You look stronger than you really are.”

Marcus “This was just a warming. (Starts to shoot again)”

Ronnie “(Spins again and the bullets are caught by her tornado)”

Marcus “(Keeps shooting but then whispers) /”Blasting Shot/” (after that, one of the bullets leaves the gun with a different color and just when it was about to hit the minitornado, it is intercepted for dark ray which causes the bullet to explode)”

Ronnie “(Falls to the ground due to the explosion but with no harm at all on her body) ouchi!”

Marcus “(Surprised) What?!”

N “At that moment, another being jumps from St. Hele. A girl, visibly older than Ronnie, but with a dark cape and white clothes and a dark helmet that covered her sight stands between the Defiant Breeze and Marcus.”

Ronnie “Thanks, Asma. That was close...”

Asma “Do what she says.”

Marcus “(Looks at Ronnie who was sat, because of the explosion, behind Asma) [[Is she the captain?]”

Ronie “(Stands up) You listened her! (Gets ready to fight)”

Maria “(Steps forward and next to his brother) We choose not do so!”

Asma “A Legendary Angel…”

Ronie “Let’s get over with this, Asma!”

Maria “Marcus!”

Marcus “(Agrees to Maria with his head)”

Maria “(Puts her hands together) /”First song/” (A lot of white energy spheres in a circle pattern surround Asma and Ronnie)”

Marcus “/”Blasting Shots/” (starts shooting a lot of orange bullets)”

Asma “/Negative Charge/ (Rise her hand and a magic circle absorbs the white spheres and the orange bullets, then she takes that energy and throws it to her enemies)”

Maria “(Protects herself with her arms to the imminent impact)”

Marcus “(Takes a straw doll out of his hat and throws it away. After that, the energy re-shot by Asma is redirected again to the doll and it explodes to impact)”

Ronnie “I knew it. They have the relics!”

Maria “(Watch his brother with surprise) Thank you!”

Asma “(Spread her arms) “/Chaining/””

N “Two magic circles appear under Marcus and Maria. When they realize about this, they try to jump away, nonetheless Ronnie intercepts Maria with a kick and sends her right to the circles again.”

Ronnie “Take that!”

N “Dozens of chains are summoned from the circles and trap Maria.”

Maria “(Struggling to break free from the chains) Ngh*”

Marcus “(Tired) [[Damm… I don’t think I can last that much...]”

N “Marcus had his doubts about his next move. On one hand his sister was in troubles, and on the other hand his enemies were ready to attack again.

Marcus made his mind up fast and just when he was about to shoot to the chains to free his sister, Ronnie surprises him with a kick in the neck and knocking him out.” (After some time he wakes up inside Roderick’s hall.)”

Maria “(Sleeping on a chair next to Marcus’ bed)”

Marcus “We lost?”

Maria “(Wakes up when hearing his brother voice) How do you feel?”

Marcus “I know you… that’s a yes… It hurts a bit. How long have i been sleeping?”

Maria “Six hours more or less...”

Marcus “And what about the hat?”

Maria “We are good. That’s the important thing right now.”

Marcus “Those girls… they did not tried to kill us but they got away… (Bends his head down). You’re right… I’m not yet.”

Maria “You did it well. They took us by surprise. I shouldn’t let my guard down.”

Roderick “(Comes into the hall carrying a bucket full of green crystal shards) This is the reason that Elena couldn’t stand against the pirates.”

Maria “(Looks to Marcus eyes, waiting for an answer)”

Marcus “(Answers as if it was something obvious) Of course!… The False Captain is a relic made to steal ships. It puts the Core to sleep and then it is replaced with a one of their own.”

Maria “(Worried, looks at Roderick) That means that Elena….”

Roderick “She’s fine. They didn’t take the ship. It seems that they were only interested in your relics.”

Marcus “The boss’ most important relics were inside that hat...”

Maria “(Trying to comfort her brother) The Boss will understand...”

Roderick “(Takes an artifact out of his pocket and puts in on the table) Or you could take them back.”

Marcus “(Watch the artifact on the table and reacts with surprise) That’s…”

Roderick “The relic that guides you to what your heart desires the most.”

Marcus and Roderick “The Sparrow’s Compass.”

N “End of Chapter 2: The Beginning of the Journey

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