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Kendra, Kage and Calum are best friends. Or are they? A major issue came between the trio that set them apart. Love. When two of your best friends are in love, you will have less time with them. Calum felt the exact same way. They had most of the adventures that other friendships don’t. He would love to complain, but he just can’t since Kage and Kendra once saved his life… he is forced to watch from the sidelines as Kage takes the love of his life. One thing makes his pain better. The blindness that he has been born with. This time, it’s not a wendigo torturing the school. It’s natural catastrophes that do so. It started with flooding, but what now? Danger lurking every corner makes things scarier and scarier. At the beginning the teachers decided to take care of it,however students start to disappear after each disaster strikes. Calum, Kage and Kendra decide to be more careful, however Kage constantly goes berserk, as the vampire comes instincts mysteriously overtake him. Then suddenly Kendra goes missing, and the two boys are forced to pair up with each other as they decide to settle the score. (18+) (This story happens in the same world as The Elevators of Time. The stories are unrelated, so it doesn’t matter which one you read first) (Please subscribe to the story!!!!!!)

Фентези эпический 18+.

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I was walking down the corridor when I heard my two best friends probably sitting next to each other under the very familiar oak tree. Kage and Kendra happily joked around about something I couldn’t exactly hear. Their laughter told me everything I needed to know, they were meeting up during summer more than I was told. I was okay with it, but sometimes it hurt. I often think about our first meeting and how cold we were towards each other. Kendra always kept her distance from everyone, especially Kage and me. And at the end we turned out to be her best friends. How ironic, isn’t it? If it weren’t for Crazy Meda’s magical experiment task we would pass next to each other whenever we walk down the corridor.

Second year wasn’t quite the one we expected. Last year a fellow student of ours, Derek was murdered. Kage and Kendra successfully found the culprit, who happened to be one of the most dangerous magical creatures, a wendigo. I never expected that outcome, ever. But every time I touched my chest I’m reminded of the incident in the form of a scar that marked my body forever. It hurts, it always does. Not physically, but emotionally.

-Calum! -I heard Kendra’s voice calling me from the courtyard and by the sound of it, she was also waving.

-You know that I can’t see your waving hand, right?

-But I knew that you would hear it. Nothing gets past you, does it?

-True. -answered Kage instead of me. - Sometimes I have a hard time believing that you are blind, my friend.

“Friend”. It’s been a long time since Kage called me that. So long ago that from time to time I questioned if he still considers me as one. I hate to admit it, but he - more like they - now, kind of neglected me. The reason I’m not complaining is because they saved my life last year. I didn’t know why they risked their life for me, and I most certainly did not deserve it. As a matter fact, I did suspect that it could be a wendigo way before it occurred to anyone, if it even occurred to anyone. When it was mentioned in Beasts class I kind of started to put the picture together. Why didn't I say a word? I’m still figuring that out myself, but I think the reason is that causing panic for no reason might be a reason enough. Like I said, I think. But that Kage and Kendra would burst into danger just to save me, is a reason enough to apologise for not warning them against a potential danger. I feel deep regret towards my actions. But in my defence, I wasn’t in a condition to make reasonable choices.

What really hurt me was Kage. He didn’t mean to, but he really did. I was the one who turned a gaze towards Kedra first. I never told him this, but it no longer matters does it? I never expected Kendra to fall in love with a vampire, but that’s my punishment for underestimating how big her heart really is. I feel ashamed and I have some regrets too. At the end of last term I could have lifted some weight, if not all off of my chest, but once again, I kept my silence. Instead I just watched as the two of them sat next to each other on the ship that was attached to a flying whale. That’s how the ship flew. I was wondering if maybe this is for the best. You can always meet another woman, but you can never have the same friend again.

-You alright? - asked Kage just when I realised that I dozed off.

-Yes, I’m okay. I just dozed off a bit.

-Good morning. - rushed Polly towards our little group.

-Morning. Where are you running off to? - I asked.

-Breakfast of course. I slept in and I have class at dawn.

-You better hurry then. - answered Kendra. I heard Polly waving and she quickly disappeared.

-We are lucky we don’t have dawn classes. I would never manage to wake up in time for it. - I started to break the silence. - But I don’t wanna miss breakfast either.

-I couldn’t agree more, I’m starving.

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