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Quotes to think about.

You don't take your money to your grave.

You are what you think, and you are not what you don't think.

The power of your thoughts is the meaning of how you look at things, people and situations.

No person is your property, everyone has the right to be their "own person".

Sometimes we are in a bad mood, yes, but is it necessary to project our bad mood onto others?

Smile and think to yourself, life is too short, too beautiful to let the power of negative thoughts control us.

Sometimes the people who expect nothing but affection from you are sometimes the most beautiful and richest people.

You yourself are your most loyal friend, cherish him like your most precious treasure and love this best, loyal friend with all the weaknesses and strengths he has and experiences.

Weaknesses are often original, bad experiences.

Live and be happy with everything you have. Even with the little things. That is not impossible.

Miracles happen, but only if we believe in them firmly and strongly.

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Rebecca Wolff Rebecca Wolff ist auf der schwäbischen Alb geboren, wohnhaft im Kreis Stuttgart. Schreiben ist ihr Hobby. Es ist wunderbar in die Welt des Schreibens einzutauchen und auch zu lesen. Sie denkt gerne über den Sinn des Lebens nach, hinterfragt auch vieles. Ihre eBooks beschreiben meistens das Leben.


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