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follow the story of Nicholas and a few other survivors as they venture through old and destroyed Warsaw In search of a new life. Nicholas the son of a Russian sargent who fled down in the metro to hide from the bombs. poland was split between a Russian controlled side and a nato controlled side. many myths and other legends fill his heart as he goes and searches for life.

Постапокалипсис Всех возростов.

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Inside the underground.

The bombs hit us in 2010. My father was lucky enough to hide in this metro now known as my home. The year is 2034. I just turned 25 a few days ago. In the underground there's many jobs. I became what's known as a settler. Go with a group of 5 to the surface, make a settlement scavenge, and go back underground. Sound simple enough.

There's many factions here. I'm lucky enough to be part of what's left of the Russian government. Yes, I should explain.. before the bombs fell poland was.. very disputed. The side I live on is russia. The other. Nato. Or whatever is left of it. My faction is called.

The federation.

There's others. Such as the people's unification militia. The children of Lenin. And then some other polish factions.

Hope. Became a word used by many. The word hope under here means.

Health. Opportunity. Power. Earth.

But this can vary from faction to faction. Today, i have to go up again. Find some supplies and, Come back. It gets harder and harder every day. Less and less stuff. I should mention the factions. The ones i said we're on the few major ones. There's many fighting for Warsaw.

Although the federation stays neutral, we do have our enemies. Mostly bandits but. A lot of factions see us as enemies, considering we have some of the best weapons. And are one of the few factions that have tanks.

There's different animals.. no. Mutants here. You encounter crawlers the most. It's about as you expect. They seem to be mutated rats they charge at you try to steal food and multiply fast.

I'll be eating my last dinner here with my friends. I plan to quit after this mission. Look for a new place to live. Or die trying.

Me. Kazimir, Aleksei, Yuri, Mishka. Are to go up to old Warsaw and find what's up there.

I should explain the mutants up there..

Crawlers. Small. They make holes. 4 giant teeth and claws similar to sloths. About 2 to 3 feet tall, most hate light, and are partially blind. Their also hairless.

The Kle

A large, unique, quadrupedal avian with a smooth head, two purple compound eyes that are partially retractable, and a top-heavy beak.

It has a thin neck, and its shoulders are narrow. It has a large ribcage, and a concave stomach. It has two long, bony forelegs that end in small paws, two spindly hind legs that end in three-toed hooves, and no tail.

Kle's body is covered in sleek feathers.

Average Height: 5 feet / 1.5 meters

Average Lifespan: 9 months

Maturity: 4 weeks

Breeding age: 6 months

No. of young: 4 every month

Population: Common

Temperament: Unpredictable

Diet: small animals and children

May potentially attack a full-grown man but can be fought off.

- They have very poor hearing.

- Are active mostly during the day.

- They will fight to the death when angered.

Their call can be heard more than 34 miles / 54.7 kilometers away.

- unlike most, they don't Roar but let out screeches.

-thier origins are unknown.

The Esids

A small, unique, bipedal avian with an egg-shaped head, two wide dull red eyes, no visible ears, and a narrow beak.

It has a giraffe-like neck and powerful arms. It has a strong, athletic torso. It has two heavy legs and a slender tail.

The Esids's body is covered in narrow feathers. Most of its body is cream, while the rest of its body is black.

Average Height: 22 inches / 56 cm

Average Lifespan: 17 years

Maturity: 5 years

Breeding age: 4 years

No. of young: 5 every 4 years

Population: Excessive

Temperament: Docile

Diet: Hay, small insects, any small grains.

The young Esids males normally leave their families and live alone when they are mature.

- They are extremely agile.

- They frequently cause irreversible damage to the surrounding habitat.

- They communicate using clicks.

- They enjoy a symbiotic relationship with another species.

-Common to see them as pets due to their high intelligence.

-friendly and shy.

-domestic bird origins.

The Sphusint

A very large, unique, bird-shaped mammal with a flat head, two enormous pine eyes, no visible ears, an angular nose, and a short snout filled with small, sharp teeth.

It has a wide neck,a swollen body, and a pair of enormous fragile wings. It has two short slender legs with two forward-facing hooks and a fragile tail.

The Sphusint's head, neck, back, and arms are covered in rubbery skin, with some patches of hair

Average Height: 27 feet / 8.2 meters

Average Lifespan: 33 years

Maturity: 12 years

Breeding age: 5 years

No. of young: 1 every 8 years

Population: uncommon/rare depending on area

Temperament: Irritable

Diet: humans, other mutants, and cattle

Breeding pairs mate for life.

The Sphusint family group is big, has a strong bond, and is led by the eldest female. Child rearing is largely handled by the males.


- They often can be found living caves or building rooftops.

- They communicate using very loud voices. And heavy roars

- rarely ever sleep. And if they do usually in the day.

- They are highly energetic. And highly hostile

-origins are unknown but can be seen as some kind of bat mutation

Those are all the flying mutants I know of.

The Yilo

A familiar legless invertebrate with a worm head with a fleshy crest on its head and medium-length antennae, two compound seal eyes, and a shark-like jaw.

It has a serpentine neck,and it has eight stubby, t-rex arms. and a medium-length snake lower body.

The Ylio's body is covered in rubbery skin. It has the markings of a giraffe in tan and light brown.

Average Height: 7 feet / 2.1 meters

Average Lifespan: 2 years

Maturity: 6 weeks

Breeding age: 9 days

No. of young: 1 egg every 3 weeks

Population: Few

Temperament: hostile

Diet: corpes and sleeping pray. Tend to attack children.

Females compete to attract males.

The Ylio is left to fend for itself at birth.

- They use their tongues for taste and smell.

- Can adapt very quickly to environmental changes.

- They communicate using moans.

- They can consume toxic substances without harm.

- their skin is heavily sought after.

-some kind of centipede and snake hybrid.

The Tesere

A large, familiar, bipedal mammal with a gorilla head. bony ridges, no ears , a a flat bear like face containing four sharp fangs. ,and it has two long, orangutan arms with 3 fingers in each hand. It has a big chest, usually hairy. It has two long

gorilla legs and no tail.

The Tesere's arms are covered in gray dirty hair. while the rest of its body is covered in spines. Most of its body is blue-grey with slate bands, while the rest of its body is black.

Average Height: 9 feet.

Average Lifespan: 11 years

Maturity: 3 years

Breeding age: 2 years

No. of young: 2 every month

Population: rare/uncommon depending on area

Temperament: Aggressive

Diet: Honey, small birds and humans

The Tesere finds a new partner whenever it's ready to mate.

Competition between males is tough; less dominant males often have to use stealth and cunning to avoid more powerful males and attract mates.

The tesere is left to fend for itself at birth.

- Can adapt very quickly to environmental changes.

Baring teeth is important during communication.

Their call can be heard more than 50 miles / 80.5 kilometers away.

-intelligent and some can wield weapons like sticks and pipes. Knows how to ambush and trap humans.

-origins seem to be gorillas. But there's none in Warsaw most likely some from a zoo survived somehow

Mutated dogs/wolves. And snow hunters.

Mutated dogs and wolves aren't much different from theirs. Normal counterpart. Most are bigger and just deformed but act as a dog or wolf whould. You can tame these the follow the basic life as a dog and have the same diet. Uncommon to attack a human. Most are in packs.

Snow hunters are bigger and taller than wolves. They are usually gray or white, hence the name. They only have 3 Claws instead of 4.

I've never encountered these, so I don't know much about them.

Those are all the mutants I know. There are obviously more, but I don't know them.

Onto factions.

The federation is made up mostly of the ex military. With your handful of important people. We control about half of wawer and some of mokotow

The Sons of Lenin are new factions. They come trying to spread communism. They reside in the outskirts of wesola.

The people Unification Militia believe that destroying the other factions can bring back a new and stronger poland. Thier very hellbent on controlling everything but only reside in targowek.

There are the polish people liberation army who reside in Eastern mokotow. there are multiple nato bases around the east. Alot made their own faction mostly sticking to race.

The last one I know of is Wagner. The mercenary made their own little base after the bombs fell. We are kinda in alliances with them, although nothing is for sure. They stay mostly in praga poludnie.

Then there's bandits everywhere.

There's more factions, of course. I don't know them, though. And I hope not too.

But that's the rundown. There's a lot more, but I'll write more when I get to the surface.

Here we go again.

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