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Warlust is about a princess of the Harron Imperium. Princess Morgan Harron must find a way to fill her father’s shoes as empress even if she has disdain for ruling after the planet of Itolth, a colony planet of New Earth, takes over her father’s empire. Morgan must manage her feelings of hate, lust for war, fear, and murderous tendencies in the face of her struggles during her uprising as Empress Harron. Warlust is a tragedy inspired by Macbeth. This story takes the place of Liberator because my other story is better in this reimagined version.

Найучная фантастика Космическая опера 13+.

#horror #sci-fi #war #politics #witches #macbeth #warlust
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Chapter 1

Morgan trudged out of her chambers with the front of her dress bunched up in her hands’ fists. Her white dress glistened and flowed behind her as the light from the windows hit it. She put her black hair in a tight, neat bun at the back of her head in which her black and gold headpiece came over, making it appear that she had a growth at the back of her head. She fiddled with her gloves around her forearms trying to get the material folded outwards so it didn’t irritate her skin. Allergies always made her skin break out on contact with certain materials. Emperor Harron, her father, couldn’t get a shipment of the type of clothes she needed until a few months from now which made him realize he needed to negotiate with outerworlds for faster shipment of fabrics. And so that’s what he did; not only for his daughter, but for his people.

She looked up at the corridor’s ceiling. It was constructed of wood and the walls were constructed of stone. They took similar architectural techniques as architects in Medieval times. Stone sculptures of things such as gargoyles, elephants, and bears resided all around the castle. She wasn’t sure why the castle they still drew upon those old traditions.

Upon walking through the corridor, Emperor Harron exited his chambers wearing business suit attire. He didn’t wear it often due to the standards that his majesty was held to. It was considered lazy for royalty to wear such clothes, just as it was lazy if Morgan wore a dress that didn’t resemble that of a wedding dress. He must’ve not had much to do that day which again wasn’t common. His shoulders drooped and he had eye bags. Morgan watched as he waved his hand sluggishly in front of his door’s sensor, closing it. He turned around.

“Good morning daughter,” he said. “You can change out of that dreadful dress if you wish. We’re taking a break today.

“Why? We never take breaks.”

Harron glanced out of the palace windows overlooking Morxyn city whose skyscraper’s scaled the clouds. Ships flew from side to side of the city.

“I need a break. Our day tomorrow will prove to be a challenge.”

It must’ve been serious. Nothing ever put the emperor on a break. Though he really did look exhausted.

“What will we attend tomorrow?”

They strided down the corridor to the elevator leading to the throne room.

“We will be attending negotiations with the outerworld Yuriset. Remember it from your studies?” he said.

After asking, a smirk grew on his face as he looked at her. How could she not know?

“The planet of witches.”

He nodded. “And how exactly do we know it's real? The magic I mean,” Morgan asked.

The elevator began its descent. She watched as Morxyn city flew upwards from her position.

“They’re a mysterious bunch to be sure. But I believe the state of their planet proves that they have something strange and dangerous up their sleeves. Whether it be magic or not. Which reminds me, I reserved a spot for you to be taken with me on the trip to the negotiations on their planet. I know it is dangerous, but you must get used to diplomacy. I know that arranged marriages aren’t your cup of tea.”

Harron refused to look at her when talking about arranged marriages. He set her up with a prince from the planet Itolth with full intention of uniting his empire with the Itolth people which he viewed as valuable to his rule. Though Morgan didn’t want to marry their prince because he wasn’t attractive physically or emotionally. It almost made her sick to think about. Or maybe it was that the elevator was moving too hurriedly.

Although he told her she may refuse if she was not happy with his decision, it was clearly not true due to his strange behavior when mentioning it. Even though she hadn’t had breakfast, she decided to confront him.

“Father, why are you angry with me about that? You told me I may choose whether or not to marry him,” the words sprawled out.

“Darling, it just would have made things easier. Forgive me for being stand-offish. Your poor father is tired today. He needs his rest.”

He’s playing this off as a joke again!

“I’m not joking, you keep running from my questions.”

He glanced at Morgan, then looked back out of the window.

“Let’s at least digest breakfast before going at each other's throats, heh?”

The elevator landed on the throne room floor and opened. Servants of all kinds and multiple planets roamed through the throne room and into several corridors going from it. Emperor Harron ran his hand through his short, curly beard, making his way to the dining room. She followed loosely. Instantly, she was made aware of the itchiness of her gloves. She decided she’d change them the moment they finished breakfast.

Morgan followed her father into the enormous dining hall overlooking the courtyard leading to Morxyn city outside. She walked to her usual seat and sat down. Immediately, she took a sip of water from her glass. Two servants brought them their servings of eggs, sausage, and vegetables. Hunger devoured her stomach from the smell of the food. Though, of course, she must refrain from looking too much like a pig in her own home, so she bound herself to the ‘proper’ eating habits of royals, neatly eating with forks and knives when sometimes it would just be so much easier to use her hands. And the slow pace at which she must eat pained her.

Emperor Harron seemed to notice her struggles.

“It’s what separates us from the animals,” he said.

“Or normal people? The ones you pretend to be so above,” she blurted.

She put her head down, staring at her food with her head in the palms of her hands. Why did I say that? He’s a good man. He does this out of the kindness of his heart for his people.

“Perhaps I’ll let you think about that.”

“I’m sorry father. I didn’t need that. I think I’m just tired too. Irritated to say the least. It's always one thing or the other. Now it’s Yuriset tomorrow.”

Morgan looked up at him. He just nodded.

“Even though we are taking a break today, I’d like you to walk with me to check the defense systems. We need to go over all of what you may have to do one day.”

The very concept of her having to run the empire made her stomach turn. Sure, she would be devastated over her father’s death, but she hated royal life. She didn’t want to completely immerse herself in it. Harron claimed that this was one of the many reasons she should marry into a family, so that the man had to rule. But was this fair to the man? Should anyone really be subject to ruling an entire planetary empire by themselves? The Harron Imperium controlled literally the entire planet, all divided into five districts. Not only would she have to rule when Harron died, but she’d have to try to live up to her lineage of nearly fifty rulers. If she didn’t direct everything perfectly like Emperor Harron, it would be over for her politically, socially, and economically.

Morgan noticed that she was scratching at her forearms nervously. Harron glanced at her forking her food into her mouth.

“I’m sorry you were born into this,” he said. “But you must understand that you are of the Harron bloodline. Everything rests on you or your spouse’s shoulders. We must keep the people safe. And with all of this you are granted luxuries. But if you're anything like me, you don’t get to use them.”

“That’s what I was about to say,” she said. “You work too much.”

The emperor sighed and set his silverware down.

“Get into your normal attire and prepare to board our ship. We’re going to check the defense systems.”

She nodded and he headed out of the door behind her. Her thoughts led her to Yuriset next. They were such a foreign people and their magic scared her. She never experienced them or their mystical abilities. What if they plotted to take her father’s throne?

After she finished eating, she went back to her chambers and changed into her favorite outfit. Ironically, it was a battle uniform. It was a black jumpsuit with body armor that hugged her body. It was tight, slim, and comfortable, and she thought it suited her. Morgan took her hair out of a bun and let it lay on her shoulders. She exited her room and approached a servant.

“Do you know which docking station my father went to?” she asked.

The servant looked at her and smiled.

“Of course, dear. Platform Five. Off to train again?” she asked.

“No, just going to the emperor to check the weapons systems.”

The servant nodded.

“No doubt preparing you for your leadership. I know you’ll be a great leader madam! Safe travels then!”

Morgan sighed and exited through the elevator once more. She made her way through several corridors. She loved the way the suit shielded her from the sun and kept her ventilated. Studying them was particularly interesting too. It had fans mounted on the front and back, intaking cold or hot air, making it cool. It also had capabilities to to stop toxic gasses, but she never brought the mask with her unless she thought she’d be in combat.

She made it to the docking area where her father was waiting for her with a singular soldier by his side. The soldier wore the standard Harron Imperium armor colored in red and black with a cape draped over one shoulder. A pistol and large knife were strapped to his thigh. A rifle and halberd hung from his back. He looked at Morgan through his visor. The standard imperium helmets took designs from the immensely ancient medieval designs.

“Good evening princess!” he said.

Those words made her flinch. She hated the term completely.

“Beautiful choice of clothing daughter,” Harron said.

“Thank you.”

That actually warmed her heart. Her father acknowledged and accepted her. She blushed. Why? It was only one compliment.

They entered the small ship’s cockpit. Emperor Harron and Morgan sat in the back row of seats. The soldier sat in the pilot chair, beginning to set up everything on its screens.

“It’s an honor to be flying you two today. The defense system, right?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” Harron said.

Within a few minutes the ship shot out of the dock and flew into the sky. Morgan wondered what it was like for people in ancient generations to fly in airplanes when ships were so much faster and, might she say, cooler. They flew through skyscrapers which also took inspiration from old medieval designs such as gothic cathedrals and stone architecture. She wondered why her people were so set on keeping these ancient traditions especially when they were combined with modern designs. Then they darted up into restricted airspace in the clouds leading into the atmosphere. The soldier did not direct them into the atmosphere and they neared the defense system. A massive wall generating an energy shield around Morxyn city lay just beyond the city’s outskirts. Massive turrets aimed just beyond the shields at the sky. She dreaded the day that attackers may send bombs down on her home. But her father’s adept skills with diplomacy prevented that nearly everyday. In likelihood though, how long would it be or who would it be, she wondered?

Thirty years after the imperium took over, it established colonies on other planets. Yuriset, the planet of magic, Itolth, the planet of warriors, and Mikkah, the planet of criminals. Once each colony developed, new laws became realized. Soon after new laws were established, the colonies also developed their own governments separate from the Harron Imperium. In fact, they became separate entities entirely, becoming their own nations. The imperium often couldn’t afford to transport their entire military or advanced weaponry to the colonies, so they were forced to comply. Over time, relations between the imperium and the colonies improved and eventually, became great friends. Though now, relations were worsening. Through Morgan’s various studies, she could see that history could repeat itself in the form of revolutions. Itolth worried her more than the rest. Most of their population was made up of supremely advanced and skilled warriors. They had been attacking imperium shipments to Earth for some time.

The soldier directed the ship onto the landing platform. A few other ships landed before them. It appeared workers just arrived to make sure the systems were running properly. They exited the ship, walking along the metal slab. Morgan stared at the enormous turrets mounted on the walls of the city in awe of their size.

The soldier and the workers led them inside the directorial chambers for the self-targeting and shielding defense systems.

“Back again my emperor?” One of the workers asked.

He crossed his arms in front of the control panels overlooking the turrets.

“Yes. You may think of me as a nuisance of your work schedule. And for that I apologize, but I must ensure my people are safe,” he said.

“It’s honorable,” the worker replied.

Morgan wondered why her father spoke to them as if he owed a debt to them. Though she supposed that it was just her father’s good nature. He was a great ruler because he looked at everyone as equals even if they weren’t.

The workers directed him through the process of checking everything in the defense system tiredly as if they’d done it a thousand times. Then they left back the way they came within a few minutes.

“Father, it really is honorable, but can’t you trust your specialists?” Morgan asked.

“Of course I can trust my specialists, but an outside perspective can never hurt. You may think of me as paranoid, but the moment one mistake is made, we could all die,” he explained.

That, she knew, was terrifyingly true. One slip up and the entire imperium infrastructure could die within an instant.

After a brief intermission with a few other workers, they got back to the ship and headed back to the castle for some rest.

“Don’t worry about your studies today, we have a big day tomorrow. And besides, I think you have enough knowledge of our history,” Harron said.

She agreed, she did have extensive knowledge on almost every aspect of history, math, english, and science. Though she took the most liking to history despite her hate for her royal title. Morgan relaxed for the rest of the day, taking in the fresh air of Morxyn city and strolling in the castle gardens. When night came, she slipped into bed and the servants came in quietly to lay out her clothes for the morning. Before she could drift to sleep, she wondered what the people on Yuriset would be like and what they would do to them if they wished to harm them. How long would she have to wait on the ship to arrive there? Everything was horrifyingly unclear in the moment.

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