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Springtime Tears

I still look for your tiny paw tracks in the mud along our path.

Shine sun.

Throw your radiant beams to the forest floor.

Harden the prints so that they will linger longer.

Imprint forever in my memory.

I’m not ready to let you go yet.

Indentations barely visible.

Bird pecks among cones, and fine sienna needles.

Evidence that you walked a familiar maze of healing by my side.

Cast your warmth into my belly.

Turn this grief into hopes steady pull.

Direct the light where he used to sleep.

The concave below my ribs.

Puppy head pillow.

I miss your gold, and white speckled feet.

Your dove- like coos when you wanted my dinner bread.

Warm, and buttered.

Soft as your noises.

Your entire body wagging when you were overjoyed.

Little charcoal satin head high with pride, as you trotted the carpet.

My sweet baby.

I was not ready to walk alone.

You brought seven years of laughter.

The middle of the night decision I did not want to make.

Wrenching grief.

Pain knotted through my chest.


Hot and searing.

Panic rose,

While stinging tears fell.

Too soon.

I talk to the wind, and the new puppy.

Sometimes I call him by your name.

I tell him all about you.

Your hard scrabble start.

Winter in a city park, with your Sister.

Your quirks.

Your rough rumble growls.

My brave boy.

Please teach him to kiss my tears.

My love runs fast.

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NT Nancy Todd
Such a truth in the way you share this. It is so soft and tender, somehow. It is so very sad, but, the words you so carefully choose to tell the story, draw me into the very real beauty of your shared love and then the sadness of losing that love. Your words are not common ways of telling your story, but, words that flow out of your soul-sacred words. I love it. It is like it gives me a great peace, despite the deep sadness of it when I read it.

  • Kathryn Barker Kathryn Barker
    Thank you so much for this beautiful compliment! April 09, 2024, 12:52
Archie Hebron Archie Hebron
You got my water works, love. Very well done.
Dila Atman Dila Atman
U are welcome ⭐️
Dila Atman Dila Atman


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