Ella had a boyfriend with critical cancer disease. Desperate to save his life, she visited a brothel where she met a man who was willing to sleep with her for nights and pay handsomely. Ella agreed to this arrangement but there were two rules. First, she had to satisfy him and second, she wasn't allowed to get pregnant. As time went by, Ella later discovered that the man she had been sleeping with was Jackson, a ruthless Alpha with a reputation for killing his mother. He had spent nights with women like Ella and had been rumored to have killed the women who broke his rules. What would happen when Ella breaks his second rule and gets pregnant? Would she be able to escape from Jackson's wrath? Or would he find and kill her like he did the others?

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Chapter : One


( Sêx and death)

"Were you told the rules?" Jackson asked, his voice cold and heavily seductive.

Ella raised her gaze at the handsome man in front of her. He had dark hair, a well chiseled face and piercing blue eyes. He was more like a fallen angel, mysteriously created by God.

But she didn't care about his looks, she simply needed his money.

"Yes, sir,"Ella replied nervously.

"Strip and bend over that drawer," Jackson instructed, staring at the beautiful blonde woman in front of him.

As she undressed, he held her big bõõbs and her sêxy body. So flawless and tender looking. Jax's cøck kept twitching till it bulged and almost tore out of his pants.

He watched as Ella did as instructed.

"Sir, I don't like doing it from behind," Ella said, recalling how terribly she used to cry when her boyfriend fûcked her äśś.

"I don't care what you like or don't like," Jackson snarled, removing his belt. He sauntered to her and his 6 inch and huge cøck, grazed her âss cheeks.

"Sir, I said—"

Jackson slapped her åśšcheeks and she gasped.

"Talk again and hear a harder spank," Jackson growled, his eyes darkening.

"But—" another spank and she moaned out, feeling aroused.

Another slap again and she whimpered.


He took his fingers and rubbed them between ãss cheeks. He continued stroking her till she grew wet. She had never felt this way with her boyfriend.

"Mmm…mmm," She moaned, throwing her head backward.

Soon, Jackson took his cøck into her âss and began slamming into her. She expected to feel some pain but it was all pleasure.

"Ah, ah, oh fûćk!" She moaned as her body jerked forward.

Jackson grabbed her blonde hair from behind and continued thrusting into her, faster and faster, deeper and deeper.

"Aaah," Ella moaned loudly. "Ahhh,Aaah, yes!" She whimpered.

She wasn't supposed to moan this way for a stranger but she couldn't help it.

Jackson let out a grunt and pulled out his dîčk. He grabbed her slender waist and placed her tortured ãss on the drawer.

"You moan really good, doll face," Jackson commented and grabbed her by the back of her neck.

He slammed his lips on hers and grabbed her big bøøbs, pressing the life out of them. Afterward, he widened her legs and thrust his cøck into her pűssy.

Ella moaned into his mouth and tears of pleasure slipped out of her eyes.


The pack house.

The next day, Jackson went back to his pack. He was presently in his office, watching a pørn video on his laptop.

"Alpha," His Beta barged in.

"Finn, how many times have I told you to knock? The last time, I almost sliced off your finger but the next time. I'm gonna cut off your hand," Jackson said, emotionlessly.

Finny snarled inwardly as he glanced at his injured finger. He hated Jackson. Unlike other Alphas and Betas, Finn and Jax weren't friends.

They disliked each other but we're a good combination when doing evil.

"I'm sorry, Alpha," Finn apologized and closed the door behind him.

He walked closer to Jackson's desk and perceived another scent around Jackson.

"Alpha, you've found your mate!" Finn faked a smile.

"She's just a weak human. I don't give a fûck about her. If anyone knows about this, I'm gonna cut your tongue off," Jackson threatened, seriously.

"Yes, Alpha," Finn replied, staring hatefully at him. "I came to tell you that the women who claim to be pregnant are here,"

Jackson said coldly. ''Bring them in,"

"Yes, Alpha," Finn left the study room and ordered the guards to bring the two women who were crying and begging for their lives.

As they were made to kneel before Jaxckson’s table, Jackson gave his order.

"For breaking the second rule, you will die" Jackson growled.

"Alpha, I'm not pregnant," one of the women cried. "I only lied, please forgive me,"

"Do I look like I care?" Jackson rolled his eyes.

"Kill them!" Finn instructed the guards.

The women were stãbbed with

înjections and they began writhing on the floor. They struggled in pain till their last breath.

"Alpha, they are dead,"

"Good. No one breaks my rules and stays alive," Jackson smirked, cruelly.

"Finn, Get me a cigarette!"


{A month later}

Ella was in the bathroom, staring at the pregnancy strip with trembling hands.

"No, no!" She cried. "I can't be pregnant,"

Her teary eyes were staring at the positive strip. She knew the pregnancy wasn't her boyfriend's.

"Oh my God," She sobbed.

"Gabby, open the fûcking door!" Hunter, her boyfriend yelled from outside.

He had done his surgery which turned out successful. He was cancer-free.

"Bîtch, open the fûcking door!" Hunter pounded the door.

Ella quickly wiped her tears away and threw the strip into the trash can. She stood up from the toilet and opened the door.

"Bîtch, what were you doing?"

"Nothing," She shook her head and made her way out of the bathroom. She went to the sitting room and started cleaning unnecessarily.

"You're pregnant!" Hunter shouted as he stormed into the sitting room. "But I never fucked you since I got cancer and even after the surgery, I didn't touch you, so how are you pregnant!" Hunter yelled.

Ella faced him with teary eyes."I took pills…I don't know how I still got pregnant,"

Hunter's blood was boiling.

"What are you fůčking talking about?"

"I slept with someone and he paid me the millions of dollars that I used to pay for your surgery, I didn't want you to die…I love you alot…" Ella cried.

"I always knew you were a whøre!" He walked to her and slapped her across the face.

"Ahhh!!!" She screamed but he wasn't done. He grabbed her by the neck and began strangling her.

"I'm gonna kill you. I will kill you, you whøre!" He said murderously as he squeezed life out of her.

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