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A story based on a true life event, narrated to me by my late grandmother about an incident that took place in her hometown that shook her village and imprisoned them in an influence of fright and terror.

Ужасы истории о привидениях Всех возростов. © Copyright ©️ 2024-03 by O.J Zainab. All rights reserved.

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The late-night visitor

There was a small village called Setubua in the center of Togo. It was a quiet peaceful countryside tucked between three formidable mountains and ruled by a pious priest that served as a silent sentinel to the safety of the village folks. Setubua was a blessed place with fertile lands crawling with bounties that served as the means of livelihood for dwellers.

Everyone was content and on a friendly first-name basis with each other. The inhabitants of the small village thrive together in bliss to keep their community running, and with a sense of togetherness battle any threats that invade their territory. They were a tight-knit community.

One eerie night, Iseni, the village priest, turned in for the night in his small hut at the foot of the mountain. His shrine was on the other side of the hut, a few breadths away and far from the homes of his people. He loved the solitude for it helps in his communication with the gods. But tonight, his soul was restless and heart heavy. He didn't know why but he could feel the epiphany of something evil in the air, and his body shook with fear from the assault of it. His flesh that covered his old bones trembled against his will from the unseen threat of the unknown. He didn't like what he was feeling but couldn't explain it either. He just senses something terrifying hanging in the balance. He grunted in dismay, thinking how late it was to consult with his gods on the issue.

Throwing aside his bed covers, he slid into bed and closed his eyes wearily. He tried to sleep into his restless body but sleep was eluding him. It was like the embodiment of sleep didn't see him as worthy enough to receive its grace. His heart suddenly jumped in his chest as items that graced his shelves started hitting the floor one after the other with a resounding crash that disturbed the quiet of the night. Quickly, he sat up in fright and noticed the curtains of his window flapping viciously against the walls which were insane and in the sea of impossible because his shutters were closed, shut. So why were his curtains dancing wildly to an imaginary tune only they could hear? He was now on his feet in alarm, his heart-wrenching in fright and mind racing with terror as his eyes took in the chaos roaring around him. All of his items were crashed on the floor, and his shelves were shaking viciously as if with the wicked intent to topple over him. He tried to make sense of this but couldn't. Nothing was making sense, and his reactions to it were borderline disturbing. He was the priest of Setubua and nothing alarmed him. But this thing before him, that posed an invisible threat was giving him the creeps.

How was he supposed to fight something he couldn't see or explain? An invisible force with a mindset of wrecking his home.

"Okay, it's enough now!" he said pushing through his fright to confront the whirlwind of chaos trying to destroy his peace. "This is my home, and you're trespassing. Tell me what you want. Maybe I can help, so we both find peace," he suggested softly, with the hopes of placating whatever it was that invaded his home.
Suddenly the shaking stopped, his curtains stopped flapping, and silence like he never knew clogged him. Iseni trembled at his post beside his bed as the dead silence that suddenly cocooned him was anything but peaceful or safe. Somehow, he felt it was the silence before the storm and shook with the force of it. In all his years of living at the foot of the mountains, he had seen things, strange things but this thing that breaths but fell in the realm of inexplicable takes the mantle. Nothing fazed him anymore, but this rocked his senses into a pool of fright. He was swimming in his sweat as he tried to quench his palpitating heart. He feared he wouldn't survive the night...
His thoughts trailed off as something banged his window ferociously and he almost jumped out of his skin and peed in his pants. He guessed he wasn't as fearless as he thought. He crossed his legs in a lame effort to keep his waste intact. His withered body couldn't bear the brunt of his fright anymore and caved beneath him, sending him to the floor. He collapsed on the floor and tried unsuccessfully to quell his fear.

What was this abomination?

Who had he offended?

He was choking in his fright, gagging for breath as he tried to make sense of the unseen threat in his room.

Suddenly, he was touched by a cold hand that sent shivers down his back and paralyzed him to the spot. The hand moved to his lips as if to warn him to stay quiet and his eyes boggled out as if to jump out of their sockets when he noticed what he thought was a hand was a fog of nippy mist.
What in the loving name of God was this?
His chest started to rumble as if to elicit a mind-curdling scream but his lips were sealed and all he could do was stare in horror and swallow his fright. And he wondered if he would live to see the morning light.

Was this how it felt to die from an invisible force? To be trapped within one's flesh, too scared to lift a finger to fight back.

Now he wished he had taken a wife, at least then she would have helped him fight back and he wouldn't die a lonely death.

His room was now clouded with a cold misty fog that was impenetrable by his terrified glare. He held his breath still and waited, that's all he could do as his motion skills were prisoners of the fear that gripped his body in a vice. In his terror, he noticed some words formed within the mist that circled him enlightening him a bit about his invisible intruder. The words were scrawly and crooked as he tried to decipher the message:

"Relax, I'm not a foe but a concerned ally sent to warn you. I wanted to see if you and your small village were worth saving or not. I would have left if you had been rude and your village would have suffered gravelly for that. But your kind words made me stay. There's an impending danger on the horizon, something horrible that would incinerate your people into ashes is coming. A lone wicked soul is bringing something that would ruin the peace of your village and soak the streets of your enriched village with blood. You need to stop him and save your people. Tell everyone willing to listen to paint their door with the bucket of paints I would leave outside your door. It would protect them when the doom descend on your people. A warning to the wise is enough!"

The moment he was through reading, there was a roar and then complete silence. This time though he didn't feel threatened by it. The fright that gripped his heart and body was gone with the intruder slash ally. As he stared at the foggy words left in the wake of his invisible ally, the only proof that depicts his strange presence, a new type of fear gripped his heart as its parting message sank in.

A looming impending doom that would ruin his village. He couldn't have that and must do everything within his power to stop it at all costs He would journey in the morning light to the royal house and reveal the message to the king and then his people. He couldn't take the warnings of his late-night visitor lightly. He silently thanked whoever it was that invaded his home and nearly cut his life short, thinking not everything that seemed scary was life-threatening. He got back up on wobbly legs and staggered to his bed, falling heavily on his bed with a relieved sigh. He needed to catch some sleep if his journey was going to be a success tomorrow.

A few hours later...

Iseni held his king's gaze unflinchingly in a silent battle of wills as the king tried to assimilate his message and its implications to the dwellers. The council of chiefs was in an uproar of agitated conversations tainted with denial. Some weren't ready to accept his claims while others were wrapped in a shroud of fear. They were frightened and concerned for the safety of their family and loved ones, and contemplated absconding and abandoning their village to a neighboring village. He only sighed at their selfishness but understood the roots of their fright. They all had cause to worry and fear. The village's safety is being threatened by an unknown foe.

"I'm telling the truth. You need to heed my warnings and do as I say. That's our only hope. Trust me, my king."

"Okay. We would do as you say. Bodyguards! Go sound the bells and announce the news to everyone. Emphasize the need to follow the words of the priest. Now go!" They issued his commands and the village was thrown into a frenzy of motion that was laced with fear of the unknown, fear that the precaution they were taking wasn't enough protection.

In the midst of it all some families left the town in fright to go live with families in neighbouring villages. The majority of village folks who had nowhere else to go stayed behind and wallowed in self-pity mingled with fear. Each night, they jumped behind their closed doors and windows at every sound and every shadow that danced on the walls. It didn't matter that they couldn't see anything tangible, they were rooted in fear of the impending doom. Iseni was alarmed by it all but powerless to do anything.

Days turned to weeks and weeks to a month that was filled with terror of something promised. He was nursing a herbal drink when two anxious women visited his home. He gave them seats and asked what their purpose was.

"I'm Faama, and this is my daughter Rana. We came to inform you some villagers flouted your warnings and refused to comply with the king's announcement. They do not believe, and they not seeing anything yet is luring others to follow them."

"Pay no heed to them. Those who flout my warnings would pay a hefty price. Now go and warn the others about my predictions. The doom is coming and they need to heed my warnings."

"Okay. We will try our best to change their minds. Thank you."

Iseni watched them leave and pondered on the foolishness of some people who only feared what they could see, forgetting the true horror and danger that lies in the unseen. He feared they would soon realize the error of their thinking.

The next day, his visit to the center of the village was greeted by a frantic commotion centered around a fallen man who was oozing with swollen pus that spilled rancid gooey waste from his skin pores. The villagers surrounding him were in an uproar laced with frightened gasps mingled with terror. They were terrified of the words that spilled from the mouth of the fallen man called Yao. Yao was a farmer who lived a lonely life and felt the villagers snubbed, disregarded, and ignored him which prompted him to journey into the evil forest and purchase a disease that would punish the villagers and dip them in a well of sorrow. Yao hadn't counted on his plans backfiring and was still reeling from the shock that it did.
The villagers in a stupor of fright spat on his withering body and rained curses on Yao. They turned to Iseni and rained praises and platitudes on him for saving them. That day, Iseni found out the evil that lay doormat in a man's soul and how sometimes we fear things in the dark, inexplicable invisible things that may be a blessing in disguise if one only listens. His experience with his late-night visitor was a testification of that.

He was glad he pushed past his fear and listened to his visitor who was an ally in disguise. A frightening ally who saved his small village from ruin.

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Oluremi Zainab O.J. Zainab, a young lady from Ghana who is always fascinated by the dreamy world of novels, and would love to give back to the world some joy she got from reading. She gets her inspiration from God, the love & support of family and friends. Shout out to the design owners used for my books.


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An interesting piece...
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Yao you good for nothing idiot, die in vain for your stupidity. And Iseni.... Is such a good man bro!. I can't believe how did he just stand the fear!. I could have died already. Iseni is going to be my character Joshua is Idol now hahaha. ❤️❤️❤️