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This is a true to life fear based inspirational writing that goes beyond a mere story about fear itself but rather how fear effects us in our personal lives. The fear we face as human beings is more then just an external threat but rather more often internal and created from the depths of our own mind.

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The Unseen Fears

In the picturesque Filipino countryside village of Green Orchard on the outskirts of Davao city, nestled between the sweeping peaks of Mount Apo and the blues and greens of the Pacific Ocean, an unspoken sense of unease hung heavy in the air. The inhabitants of the village went about their daily routines, their footsteps hesitant and their gazes darting nervously, as if sensing an invisible presence that sent shivers down their spines.

In the heart of the village, Eunice, a young woman known for her dauntless spirit, felt a gripping terror that twisted within her like a knot. Every night, as she lay in her bamboo bed, her mind would wander into the depths of fear. Her thoughts were plagued by vivid images of the unknown, of what could be lurking beyond the safety of her hollow block walls. The darkness outside her window seemed to whisper secrets of danger and uncertainty, leaving her paralyzed with a nameless dread that clawed at her insides. It was an internal terror that consumed her, questioning her every step and suffocating her dreams of a brighter tomorrow.

Within the recently developing Diversion Road area of Davao, Marlin a young man in his early 30’s who worked as a chef at the Sotogrande hotel, faced a relentless terror that gnawed at his spirit. Each day, as he toiled in its kitchens, his mind would wander to the uncertainties that lay ahead. The unpredictable weather, the threat of a decline in the hotels business, and the constant struggle to provide for his family all weighed heavily on his shoulders. The fear of not being able to meet their needs, of failing as a provider, added an extra layer of terror to his already burdened heart.

One evening, after returning home and as the sun dipped below the horizon, Eunice and Marlin found themselves standing on the edge of the village, gazing out into the vast expanse of the darkening city. The fading light cast long shadows on their faces, mirroring the uncertainty in their hearts.

Eunice turned to Marlin, her voice barely above a whisper. "Do you ever feel like something is... off, Marlin? Like there's something we can't see, but it's always lingering just out of reach?"

Marlin nodded, his eyes scanning into the distance. "Yes, Eunice. It's as if an invisible veil has descended upon our village, clouding our senses. I can't shake off the feeling that danger lurks in the shadows, waiting to strike."

Eunice’s brow furrowed, her mind racing with unanswered questions. "But what is it, Marlin? What could be causing this fear, this constant unease? I've spoken to the other villagers, and they all feel it too. It's as if a darkness has settled upon us."

Marlin’s voice trembled slightly as he spoke, his words a mixture of fear and contemplation. "I don't know, Eunice. It's the fear of the unknown that terrifies me the most. We can't see it, can't name it, but we can feel its presence. It's like a riddle we can't solve, an enigma that haunts our every waking moment."

As they stood there, the weight of the unknown terror bearing down on their shoulders, the village elder, Lola Soping appeared before them. She carried a different kind of terror within her. Her wisdom and experience enabled her to perceive the deep-seated fears that plagued the villagers. As she observed Eunice and Marlin, she recognized the grip of fear that held them. Yet, she also bore her own internal terror, born from the responsibility of leading the village and guiding its people through the unknown. The weight of making decisions that could profoundly impact their lives filled her with a constant sense of fear and doubt, as she questioned her own ability to protect and guide them on the right path.

Her face was etched with this concern, mirroring the unease that plagued them all. She spoke with a voice filled with a mix of wisdom and trepidation. "My dear children, the fear that grips our village is indeed something we cannot name or fully understand. But we must not let it consume us. We must gather our strength and face it head-on, together."

Eunice and Marlin exchanged glances, their eyes reflecting a mix of fear and determination. They knew that they couldn't continue living in the grip of this nameless terror, that they had to find a way to confront it, to unravel its mysteries.

Lola Soping placed a hand on their shoulders, offering a reassuring squeeze. "We may not know what lies ahead, but we must trust in our resilience, in the bonds we share as a family and community. Let us gather the villagers and discuss this fear openly, for in understanding and facing it together, we may find the strength to overcome."

With a nod of agreement, Eunice, Marlin, and Lola Soping made their way back to the village center, their minds filled with a mix of fear and hope. The unknown terror loomed over them, but they were determined to confront it, to find answers, and to restore peace to their village.

As they gathered the villagers and began the discussion, each person shared their own fears and contemplations, realizing that they were not alone in their apprehensions. Together, they embarked on a journey to uncover the truth, to confront the unknown terror that had plagued their lives, and to find a way to bring light to the darkness that had settled upon their village.

The story of fear in the village serves as a powerful metaphor for the universal experience of facing the unknown in our lives. It highlights the human tendency to grapple with fear, even when we cannot name its source. Each character's journey reflects the multitude of ways in which we confront and contemplate the uncertainties that lie ahead.

Eunices internal terror reflects her vulnerability and the struggles she grapples with, while Marlin’s fear stems from the pressures and uncertainties of providing for his loved ones. Lola Soping, as the village elder, carries the weight of responsibility, guiding the community through the darkness, and her own fear stems from the fear of making wrong decisions. Together, these accounts portray the multidimensional nature of fear and its impact on the characters' lives in the Filipino village.

Eunice, with her adventurous spirit, represents the part of us that embraces the unknown with curiosity and courage. However, even she succumbs to the fear that lingers in the shadows, reminding us that no one is immune to the apprehension that arises when faced with uncertainty. Her willingness to question and seek understanding demonstrates the importance of self-reflection and the desire for answers.

Marlin, on the other hand, seeks solace in the city, hoping to find refuge from the unseen fear. His experience illustrates our tendency to escape or avoid the unknown, seeking comfort in familiar environments. Yet, no matter where we go, the fear always follows, reminding us that we must confront it head-on rather than running away.

Lola Soping, the village elder, embodies the wisdom and guidance that we often seek when confronted with the unknown. Her presence signifies the importance of seeking support and guidance from those who have experienced similar fears and uncertainties. By coming together as a community, sharing their fears and contemplating the unknown collectively, the villagers find strength and resilience.

The story also highlights the fear of the unknown as a deeply human experience. It reminds us that we all grapple with uncertainties, whether it be in our personal lives, relationships, or the pursuit of our dreams. The nameless dread that engulfs the village symbolizes the universal fears we face, such as the fear of failure, rejection, or the unpredictability of the future.

In our own lives, we too face the unknown on a daily basis. We encounter crossroads, make decisions, and embark on new journeys without knowing the outcome. It is in these moments that we must confront our fears and embrace the uncertainty, for it is through facing the unknown that we grow and learn.

The story encourages us to acknowledge our fears, rather than suppress or deny them. It reminds us that the fear of the unknown is a natural response, and that we must not allow it to paralyze us. Instead, by embracing our fears, seeking understanding, and gathering the support of others, we can find the strength to navigate the unpredictable paths that lie ahead.

Ultimately, the story of fear in the village urges us to confront the unknown with courage and resilience. It reminds us that while we may not always have all the answers, it is through our willingness to face our fears and embrace the uncertainties that we can grow, evolve, and find the strength to forge our own paths. What it always comes down to no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in is having the courage to face them and survive!

In the depths of darkness, a fear resides,

A nameless terror that the heart derides,

It whispers secrets, haunting every thought,

Leaving us tangled in the webs it's wrought.

Uncertainty, a constant companion,

A storm that rages, an eternal canyon,

We yearn for answers, for a guiding light,

To lead us through the shadows of the night.

But in the midst of fear, a truth unfolds,

That within this chaos, strength beholds,

For it is in accepting the unknown,

That we discover seeds of courage sown.

Embrace the fear, let it dance and sway,

For it is in its presence, we find our way,

Through the labyrinth of doubts, we tread,

Awakening the strength that lies ahead.

No longer shall we cower from the unknown,

But face it boldly, seeds of resilience sown,

For within our hearts, a flame shall rise,

Illuminating the path before our eyes.

In unity, we gather, hand in hand,

Supporting one another, a united band,

For in accepting fear, we find our might,

And emerge from darkness, bathed in light.

So let us embrace the fear, the uncertainty,

And weave it into the fabric of our journey,

For it is in accepting and facing what's unclear,

That we find the courage to persevere.

Richard E James Ed. D, Ph. D

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Richard E James Ed. D, Ph. D Greetings, I am a seminary graduate, Ph. D Psychologist and Doctorate of philosophy. I enjoy studying world religions, travel and the search for life’s meaning. I personally believe that truth does not lie in what the world tells us to believe but rather in what it shows us through our experiences.


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