Guadalupe Iglesias Paz

After Alex fights against all odds to be with Gabriela and she manages to understand her heart, new problems appear on her horizon. She returns when she finds out that the two of them are together and will try to separate them. This new arrival will be a challenge for them in which trust will be more important than ever. Will he be able to achieve his goal? Will Gabriela and Alex separate for good, or will their love grow stronger?

Романтика Молодой взрослый романс 18+.

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I hung up because I really didn't want to keep hearing her tell me I should relax, because right now it was something I couldn't do, Alex could die and it would be my fault. "Gabriela... No... Don't cry... beautiful," he asked and I snorted, because he couldn't be asking me that right now. “You... You can’t ask me that... she's shot you."

"I... Be... Okay, but listen... If anything... happens to me..." Alex started, but I started to deny it as if my life depended on it "Nothing's going to happen to you... Alex, no... You can't leave us alone... You must watch our child grow up..." I said and a smile appeared on his face, "I'm sure... You will... be great, beautiful."

"I... Alex, I need you..." I could see his eyes closing, and that couldn't happen, so I sat down and put his head on my legs. "Come on, love... don't close your eyes," I said desperately, "Shit... Wat is er gebeurd Gabriela? (Shit... What happened Gabriela?)"

"Roberta!!! Roberta, please save him... He can't die." I asked with more tears streaming down my face "Shit, I need gauze to stop the bleeding." she began examining my fiancé and my best friend give her "Here you go and explain to me what happened because I didn't understand you at all on the phone."

"It was her, Carlota... It was Paula... He stood in front of me so I wouldn't give up... This is my fault." I whispered the last part, because right now we were in this situation because of me. I could lose the love of my life because of ME, and that would be something I would never forgive myself for.

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