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A census with the trees!

A census with the trees!

What about making a Human, the Leader???


I will... I believe the Citizens lead the leaders.

Why humans?

I have solutions for diseases. I want that to be reached to all living beings who had to thrive for their living.

What if the leaders prefer to be biased?

My motto is, to strive to make oneself right by realizing righteousness more than looking for the right person. The efforts will find the right one by itself.

The question is, how will you find such a one?

After all, humans are prone to errors, is that not true?

The right person can not always be right. Righteousness cannot always be fruitful. Furthermore, it cannot be fruitful every time. And, that should not blindfold our eyes.

The wrong person cannot always be wrong. That doesn't bother them. But, when they are right, they don't find peace with themselves. Because they do things that the majority of others approve of. They take it for granted to leverage things not on humanity. For them, the count is the one that matters.

But the right certainly means standing alone despite all the support for the things that do not need to be given attention wrongly.

The right declines the support. The wrong misleads the support.

Still, I will choose humans because I believe the wrong person can misguide people and not time and nature.

But still, why risks?

Humans act as a liaison with all living beings. It's rather a good option to own their duty if set on the right path.


I will...

Well, because I believe prevention is better than cure. I know how important it is to trap minerals from soil erosion and to be flexible but still not fragile.


I will...

But why? Trees are autotrophic, but Humans are not!

Even plants, like pitcher plants, are insect-eating plants and are not autotrophic.

So what?

Yet, Evolution has not made them extinct. Even Nature supports unity in diversity irrespective of, if it's a minority or not. Diversity without unity is rather foolish.


I will...

Not because I am weak, but because I know what is meant by willpower.

But why specifically, the humans?

Humans rely on plants and vice versa.

It's about climbing up despite all the weaknesses we have apart from being dependent or not but making us still useful to others is the criteria I look for.


I will...

Are humans the right choice?

I realize what it is to crawl when we are not able to run or walk. Liaison is that kind, even when we may be partially or even wholly dependent on others...

But the final highlight lies in the fact of whether we think, act and strive to live by supporting humanity or just trying to find peace with the support. Are we really humans in leading or do we lead by compromising humanity? The self-thought question that needs to be answered by the leader to the people.

Thrive to make oneself right by realizing righteousness more than looking for the right person. The efforts will find the right one by itself.

Thrive to make things set right by realizing righteousness more than deciding the things based on the support. The efforts will guide the people by themselves.

The leader is the one who encourages people to choose the right things and not count the support. Because it's a two-sided knife and the good leader guides the people in the right way even if it may turn to him. God knows how to handle even a two-sided knife. One day sooner or later even if things will be returned in favour or not is not going to affect choosing the right things. Even nature is the observer. The effect of not choosing the right way may not be negligible if the leader decides on the count of support.

Good things need support not for making things right by the count of support...

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