hcholbert Howard C Holbert

A heart felt story of a woman that loses her husband and attempts to cope with life without him

Драма Всех возростов.

#short #story #emotional #romance #drama
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"The old woman sat by the window, watching the rain fall on the ferns below. The droplets danced across the fronds, reflecting the gray sky like tiny, glistening teardrops. She breathed in deeply, feeling the familiar ache in her chest as she did so. It had been six months since he'd left her, six months of sleepwalking through each day, trying to find some semblance of meaning in a world that seemed to have lost all its color."

"Her name was Fern, a name chosen by her husband before they'd even met. He'd said it suited her, that she was delicate and resilient like the fronds of a fern. Now, as she stared out at the rain-drenched garden, she couldn't help but wonder if he'd been right. The memories flooded back to her in waves, each one more vivid than the last: their first dance, their first kiss, their first child, their first grandchild... They had been a lifetime together, sixty-four years of laughter and tears, of love and loss. But now, all that remained was the ache in her heart and the ferns that grew outside her window, forever reminding her of what she'd lost."

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