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"Apocalypse reveals the true nature of humanity, where some rise as heroes, others succumb to their darkest desires, and some find redemption in unlikely places..." Those were the last lines written in the diary I found down here, hidden well underneath the eyes of .. no we don't say the name out loud... ⚠️⚠️ wrote this a while ago..no grammar check..no plans of finishing.. but I guess it deserves a chance to get read by someone..⚠️⚠️

Найучная фантастика Дистопия Всех возростов.

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That's a very bad idea

Bright lights woke me from my repeating nightmares last night, just in a few seconds I got up and left the abandoned building I used to call safe. Luckily they didn't spot me, they take everyone of us, especially people with dreams and when they come back they changed.

I made my way through the backyards of destroyed houses and the nature that looked like it's going to absorb every brownstone step by step. You had to stay off the open roads and streets if you wanted to keep whatever was in your head. I've been alone out here for most of the time and honestly it was better that way until I heard noises in the bushes in front of me.

My hand found its way down into one of the pockets of my pants nervously searching for the small knife but the wooden wall I was leaning on cracked and me and the knife fell right into the bushes.

The pain that was crawling down my spine for a second made me almost forget the possible danger that was waiting for me in that bush.

Right when my mind got back my eyes fastly checked the surrounding and spotted the small black dog curled up into the deepest corner. I tried my best to move closer without scaring it but one crack of a stick under my feet and the dog ran off. I collected myself and followed the dog until it stopped in the middle of the open road. I felt dumb for trusting that creature without thinking that this could be a well planned trap but I still tried to call it back, out of sight, away from the street.

I've spotted the lights that weren't that far and moved deeper into the shadows pressing myself against the wall behind me. It could had been my biggest mistake ever but I used the shadow the lights were leaving to run across the road, grab the dog and hide between the buildings on the other side.

Slowly I was stepping back into the darkness as the lights came closer, with the dog still in my arms. Right before they have reached us the ground under my feet cracked and we both fell deep into nothing.

I must have passed out because I woke up to a wet tongue licking my face. The lights were gone but I had no idea where we were, darkness was surrounding us. There was only one thing I was sure about and the pain was the best prove, that at least one of my ribs was broken. I hardly managed to get back on my feet and searched for this old flashlight but before I could turn it on I was already standing in a bright light.

Someones flashlight found us in the darkness but while fear was leaving me almost frozen the dogs body relaxed and it ran off straight to where the light was coming from. I've heard a voice softly welcoming it back home before the voice told me to come closer.

An old man covered by the hooded jacket he was wearing was smiling at me and thanking me for bringing his boy back. Before I could start my sentence he told me to follow him and I did not knowing that the next moments would change all I thought I knew forever.

It felt like we were walking through an endless and dark tunnel system until a huge room opened in front of us with a few shelves with just a few books in them. I couldn't even remember the day I last held a book in my hands before they were banned and burnt but I remembered a few stories my grandmother used to tell me before they took her.

My first steps took me to the nearest shelf but before I was able to grab one of the books the old man stopped me by the arm and handed me a very thick and old looking book. The next second the ceiling was breaking up and parts of it were falling down and his words disappeared in the noise around us but I understood to take the book and the dog with me. Taking the dog with me clearly sounded wrong especially because he was the one that ran ahead and lead me away from the chaos behind us. In the one look I did over my shoulder I saw the lights pointing at the old man before shooting took him down.

The tunnel system must have been under the whole city because we were again running forever and even deeper into them until we reached another room. I don't remember how long we stayed but I was reading the book the old man gave me. Actually you can't call it reading, this time it was me absorbing each and every word, like the nature did to the world above us.

* diary of someone

* government released an antivirus that killed almost half of humanity to stop a less dangerous virus

*government tries to cover it up

*government tries to remove memories of ppl that could remember that there was a before and that it caused rebellion and war and lose of weapons that destroyed the planet

*they keep traveling along the tunnels and bounce into another group of young ppl hiding from the government

*their leader is an asshole that doesn't trust our boy and he will tell the government

*our boy knows about a secret place filled with even more books about the time before all crashed..a place the government wants to destroy if found

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DR - Skye I'm a 23 year old guy, from Brooklyn, NY. Writing was always a way of escaping since I was young. Don't be scared to like, comment or review my stories! You can also DM me on Instagram @myda.rkparadise Love and Peace


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Got an email notification that my favorite author posted!! I ran to read it and I wasn’t disappointed. The potential this story holds is huge and I hope you change your mind some day and explore this world more. It’s beautiful.