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Bryce Tyke must manage his life as a super hero, college student, and a boyfriend after he suddenly gets powers. He must uncover the mysteries of his family and a corrupt CEO named Samantha Kates.

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College Life

Chapter 1: College Life

Bryce Tyke

The phenomena of crop circles has been around for much longer than people know which brings many scholars and archeologists to the probable conclusion that there may be extraterrestrial life that visits Earth often. While there are many sightings today that sound similar, there were also many sightings of crop circles and related phenomena hundreds of years ago, though these cases were often referred to as the Mowing Devils. Most if not all cases describe lights and unnatural flying objects in the sky that leave these strange, seemingly indecipherable, messages in crops. Of course, we do not yet know if these sightings are harmful or even beings at all. Perhaps more investigation will provide further insight and discovery of better technology in the future. ~ Tyke's Book of Extraterrestrials

Bryce Tyke walked down the sidewalk watching the flags around the greenery-filled college. Trees sprouted around all of the old red brick buildings. The sun was rising slowly in the horizon with a scarce amount of other students roaming the damp concrete and morning grass. The air had an almost frigid smell, if there was such a thing. Bryce shivered in the cold despite having a thick coat on. His fingernails stabbed into the straps on his backpack. He pulled his hands away, looking at the newly formed redness on his knuckles and on the tops of his fingers. Out of instinct, he licked his dry lips which in reality only made it worse as it felt like the liquid would freeze on the chapped and bloody openings. The backpack he was carrying was heavy. It felt like it would retaliate at any time and throw him into the dew filled grass.

Books upon books upon books. So much writing and so much studying. It had to pay off. HAD to. He was studying physics and engineering. Perhaps one day he could work for one of the huge organizations, no empires, like NASA or spaceX. Science and math were his lovers.

Bryce had brown, curly hair that blocked a good chunk of his face. He wore circular glasses and the college uniform which was a blue long-sleeve shirt with the logo sewn on the pocket and a pair of khaki pants. Even though they weren't allowed to wear accessories, he had to wear his coat this morning because it was so cold. Even with the suffering caused by the cold, he was still excited for his physics class. He started thinking about the subject he had studied last night when it reminded him of his grandfather. His grandfather was also invested in physics and engineering. Though when he got out of college, he pursued something else. If Bryce was being honest, he hoped no one knew his grandfather because it embarrassed him. He loved him but couldn't wrap his head around why he began studying aliens and things like crop circles. All of which was a hoax he believed only stupid people believed in. And his grandfather was not stupid, far from it. A sneaking sense of wonder did linger in the back of his mind though. Why would someone so intelligent study something like that?

He entered one of the brick buildings and walked into his classroom. Everyone was inside already, getting ready for class. He sat down by himself in the corner of the room. He knew a few people and occasionally engaged in meaningless conversations but he was lonely. Bryce had no one to talk to other than his parents. Whenever he sat alone in the corner, he dug his nails into his pants, making little white streaks in it as he scratched them. As he thought about it he always thought that it was a necessary sacrifice for his pursuit of knowledge but in reality, he knew that wasn't the case.

After he was finished with class, he headed back to his dorm. He sat down and started studying for his next class and rubbed his burning eyes. A knock came to his door. He swiveled his head in an instant and listened, making absolutely sure that it was real. Three giant thuds against the door occurred again. He got up as his heart pounded. He turned the knob slowly and threw the door open. It was a delivery man with a little package wrapped in brown paper.

“Delivery for Bryce Tyke.”

“That's me, I didn't order anything. It's a mistake," he said.

“Nope, it's from a relative of yours, Herbert Tyke.”

The man practically smashed the hard package into Bryce's shoulder and walked away. He had to catch it before it hit the floor. He closed the door and opened it slowly in confusion, his eyebrows raised.

It was a tattered copy of a book titled Tyke's Book of Extraterrestrials. Bryce rolled his eyes. Out of his own boasting intellectual mind, he started flipping through it. Why would he send it to me? And With no message?

Tyke's Book of Extraterrestrials

A message using binary code was broadcasted into outer space to be received by possible other life in the cosmos. While humanity did not get a direct message back, there were several messages found in crop circles. Crop circles will be involved most in my work. While many crop circles are obviously fake and man-made, some are not. There are ways to identify the real from the fake. Crops are not typically pushed down easily. Though when one wants to fake a crop circle, all they must do is use a board to smash it down. This can be identified by the marks on the plants in the crops. There is also usually no indication of microwave radiation like in real crop circles. Real crop circles can be identified by extremely efficient patterns and plants that are braided. Fake crop circles will almost always be messy with patterns and off in measurement while measurements in real crop circles are all even numbers or at least match in proper patterns.

My experiments will also include my experiences with extraterrestrial life. Though not specifically scientific, they may help later.

My first location I visited for my research was Greenland Farm in Ohio in which a recent UFO sighting was reported. It was also reported they saw steam whenever the circles formed. The moment I arrived on the little farm, I saw a few of the farmers standing impatiently tapping their feet to an unheard rhythm. An older man and a younger man stood side by side and stared at me as I got out of my car with my equipment.

“This way,” the old man said.

I assumed they just wanted to get to business and skip the pleasantries. “I swear on my mother’s grave I didn’t touch it.”

Upon arriving at a thick portion of their crop, I saw a great section was beaten down. I leaned down and looked at the plants that were smashed to the ground. There were no pieces with marks on them and some pieces even seemed to be braided together on the ground. It seemed to branch out multiple times down its width.

“I believe you,” I said.

I took out a drone I brought with me and sent it above us to record a massive design in the crops. While I didn’t have the knowledge to bring meaning to the design, I knew someone who could. I also put a device on the ground to detect microwave radiation in which it appeared there was. I looked at the farmers who had urgent looks on their faces. They wanted answers that I couldn’t give to them. “You said you saw steam?”

“Yes,” the younger one replied.

“That is a sign of microwave radiation being used. It takes the moisture right out of the crops where the design appears. Classic indication of these encounters. You have a real case on your hands but I’m afraid I can’t tell you how to deal with it. These things aren’t widely accepted yet,” I explained.

“That’s what we were afraid of, thank you for at least confirming our suspicions.”

Even though my first spot I investigated yielded little for me, it was still exciting.

Perhaps I will succeed in life after all. Perhaps my family, my peers, and everyone else will see that I truly have success waiting for me in my future.

Those few sentences made Bryce feel terrible for feeling that way about his grandfather. Though how could he not feel that way? His grandfather was almost never around. He was so distant it was impossible to feel close. One thought conjured itself in his mind. What if this was given to me because he's dead? The thought faded and returned throughout the day as he contemplated it. Surely he'd get a message with the book if it truly was because of Herbert’s death.

Later in the night, Bryce entered his dorm with a few packs of Ramen ready to cook it. As he was retrieving a pot from the tiny cupboard, he began to feel sick. Nausea festered and spread in his stomach. He started to sweat and his palms got sweaty. Within moments, his light headedness turned into darkness as he passed out and hit the floor.

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