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The Hero saves everyone but who saves the Hero? A topic often left out in historical text that is now unearthed with the Epics of Agartha, a World within a World. Following the Tales of Aria Greaves, She who Yearns for her Hero and Ozark Erebus, The Noble house Slayer in search of answers.

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Aria Greaves

Aria was Orphaned at a young age of 5, not because her Papa and Mama died or that she was put into an orphanage but because her parents threw her out due to her Abnormal strength. Everything she held broke from the bowls up to the door and locks, she didn't mean to, she didn't mean to break those things. She just wanted to help with cleaning up, she just wanted her Papa and Mama to praise her, to give her the attention like what she saw with other families! She hadn't cared when her Papa and Mama beat her for it, she just wanted to be Loved.

She had fought for her life in the streets and was able to overpower children older than her thanks to her abnormal levels of strength. At age 6 Others began to look up to her, feeling some form of happiness from it only to regret it as they had worked together to sell her to the Noble House of Regi'nal to which they did the inhumane to her, Experiments that require cutting her fingers and toes off in order to test a Potion, made with the essences of a Hundred Dryads, One drop of it was said to force the body to enter a comatose like state but their mind and eyes were aware of what was happening, as it would force the Regeneration of Missing Parts, the Pain, the Searing Pain would no doubt kill a Grown man. What the Noble House did was to force her to Drink Several Jars of it every night to which they transitioned from "clipping" her Toes and Fingers with Machetes covered with Various coatings of Poisons, Rusts, and one time fecal Matter, testing how Durable her Immune system was to how the ingested Essence react to more volatile foreign substances on the stumps they made of her arms and legs.

All were regrown with no issues, no abnormalities, nor even a single sign of scarring. Thus began Her Life as an "Organ Donor '' to which the Noble House of Regi'nal would sell her Kidneys, Hearts, and Other internal Organs then forcibly make her down the several Jars of the Essence to regrow them… She became a Blood Orb Mine for the Noble House, allowing them to climb the ranks. She did not know how long she was held there but she would care less and hoped that one day she would just perish. To Just die Already, She was already tired of not dying. Aria had given up on life, on happiness, on Love...

Until they were wiped out by a Man whose Pale Face was Mostly Unblemished, who had Golden eyes that shone in the dark, and whose Hair was as dark as the night sky, The Royal Blood Killer, Ozark Erebus. The Killer walked towards her cell, destroying the bars that blocked her way out but what was the use of living? She had nothing, SHE was Nothing staring at the floor feeling the void that was left by everyone she met. It was then Aria had noticed her once Brown hair had turned into an ugly shade of green. She was sitting on the puddle of blood from a member of the Regi'nals. There was a Roar from another Regi'nal member who charged from her left with a sword at hand aiming for her heart. She breathed in, accepting and waiting for Death's embrace until Blood dripped on her head. Aria's Eyes widened as the Killer had blocked the attack with left hand with his free arm embracing her away from the weapon's tip before materializing a Halberd from thin air impaling them upon the ceiling with a swift kick to his weapon's butt.

"are you, alright?" The Killer asked, no whispering into her ears with genuine concern, her eyes stung not from the lifeblood that dripped from on top of her that came from the carcass of another Regi'nal member that got into her eyes but the concern the Killer had for her. She hated it, She hated it all, she had felt like a monster for most of her life, a tool for others, a stepping stone, a Burden. If only she could scream all the hurt she had felt, that Asking for help was just a burden that—. She felt the embrace that the Killer had her in tightened but not in a manner that would make her uncomfortable but made her feel warm as she was carried in his arms. "It's Okay, I'm here."

Tears began to overflow from her eyes as she embraced Ozark's neck crying onto him all the pain and sadness she had endured, she had found Him, The One That Cared, The One She Will Love, The One She Will Never Betray.


Aria had found out that she was already Fifteen Years Old from Ozark who counted the Seasons but she didn't care. What she did care about was to be Useful to him, to not be A Burden so She asked to be Trained in the Arts of Axe Combat which she took to as easily as she breathed. She was also taught how to survive on her own in the wilderness, From Foraging, Making a Fire, Cooking, Tracking, Making Shelters Big enough for herself(and Ozark) to Making Sounds and Signals Only They would understand(Which she Enjoyed and Treasured). Until One day when she had Woken up with Ozark No longer by her side. A normal Girl would have been in a panic or would have been displeased with his Actions but Aria Greaves was no ordinary Girl, She was a Devoted Woman to the One Man She Loved and saw this as an opportunity to use the skills Ozark had taught her as well as a testament to her Loyalty and Love towards the Man that Had Saved her That Night which Unwittingly Attracted a Nomadic Spirit towards her, Choosing her as its vessel, ever so silent unless spoken to.


7 Years had passed quickly and she Had Found her Love Once More! Oh the excitement she felt within her reverberated into her face. She had accepted Her dark Teal Hair and Crystalline Green eyes discarding her once sorrow in losing her Brown hair and Gold eyes in favour of her current look. She had grown in the right places if she said so herself! And her Axe and Shield Combat was good enough to kill off some bandits along her path towards her Beloved. "Ah, to be embraced once more by him would make me Go Mad!"

When she had reached the Kingdom of Neos she smiled, tears dripping as the sense of relief blanketed her as she ran into a Tired Looking Man, He still had the Dark Hair which devoured all Light, Eyes of Gold that shined under the noon sky, and his Pale unblemished visage which made her feel safe. There was something different about the Hero she Yearned for, his eyes were tired, weighed down by something on his mind, as his Eyes widened in surprise as he failed to speak as his mouth was agape, He was Hurting… She wanted to do something, she wanted to help him…

Aria slowly walked towards him and then transitioned into a dash into his arms, his warmth, his gentle embrace, it was better than she had recalled before, her tears began to stain his shirt as she heard him sobbing with her, he had missed her as much as she did him. Her Five foot eight height was perfect to hear his heart, as it pitter-pattered. She did not care for the stares directed at them as she tightened her embrace barely engulfing the Man she Loved.

"I'm Glad, You're here…" Ozark whispered as he reluctantly broke off the embrace, placing his left index and thumb to hold Aria's Chin up as he smiled at her, tired but genuine all the same which made the Greenette blush. He had placed his forehead on hers closing his eyes as both waited in bated breath, before Aria tiptoed to kiss him, missing his lips and catching his chin which he gently laughed while she pouted. "Aria, what brings you to Neos?"

Aria's pout intensified as she glared at her Hero, but it was all in good nature, she had been patient for Seven Years a Little banter and teasing would be nothing compared to that but she pouted nonetheless, was the Hero she yearned for daft? Surely not as she held onto him rubbing her face in his chest which he chuckled as he ruffled her hair in good nature. His laugh had this tired tone that was not lost in the ears of Aria.

Ozark had yawned, Aria yawned with him as they smiled at one another. "Tired milady?"

"Oh, very much so."

They made the journey to Ozark's Private Residence where they were met with a Young girl with lime hair and gold eyes. She was younger than Aria, possibly eight to nine years if her height was any indicator.

"Welcome Home Papa!" The Girl exclaimed that Aria turned to Ozark so fast you'd think she broke her neck. "Oh, Hi, I'm Lissandra Ariandel-Erebus!"

Her Hero had a Child? She was surprised but it saddened her for a moment until Lissandra Followed up with the Words that would make her Love the Child. "Are you My Mama?"

Aria Squealed in joy, as she instantly embraced the four foot three girl rubbing her cheeks against the child's. "Yes, I am."

Lissandra began to cry as she embraced Aria tightly, for Ozark as shocked as he was with his daughter's question he was smiling at how well or rather how energetic Aria was with her own declaration, as he watched both cry it out before moving into the kitchen to prepare for snacks for the two of them.


After Aria and Ozark had tucked Lissandra for the night they made their way into the House's Terrace both enjoying a cup of tea as they regaled one another's tales within the seven years, it was then she had finally gotten her Hero's Age, he was Twenty-nine to her twenty-two, to think he was infamous for killing Noble Houses but he himself was recruited by the King of Neos for reasons that greatly favoured Ozark, to aid him in his search for an Ara and Mia, people he deeply cared for and what ignited the Mass Regicide of Sixty-Seven Noble Houses. He was searching for clues for the Whereabouts of his Family, though not blood related he deeply cared for them as he did for Her, and Lissandra. The Latter was fourteen but was not spared as she was used and toyed by a noble house which Ozark aptly removed from the annals of history by wiping them out. It was expected but Aria could tell there was something bothering her Hero so she reached her hand to grasp his, giving it a squeeze to get his attention. It had worked as Tired Gold eyes met with Worried Crystalline Green ones.

"What's wrong?" Ozark Asked as he tried to not get lost in her eyes which squinted at his attempts to avoid the words left in thoughts.

Tell me what's wrong, I want to help.

"I— I'm just tired I suppose." He knew what Aria was Thinking even when she was Silent.

Tired of what?

"It's been almost Thirteen years since I last saw Ara and Mia, and I'm afraid that—That I—I can't keep my word to them, that I'd get them back." His Voice cracked at each pause, he was a failure, it's what he believed as he couldn't find any clues to where they were. "I've been killing and killing, and killing, asking, asking, and Asking where they were looking through every Noble House Killing them every single one of them. I've killed Children, Aria, I'm… I'm just a Monster, I Don't deserve Lissandra's Love, Nor Yours. I'm no different from the Monsters in the Stories spoken. I'm just a Murderer, and I'm tired of being one but— but it's all I can Do to Protect Lissandra, to protect the Kingdom I live in… But— I don't know, I'm sorry, I'm rambling…"

His tears began to drip into the tea unblinking as he looked at Aria who should have been disgusted with him instead had a worried and caring gaze which broke him as he began to sob holding her hand like his life depended on it. She stood up and embraced him, placing his face into her bosom which calmed him as he focused on her heartbeat. Her warmth comforted him, her humming soothed his aching heart, her caring eyes allowed him to break his mask letting out the sorrows he had bottled up, as she did what he had done for her seven years prior.

No words were spoken as Her Hero cried in her arms, Her Beloved allowing himself a moment of weakness as she held him all night, as They Shared a Bed embracing one another, it was enough for both of them as they slept better than before as they were well rested come the morning.

They were met with Lissandra sleeping in between them which they did not mind as they embraced their "Daughter."

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